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Friday, April 18, 2014

Inglot Palette Giveaway! [International]

Hey everyone! Today I'm here with some VERY exciting news! I'm giving away an Inglot palette (quad)! As Inglot is a Polish company and I'm currently attending medical school in Poland (and I'm currently obsessed with Inglot) I thought it would only be fitting to give something away from Inglot! I know Inglot is available in other countries but it is FAR cheaper in Poland so it was also something that I can afford by missing a few meals, instead of not eating for a month! And it's such good quality I like this brand so much more than most others. I have never tried a bad product from them.

I've recently reached a HUGE milestone in my blog, I hit 3,300 followers on bloglovin, and 1,200 on twitter! I meant to do this giveaway at 3,000 followers but the number climbed so quickly, before I could get this giveaway posted I was already at 3,300! (I've been busy with school and tests so I haven't had time to sit down and write a good post!)

Look how cute this bag is! It's usually black with white writing, but for easter they changed it to these cute pastel colors! And look how fitting, it's radiant orchid colored! They're so on trend right now :)

The palette comes in this cute little box, so sleek and nice and the eyeshadows come separately, but I assembled the palette for safety while shipping so whoever wins this won't end up with some shattered eyeshadows! The palette packaging is so sturdy that the shadows won't break (which is also perfect for traveling too!). I promise I was super careful not to touch any of the shadows, and fully sanitized my hands before doing it, so if there are any germophobes out there don't worry! And now it's sitting in it's nice little box on my desk waiting to be given away.

Top Row: 111, 118
Bottom Row: 114, 421
Do any of these shadows look familiar? If you read my previous post about my own Inglot palette that I made, these were some of my absolute favorite shadows! In that post I have them all swatched and labeled by color so you can head on over to that post and see the actual individual shadows swatched!

I also asked you guys on twitter and facebook if you would want a warmer toned palette (browns and champagnes) or a cool toned palette (more whites, greys, and a cool black shade) and most people said warmer toned! (Sorry if you were one of the few people that wanted a cooler palette!)

Here is a closer image of this beautiful palette. I love the formulation of these shadows more than my Urban Decay and MAC shadows, and that's really saying something because I have been a die hard Urban Decay eyeshadow fan since around 8th grade. I used to save up all my money just to buy one shadow from them!

They are so buttery and soft, and so pigmented! If you go overboard dipping your brush into it there can be some fallout just because you have too much powder on your brush. That happened to me the first time I used it because I didn't realize how pigmented they were until I applied them!

I also have HORRENDOUSLY oily lids (I can't usually wear mascara that isn't waterproof because it transfers) and these didn't crease even when I used them without a primer! I also love these colors because you can wear them together and this palette will give you an entire look, or what I've been loving lately is doing just a wash of color with a fluffy brush over my lid and underneath my eye and it ends up with either a lightly smoky sultry look, or if you do it with the warm red based brown shade it's like an easy smoky eye that gives you that Victoria's Secret supermodel smoky look with hardly any work at all! Perfect for people without time to do their makeup, or for beginners just starting off doing a wash of color is a good way to easily do your eyeshadow and look like you've spent a lot of time on it!

The lid is even cool, it's a thick frosted piece of plastic that looks and feels like glass (but you don't have to worry about it shattering since it isn't) and it's a super sturdy palette. The lid is held on by some super strong magnets, and you have to kind of twist it off, so it won't fall off in your makeup bag or purse.

It's great for traveling but doesn't have any excess packaging and will take up less room in your makeup bag. Especially because you could go on vacation and JUST take this palette since you can create a whole look using this, and you can even use the lightest champagne shade (111) as a highlighter, I do it all the time and I think it is light enough that it will suit any skin tone but not so white based that people that are tan or have darker skin tones could use it too.

My only request for this giveaway is that you are following my blog in somehow! (GFC or Bloglovin)

Thank you SO MUCH to every single person that follows me, I was looking back through my old posts and they were AWFUL, so props to you especially if you've stuck around since the beginning. My pictures were horrible up until the past few months, I've been getting everything worked out. It shocks me how fast my blog has grown, if you follow me on twitter you know that around Christmas I didn't even have 600 bloglovin followers, probably 400 on twitter, and less than 200 on GFC. So this is my big thank you to every lovely person that follows me, you all mean so much to me :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for taking the time to read this post, best of luck to all of you, and remember you can check out swatches and see in depth descriptions of the shadows in my Inglot palette post here.
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Company Magazine Style Blogger Awards

sneak peek at my next fashion post!
Hey everyone! Super quick post today, I'm sure you've all seen this going around the blogosphere and I don't want to be "that person" that posts a long rambling message about this so I'm going to make it super short and sweet. 

Every year company magazine teams up with MissGuided to do style blogger awards! And so basically readers/fellow bloggers nominate you for a certain award! I would love if you guys could take a few minutes to nominate me, all you have to do is click on this link and type in your name, email, my blog address and why you like my blog.

I would love to be nominated under the category "Best International Blog in Association with Miss Guided" since I think that fits my blog best. You don't have to nominate me or anything but I would really love if you could! 

Also if you nominate a blogger you can tweet MissGuided and they enter you into a drawing for a £250 voucher! Win win situation eh?

Above are a few pictures from fashion posts past, and the very first picture is an upcoming fashion post! Again I would love to be nominated which you can do so here

To spread the love around, some other blogs I nominated for other categories are:

Stylingo : Best Blogging Duo
Sleek-Chic : Best Personal Style Blog in Association with MissGuided
Pages by Megan : Best Fashion Blog

Again I would be forever grateful if you nominated me! It's super easy and takes less than a minute and you won't get any weird spam emails, and can even be entered into a contest! Just make sure since I recently bought my domain (which is now so much shorter!) you use

I love my readers so much, as you are all so nice to me and have all supported me this whole way, I've never received a mean comment, and never a nasty email. I wouldn't have some of the opportunities that I do without you guys so thank you so much for supporting and following me. 

You don't have to nominate me but thank you for reading the post and I really hope that you do!
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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tigi Smoothing Lusterizer | Review

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer*
Hey everyone! Today I am here to review a hair product! Gasp! I know…I never really review hair products because nothing  ever really seems to fit the bill. For my hair type, i have wavy to curly dry hair that tangles the second after I comb it out. The hair dressers complain that it takes longer to detangle my hair than to cut it! It's also pretty long, which doesn't help the tangle factor (hits the middle of my back when I leave it in all it's curly glory, so longer if i straighten it…which it definitely is not a fan of. Yes I talk about my hair like it has a mind of it's own because I swear it does)

So I have been following the Dirty Looks blog for quite some time now (if you don't you really should) and their hair advice has helped me tame the mane SO MUCH that I decided to shoot them over an email! I told them my hair type, and what I wanted out of a product and they were kind enough to send some products back over to help me with the mane people call my hair and let me tell you those girls are NEVER wrong. I have another review coming up about the other product but I have so much to say I'm doing them one at a time.

So the first thing i wanted was something that would detangle my hair after I shower and smooth the frizz down because it turns into one giant tangly fluff ball…I'm sure that's a pretty picture I just painted in your head.

This product smells EXACTLY like strawberries and cream (and not the fake scent either) and does exactly what I wanted it to do. It detangles my looks extremely easily, I get out of the shower, put about a quarter size of this magic stuff in my hands since my hair is fairly long, and it literally untangles itself. I always shower at night and have been trying to use less heat on my hair because I want it to grow! (don't we all?) and when I wake up in the morning the frizz is reduced to almost nothing. (I then run the other product they sent me to tame any extra flyways through my hair, but I have a whole other post coming about that.)

The products also looks shimmery when you squeeze it out of the tube (I think it just helps  to make your hair extra shiny, and you girls with straight hair using this would literally have the shiniest hair in the world!) and it's extremely light-weight. I put it near my roots to tame the frizz on top of my head and it's never made my hair greasy. I tried to get a picture of the shimmer but it just wasn't working out too well.

It also makes my hair so smooth to the touch, and the smell lingers for a LONG TIME! Which is definitely a problem I've had with my hair. Some girls walk by you and you can smell their shampoo, me…the second my hair dries it just smells like hair. Wonderful. But this is like one of those fake it till you make it product and keeps my hair smelling like strawberries until I wash it again.
All in all, the Dirty Looks girls hit the nail on the head with this one (as they usually do) and I could't be happier. It has turned my fluff ball lions mane into a sleeker, strawberry scented and tangle free mane. :)

They are so sweet and wrote me such a nice note with the products they sent me (and even a cool lollipop!!!!!! I don't want to eat it, it looks so beautiful since it's like rainbow swirled) I would love for you to check them out and if you have any hair issues tweet them or contact them on any of their social media sites I listed above, and they are sure to tell you what products will work with your hair!

Do you guys read and follow (a.k.a. stalk) their blog like I do? It's so amazing!

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Fashion Conscientious

 A-Line Bamboo Top*
Shades: Target Men's Aviators
Boots: H&M
Hey everyone! Today I wanted to post about this AMAZING Etsy shop I found called Advika Clothing. The shop is described as Conscientious Eco-Fashion and they have super ute clothes too! I picked out this A-Line Bamboo Top* which is clearly a best seller because they are always out of all the colors! I got it in a Grey/Black Stripe but you can also get it in Red Stripe, Taupe Stripe, and Black and White Stripe.

 A-Line Bamboo Top*
The thing I really like about this top is it almost reminds me of a skater dress in the way that it's cut, the bottom of it is A-Line but in this case meaning it is asymmetrical and always looks super flawy and cute. It hugs your body around the top but flows out in the middle so especially if you are a girl that has some bits around the middle that you want to hide, this top is perfect for you. It is also flattering for thinner girls and would look super cute with leggings and tall boots in the winter.

 A-Line Bamboo Top*
Here is a picture that really shows you the pattern of this top, since it is black and grey sometimes it is difficult from afar to see the true pattern. The top is also made out of bamboo, organic cotton, and spandex. Definitely the reason that it's such a comfy shirt!!!

 A-Line Bamboo Top*
Enjoying the foliage? Im trying to figure out new ways and places to take my fashion pictures so let me know what you guys think out of all these shots where you like them! I really do like the white wall in the beginning, but let me know!

 A-Line Bamboo Top*
Goofing around….you can't have a photo shoot without being a goof. :) But hey you can see how swishy this top is in that action shot! And then the back is similar to the front of the top :)

Let me know about the places of the pictures that you like best!
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

beautyuk CC Cream | Review

beautyuk CC Cream £4.99*
Hello everyone! As you all know I have received quite a few new (amazing) products from the lovely ladies at beautyuk to try, today I'm going to review their CC Cream* for you! Especially since spring/summer is hitting and a lot of people have been asking for good bb/cc creams.

I have currently been ADORING the beautyuk CC Cream* because it is SUPER thin, thinner than my moisturizer and makes my skin just look flawless. It has such good coverage, more coverage than a lot of my foundations. I'm not sure if it's because it's color correcting or just because they managed to make it really pigmented while being super thin and weightless on your skin.

If you've been reading my blog for  while now, we all know that I put all of my new makeup products to the test on one day of the week: Wednesdays! A.k.a. anatomy class/lecture and now I have an even longer day with Biophysics, then Anatomy lecture and then Anatomy lab. So they are literally 12+ hour days of wearing makeup and sometimes I am so tired when I get home I just take my makeup off with a cleansing water.

These days are perfect for testing out makeup for two reasons :
1. Longevity of the product and how it wears (I refuse to touch up)
2. Does it break out my slightly sensitive and acne prone skin especially if I forget to wash it off.

I took this picture after applying, without any concealer highliter, or powder on my face so you can see how this product still leaves your face with some dimension. Just some blush, did my eyebrows, a little lip gloss that I am soon to review, and my entire eye makeup look is using TWO products (counting mascara) from Xenca Perfection Makeup, that I just recently reviewed and you can find that review here.

This CC Cream looked as perfect as when I applied it in the morning after I got home from class with minimal moving of the foundation where I had my glasses on (I haven't found anything that doesn't rub off when you wear glasses). I wasn't super shiny at the end of the day (Their MatteFX foundation*, review to come…there was absolutely ZERO shine at the end of the day without powdering my face in the morning). And it didn't break me out most importantly.

As you can see in this picture I am the palest of the pale and their lightest shade suited me perfectly. If you are any paler than me (if that's possible), they don't make a lighter shade. In the winter time I just automatically order the lightest shade in everything because I turn into a ghost.

The wear of this foundation isn't completely matte, but it does set on your face and doesn't slide around. I would call it a demi-matte finish ALMOST. Basically it just gives your face dimension with the finish so you look like you don't have makeup on with the way it melts into your skin.

I love this applied with my fingers, brush, or beauty blender but I think I almost like it best with my fingers since your hands really warm up the product and it's super quick to apply!

Have you tried any beautyuk products? They are currently my favorite high street brand! I have tried a bunch of things and cannot fault them! They are fabulous and my new favorite primer of all time is their  £3.99 Primer (review here) and I have tried basically any primer you can think of.

The next time you are in Superdrug or are online (I find things are pretty true to color on their site), I would HIGHLY recommend this brand. I am absolutely in love.
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Monday, March 31, 2014

One Dress, Two Ways!

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
Hey everyone! I've got another fashion post today and with spring just around the corner I thought this is very fitting! WalG was kind enough to send me this GORGEOUS dress (which you would have already seen if you follow me on instagram! They even reinstagrammed my photo!!!)

But since Spring is basically here we're all getting the sun dresses out and the fake tan on (clearly I haven't fake tanned yet…oops), and I wanted to just show how you can take one dress and take it from daytime wear to a look you could wear to a nice spring garden party or something of the sorts. 

Dress it Down

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
So the first way you could wear this dress, for every day or even going to a nice spring or summer party if you don't want to wear any heels is with some cute sandals or flats and I put my hair in a loose braid with some coraly-nude lipstick. Very springy!

You can see clearly the layers of this dress, but from the material it is made from there is absolutely no stretch to this dress, so know your sizes ladies! Mine fits perfectly but if it didn't, the tie on the back would help cinch in your waist and give you that nice hourglass shape. I also love the exposed zipper on the back of this dress, I think it just really adds that extra something!

Dress it Up

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
All I did in to change this dress from day to night, was take my hair out of the braid and smooth it out a bit, clip some of the front back with a sparkly black hair clip (which you can't see very well, sorry!), change my lipstick and change my shoes!

This dress is literally the most versatile dress because it took me a total of ten minutes to wii of my lipstick and change it, and then run something smooth through my hair.

I also think this dress would look GORGEOUS with some nude wedges! I wish I had a pair, I've got my eye out looking for them this spring. Nude wedges would go with either of these looks. I'm not saying you HAVE to wear it this way, just giving out some ideas for making your closet more versatile, especially with dresses for spring.

If you wanted to know what lippie I am wearing in the glam way to wear this dress, it is the YSL Rouge Volupte A Levres in shade 33 gifted to me by the amazing Dave Lackie! I'm sure you all follow him on twitter for his AMAZING giveaways, but it gets even better: he now has his own blog! and he also does a giveaway every week on there! So go show him some love on his blog!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post because I absolutely ADORE this dress that WalG* so kindly sent me. It is so perfect for spring and so flattering I love it! Now I just need some nude wedges to go with it as well!

What do you have your eye on for spring?

Also if you haven't entered my teapigs giveaway you have less than a week to do so! Super easy to enter and it's international!
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