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Friday, July 19, 2013

Dior Dazzle Palette Review!

Hey everyone! So I wanted to post about a palette I've been really loving lately! The Dior Dazzle Palette! Now I recieved this at a white elephant party (one with a requirement of nice gag gifts) and you had to spend $25, no more, and no less on a gift. 
Now I googled this palette and it came out as a limited edition palette quite a few years I'm assuming that the person who bought this got it extremely discounted from somewhere as it was listed as $45...but is from a few years back. I need to find them and ask them where they got it! because that's almost half off!

But even though you can't find this anymore I still wanted to post this because I'm sure that Dior wouldn't make a random blush or highlighter JUST for this I'm sure you can still find these products well as I wanted to tell you about the quality of the products/my thoughts on the brand since clearly I got to try quite a few products!

so the packaging is super beautiful and sleek (don't mind the bits of gunk from my makeup bag...) and it's easy to wipe down but also doesn't really attract dirt like some other packing (coughnarscough) and I like the palette because there isn't any bulky or unnecessary's quite compact and has a decent sized mirror in it

yay for scaly finger shots
the eyeshadows are BEAUTIFUL and they're supper buttery and dont create a lot of fallout on your face which is always a perk in my opinion! they're really pigmented and just gorgeous. In this palette theres a reddish brown color, a pinky-gold, a white-gold, and an olive green. I don't really wear green eyeshadow so I haven't gotten much use from that one...but every time I wear the other three I get TONS of compliments on my makeup
left/bottom- highlighter: peachy/golden bronze, right/top: blush- rose color

so the blush is gorgeous, I love the shade, you can really sheer it out or wear it a bit heavier handed, I like both ways but as it is winter and you can see how pale I am I dont think being too heavy handed would suit me.

The highlighter is also beautiful, its got super fine shimmer in it that catch the light really beautifully as you can see in the picture, however being as pale as me this color DOES NOT suit me right now...but I'm sure when I am tanner it will be absolutely gorgeous.

excuse the mascara smudges....i forgot my eyeliner at home which usually camoflauges that and i did my makeup in a hurry and just snapped a few shots to post :) also i forgot my eyebrow stuff and used my moms...i know excuses excuses!
here I am wearing the eyeshadows (minus the green) and the blush...but the lighting is really bright so it kind of washes it out. but you can see how beautiful these are and how easy they are for everyday wear.

Also the lipgloss in the palette is great. It's moisturizing and stays on for quite a while. It's tacky enough to be longer wearing than the super slippery glosses...but not so sticky that you get the dreaded lipgloss line or your hair gets stuck and smears it all over your face

I'm really happy that I traded/stole my way into getting this palette (you know the stealing rules of white elephant!) because Dior is expensive enough that if I hadn't tried their products I probably wouldn't just order something off of a whim...but now that I've been able to try quite a range of their products I see myself asking for/purchasing more Dior in the future! I don't know why I didn't think their makeup would be so stellar...I already adore their perfumes :)

do you guys have any Dior makeup suggestions???


  1. Hi Stephanie, just dropping in via the followers to friends blog hop and now follow you on GFC, see you back on my blog :)
    Angela x

  2. wow I really love the gold shimmery one, it's subtle yet effective. I really need to branch out with my eye makeup I think! xxx

    1. me too! its beautiful and super buttery and pigmented! its gorgeous. and lol i should too all i wear are neutral shades

  3. Oooh this is such a gorgeous palette. I love how it contains all neutral shades xx

    1. me too! yet theres a pink (thats still neutral) so it makes me feel like im branching out and wearing colors haha


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