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Monday, July 15, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer in Pink Perseverance Review!

(lol you can see my reflection in the product)

Hey everyone! So I've been extremely sick lately (think nose running like a faucet, chapped and gross dry face, haven't moved from bed, skipped work, didn't go to class, and created a whole pharmacy on my bedside table! ) But the one time i did leave was to run to the drugstore to get some Mucinex and while there I spotted this beaut and had high hopes for the L'oreal Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer in Pink Perseverance

Being a college student wearing bold colors is not always my friend as i need something pretty low maintenance between classes, work, and studying, I'm a pretty busy person! (I should be studying right now but frankly I still feel ill and am laying down writing this post, not wanting a mental workout!) This product claims to be a stain-gloss and I thought wow! that sounds fab!

So i saw this beautiful color and thought to myself...hmmm...this sounds a lot like a certain YSL product that i don't have the money to it too good to be true? lets try out this baby blue-toned looks promising.

Yeah that was a mistake....

here are my lovely bare lips (cropped strategically so you can't see evidence of my illness shown by my nose/high upper lip region! although it's been kept to a minimum because of certain products i've been using-I'm considering doing a post on it) 
lips after a few coats of the supposed stain gloss...although theres barely any color to stain my lips.....

i thought to myself...hmmm maybe my lips are too pigmented? so i put a layer of concealer on and then applied....didn't do too much

I wiped it off with a tissue to show you the true color against a complete bare canvas and as you can see it's not too pigmented
 so sadly this was NOT what I was expecting. I cannot speak for the darker colors, although after I was disappointed with this I looked at reviews online and it said the darker colors (aka every color after this one) do not run true to the packaging as when they are applied they turn warmer and darker on the lips. 

for the product itself (besides the terrible pigmentation) it has a floral-y scent to it, it isn't a bad scent in my opinion and isn't terribly strong (so this is a plus since I cannot use my L'oreal fairest nude lipstick due to the offensive smell) and the gloss actually did last quite a while without getting goopy even though I did apply several coats in attempt to get the beautiful color it claims. It lasted around 3 hours on me with drinking....and then I ate a croissant and it got kind of gloopy on my lips...but i re-rubbed it in with my finger and it was okay although i don't think you could really do that with the darker colors.

I really want to try the darker colors because I'm sure the pigmentation can't be this horrible on a color claiming to be a red or berry I can't speak for the entire line but this color almost is a clear's a pretty decent gloss! but not for the's the price of a lip stain basically ranging from $8-12 depending on where you buy it (and it doesn't feel like theres a ton of product in it either)

have any of you tried these? are the darker colors any better? i wish this actually had pigmentation so i could give input on how well the stain it claims wears ...  :(

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