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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All About My Nose Piercing :)

Hello everybody :)
So today someone commented asking about my nose piercing and if I had a post on it and I realized I hadn't ever done one! So here it is :D

SO...I got my nose pierced this summer when I went to spend the summer with my dad in Ireland. I would have gotten it done sooner but my mom hates them and told me I had to wait until I was 18 to do it because she'd never let me. My 18th birthday was this past august...but I got it done at the beginning of june.

Funny story (see picture below AFTER reading the explanation lol). Both of my parents are doctors..and my dad has done a few piercings he offered to pierce my nose for me. I trust him completely and since he has the EXACT same nose as me...I'm not even joking...he knew where I wanted it and is a total perfectionist so I knew he'd get it right 
(my biggest worry about getting it done was having them pierce it in the wrong place and have it look horrible because trust me I've seen plenty of people with wonky nose piercings)

and since my nose isn't the most...conventional...shape lol there's only ONE spot where I though it would look good.

So this summer my dad was in Ireland....and I left from California to Ireland after I graduated high school. That's a really long flight and I had a nine hour layover in amsterdam..which totaled to around 25 hours of travel time...AND I went to a One Direction concert with my best friend the night before I left (yes I love them judge me) so I didn't get much sleep

I got to Ireland and talked with my dad for HOURS and told him I wanted him to pierce my nose that night and he was against it because he was like "oh you're tired you need sleep" etc.
but eventually he he pierced my nose at 5am in Ireland in his apartment after I had gone two days without sleep resulting in this picture:
I realize this is probably the worst picture of me EVER but i think it's funny so I thought I'd share
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH yes we all look bad without makeup..especially me being a blonde it looks like I have no eyebrows or eyelashes....awkward
clearly i was very tired and out of it...thats what no sleep does to you
if you're having a bad day hopefully this cheers you up/makes you laugh...when my dad is having a bad day i send him this picture and he perks right up lol I've had my nose pierced for around 8 months now and it's basically completely healed.
getting it pierced didn't really's quick and the skin on your nose isn't that was sore the next day and a few days after...but the funniest thing is the first few days you can see it in your peripheral vision its so odd

all I did to take care of it was rinse the crusty stuff off of my nose ring and around the piercing with warm water while I was in the shower because it loosened all the gunk and opens your pores and makes everything a whole lot easier

sometimes I wear a ring in it but my favorite type of stud to wear is the one with a rhinestone on one end and it has a ball on the other end so it stays in your nose (the ones that look like a corkscrew on the end don't really work because they end up sticking out because they're too long)
the stud with the ball on the end is by far the most low maintenance to wear which is why I don't really stray from that.

It was basically healed by the time I left around 2 1/2 months later. for like 5-6 months after that it hurt a bit to change the stud...especially he kind i wear because you're shoving a bigger piece through the it widens it temporarily and then goes back to normal size so it stays in your nose really well...and now it doesn't hurt at all when i change the stud/ring

i don't really clean it anymore because there's nothing to clean off, and I think it looks really nice...
be careful with the studs with the design on them because i had a dolphin...and ripped it out of my nose like three times because it got caught on my pillow when i was didn't like tear my nose or anything just hurt a whole hell of a lot.

my advice to anyone getting their nose pierced is when you go into the shop (don't let a friend do it! my dad's a doctor thats why i let him and he had experience) make sure you get the spot marked exactly where you want it...don't feel bad if you have to make them change the spot that's marked (they mark you with a sharpie where they're going to pierce...that's what they did for my cartilage piercing) because you're paying for this and it's your nose.

it's super low maintenance...doesn't hurt...i haven't changed how I apply my makeup...i just kind of wipe the foundation off if i get any on the doesn't irritate it (it may the first few days fyi be careful)...i really like it and I'm super happy with it.

and if you ever don't want it you can take it out and it'll close. when i take it out now with there being a hole there i can barely even find it to put the stud back even if it left a scar from being pierced it would honestly just look like a pore because the hole now is hardly noticeable at all

and hey you got to see funny pictures of me :D we're all human...everyone has them
i think it's fun to let people in on the funny/slightly embarrassing side of life...most bloggers just show the great parts and I'm always like ohhh i bet their life is so fantastic..but you have to remember we're all human lol 


  1. thank you! this helped so much! I'm definetly considering getting it done! I went to the piercing shop today but the piercer wasn't there, I don't want to chicken out haha! xx

    1. it's super quick and is just sore the next day or two but it's sooo easy to take care of...i had a million times the problems with my belly button piercings

    2. oh okay thank you! I'm so bad when it comes to pain! It suits you so much!! xx

    3. aww thanks! and it really isn't bad..even if you pinch the skin on your nose its far less painful than other places i think there aren't as many nerve endings. don't be too worried it's over before you can say ow!

  2. haha love the pics! I've always thought nose rings look cute, but I'm kind of scared it would hurt!

    1. my nose hurt less than my cartilage piercings, ear piercings, and belly button piercing :)


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