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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Peachy Keen

Hello ladies! I think everyone here can safely say we all love and use highlighters, some of us use them on more parts of our faces than others, but that's okay too! The deal with highlighters I think is whether they are too strong, too weak, don't show up at all, are too glittery, too shimmery-there are a lot of boxes to tick when looking for the perfect highlighter (my favorite is Mary Lou-Manizer I mentioned it in my current obsessions post you can read here)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

My Fluffy Pony

My fluffy pony, my fluffy pony... Just kidding does anyone remember those My Little Pony commercials though? If you follow me on twitter it is a well known fact that I wash my hair MAYBE once a week (it sounds gross, it's not!) but let's be honest, it does get greasy so we have to come up with ways to camouflage the grease.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Current Obsessions

Okay, so we all know that I don't do monthly favorites and hate the thought of doing monthly favorites- but for a while I have been pondering the idea of doing current favorites. I hadn't really had enough products that I had fallen so deeply in love with though to do a favorites post because I am a very fickle makeup user.

I probably do own more than the average person, and I like to get my good use out of it so I'm constantly using different products and doing different looks but lately I've noticed a trend and there have been the same products I've been reaching for over and over so I figured it was FINALLY time to do a favorites post, as I had enough "favorites" to share!

Monday, December 1, 2014

Glamazon in White

If you follow me on twitter (follow here!) you know that for the past three months (except right now weirdly enough) I've been rocking the white nails (matte, shiny, I've done it all). I think it makes you look classy and pulled together without even trying (which I definitely need help with-I'm a mess 99.9% of my life). Another reason I wear lighter colors is because it isn't as noticeable when the polish chips! #protip

So, we've all heard about gel nails, acrylic nails, do it yourself nails, people doing their own nails who shouldn't be and don't know how, "almost" gel nails, and the list goes on....Recently I was contacted by a brand called Madam Glam that only makes nail products (and ships internationally) and was asked if I would like to try their gel nail starter kit. I've been wanting to try out gel polish for a while now, but the only reason I haven't gotten into them is because buying the entire kit (you need a base coat, nail color, and a top coat to give yourself a proper gel manicure) is expensive! So when they offered to send me the kit I jumped at the chance naturally, AND I have a coupon code for 30% of their polishes that I'm going to list at the end of the post to hopefully help you guys out if you were having the same dilemma as I was, and also with the holidays coming up I think it would make a really nice gift.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Without Rhyme or Reason

Hey everyone!!!! Now if you read my blog, you know I'm getting back into my more "street style" posts- basically what I wear every day because lets face it we don't wear fancy dresses every day of the week (I almost never wear them...) and I love seeing how people wear their clothes regularly!

I found this new brand Without Reason Apparel through instagram, and I reached out to them because I loved their clothes and they are definitely something I'd wear every day (I do, I've worn the sweatshirt almost every day since I received it) and I adore up and coming brands! If I can help get a brand more "out there" that's a perk, but usually the newer brands have super cool clothes that you wouldn't be able to find in a normal store and that's one of the reasons I love them so much!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Look Fantastic Beauty Box | November

Hey lovelies! Today I want to tell you RIGHT NOW go order a #LFBeautyBox (it's sold out on preorder, but you can buy it 9am on December 1!) I have been subscribed to many many many subscription services in the past (and by that I mean three - Wantable, Ipsy, and Birchbox) and this is BY FAR the best box I've received. I like every single product in this box and have already used them all (I gave it a good test run so I can give some opinions in this post as well).

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Street to Chic

Black Fringe Purse - Target (last season)
Cream Button Down Top - Thrifted

Hey everyone! I always love doing posts where there's an easy change up from day to night because I know being a med student if I go out to a nice dinner or school event etc. in the evening it's probably RIGHT after my class ended (I usually have classes from 8am-6pm give or take a few hours). 

I know not everyone is still in school, but this also can be super helpful for the work days where you want to go out with your friends and get a drink after because instead of changing your entire look and having to bring an entire outfit with you, all I used to change was a pair of heels, cardigan, and a small purse instead of my backpack (but sometimes you already have the purse with you).

Monday, November 3, 2014

Spray Gels? | Sebastian Volupt Spray

Hello everyone! So in the last hair post I did I mentioned that my stylist friend gave me a "hair glaze" which is a light styling gel- but I think when people hear the word gel they think of Jersey Shore guys putting in their hair gel, or the 90s crunchy curls (if you're a curly haired girl like myself) where you'd put gel in after washing your hair and you'd wake up with a wet look gel curl head. Gone are those days (well I mean you can still get that look with other products if that's what you're going for), but now there's a new kid in town- the rebirth of hair gels.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cloud 9 Skin Solutions - Tranquility & Clarity | Review + Giveaway

Hey everyone! I'm back with a skincare post and a super exciting giveaway! I know it may seem I've been doing a lot of giveaways recently, but so many wonderful brands have reached out to me and offered to send me products, and if I liked them to review them and host a giveaway so that one of my fabulous subscribers would be able to try them too! Nicest. Brands. Ever. Seriously- I can't believe it, but today I am sharing two products with you that have turned my life around.