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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Two Good Scents Review / / Giveaway

Two Good Scents Rootbeer Float Sugar Scrub* $10
Two Good Scents Blossom Sugar Scrub* $10
 Hey everyone! Today I have a super fun post all about a wonderful body scrub brand, Two Good Scents! I was recently contacted by the owner asking if I wanted to try two of their body scrubs, and after seeing the list of scents the answer was a resounding YES! Even better, she offered to give away a beautiful body scrub to three of my readers, not one but THREE! I'm so excited because after trying her amazing scrubs and seeing what a great product she has to offer I'm ecstatic that three of you will get to try them as well! (I think you can sense my excitement).

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Flower Child

Casimira Acid Wash Vest Dress - Fashion Union* (now on sale for only £8)
Daisy Headband - Black Moon Sky* $36
Hey guys!!! I took these fashion posts before I came back to California, and it's about time I've posted them! 

I absolutely ADORE this dress and have been wearing it nonstop as it is so easy to wear and works with just about any look imaginable. You can definitely dress it up, or dress it down more casually like I've done here or even wear it to the beach! (I've done that too) 

I think it's SO cute and unique due to the tye-dye / marbling of the blue and purple on the dress which also makes it very forgiving. The pattern of the dress is eye catching enough to draw away from any flaws you may be concerned about, but not a bold print to drag attention to those areas if you know what I mean. I also really love the neckline of the dress as it is high, but doesn't choke you or make you look disproportionate. (This is also a nice dress to wear if you get a sunburn as it covers a lot of the burnt areas that you don't want exposed again to the sun.)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Drugstore Makeup Haul!

Hey everyone! Being back home means that I can go shopping like crazy at the drugstores with all their mega super sales! They recently had some great deals going on like Maybelline was all 40% off and the Revlon lip products were all $6.99 so naturally I HAD to get some! 

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Makeup Revolution Amazing Care Lipstick | Love A Hug

Amazing Care Lipstick #happylips - Love a Hug* £3
Hey everyone! Today I'm here with another Makeup Revolution review! I am basically in love with this brand, I made a HUGE order (like £120) with some Christmas money I found (woohoo!) and in that order I bought all the other shades of this lipstick.

I absolutely ADORE this lipstick because it is as hydrating as a chapstick, and this particular color will literally go with any look and works as your chapstick too. I keep this lipstick hanging out in my purse because a lot of times I forget to put a lipstick on, and this one just brightens up your complexion but is neutral enough to go with whatever makeup look or outfit you're wearing.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beauty UK Posh Palette - #2 Masquerade | Review-Swatches-Eye Looks

beautyuk Posh Palette - 02 Masquerade * £5.99
Hey everyone! As if you already didn't know or see this review coming, I absolutely ADORE beautyuk. Their makeup is such high quality for such a low price, the people who work there are the nicest people around, they consistently put out new fantastic products, and are more innovative than most makeup companies at the drugstore (well I guess this is "high street" since it's from the UK)

Today I'm going to be talking about the eyeshadow palette I own which is number 02 masquerade.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum - Eau de Toilette 30th Anniversary Edition
Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about one of my brand new and brand new favorite perfume! Well it's up in the top two or three anyways :) If you didn't know Guerlain has come out with 3 Terracotta perfumes on their anniversaries so this is limited edition and I'll be totally heartbroken when I run out. I wanted to get this review up as fast as possible so that if you guys like the same types of perfume as me I can pretty much guarantee you'll love this. Whenever I wear it people always ask me "What are you wearing?? It smells amazing!" and I definitely haven't gotten stopped before to ask about my perfume.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Floral and Puppies!

Elsa Floral Print Smock Dress - Wal G* £32
Fringe Bag - Target
Sandals - Roxy
Lipstick - Inglot #41
Hi everyone! Today I have a fashion post which is a little different, for all my loyal blog readers there's a giveaway for a £40 Wal G gift card at the bottom of the post! I love seeing who actually reads my blog regularly, and I adore Wal G clothes, I've featured their clothes in my posts in the past and again today!

Today I'm wearing this GORGEOUS floral print smock dress, it's so comfortable. I adore smock dresses because you can either wear them like this or with a belt (I've done that too) and it looks beautiful either way! Sometimes with shift dresses they can just look like a giant tee shirt and some look very odd with a belt, but if you aren't familiar with smock dresses they are a similar idea to shift dresses, they don't really have a defined shape like a skater dress but they look great with a belt at the waist too to give a more defined shape. I love them because they are so comfortable and flowy and so effortless.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Hey everyone! Super quick post today, but I am ALWAYS up for a good giveaway! Fashion Union (I've blogged about their clothes before, beautiful! I love them!) is doing an instagram giveaway that ends this Friday (so hurry!) where all you have to do is upload a picture that you think embodies your personality and tag @fashionunion and a friend and use #fuselfie in your caption!

The fab prize is the winner gets a £200 voucher to spend on and the friend you tag gets a £100 voucher! I think it's a super awesome prize and I like this giveaway because you don't have to repost some strange picture, just take a selfie and tag! Look for my post on instagram! It will definitely be up today but by the time you read this I may be taking one of my anatomy finals on the entire cadaver! Yikes!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Statement Pieces from Born Pretty

Bowknot Studded Rhinestone Necklace* $3.64
Tribal Statement Necklace* $5.99
Simple Twist Midi Ring* $1.39
Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about the BEAUTIFUL pieces I received from Born Pretty! They were kind enough to send over a few beautiful pieces to me and I couldn't be happier! I have a whole post showing off the tribal necklace that you can find here as I've been really into adding statement necklaces into my outfits lately.

Before I was NEVER was into jewelry, it's like I almost thought it was too much of a hassle, but in that post I show how you can take the simplest outfit and turn it super chic just by adding a cute and bold statement necklace.