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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hair Dying Guide (Using Dye/Developer from Sally's)

So I feel like all I ever do is post on how I ombre my hair....but once you start its almost like an addiction and i need to keep bleaching the ends blonder

however box dye was frying my hair and leaving it looking really really yellow so I took a friends advice and decided to go to Sally's to try to use a developer and dye from there to balance out my hair

So basically when you go to Sally's (since it's mainly for professionals/people who know what they're doing aka not me) you walk into the hair dye aisle which is huge and full of every color imaginable, and then has tools and developers on the end. 

          ***as a side note, dying your hair this way is a LOT cheaper...i think i paid $10 for the bleach and developer and i've used it like 3 times already and still have lots left 
(they both have lids so you can store and save for later use)***

so the higher the number on the developer the more color it will take out of your hair/the faster it will do it. I've heard that you should NEVER go above 40 unless you're a professional mainly because you can burn your scalp really badly (but since i only do the bottom half because I'm ombre-ing it it doesn't really matter)

i have blonde hair so i decided to go with 30 because i wanted it fairly light, and I am extremely impatient to wait for it to bleach

I then grabbed a blonde dye with a purple tone because my hair was turning more yellow than white on the ends, and according to color wheels the two balance each other out (in sally's they have hair dyed from each color below the selection of dyes and it will tell you what tone it is so mine said blonde-violet)

***make sure to use gloves and wash your hands/arms thoroughly because the developer has a lot of peroxide in it that can burn your skin and give you a funny looking rash ( happened to me)***

hair is made up of many different colors and have different undertones so pick a dye that cancels out that strong undertone...basically i use it as a toner (when stylists talk about brassy tones and putting a toner on to cancel it this is what they're talking about)

I mixed the blonde (with violet undertones) dye and the developer 1:2 in a  bottle and then applied it to my hair, waited for 30 minutes and then rinsed it out and was left with a less yellow and more white color which is exactly what i wanted (then i used a heavy conditioner in the shower) 

this method of dying my hair/bleaching it instead of using a box dye damaged my hair a lot less (almost not at all) and removed the weird tones in my hair that the drugstore box bleach gave me

thanks for reading, i hope i helped and if you have more questions ill answer them all! i was completely clueless at first but now i understand more (but i am not a hair stylist!)


Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment! I'll try and reply as quickly as I can :)

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