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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I Whiten My Teeth Naturally! (Christopher's Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder)

this is just a picture from my phone, no photoshop or anything i promise :). ..i dont have a before I'm sorry

Hey everyone! So I thought I'd share something I found due to my wonderful bestfriend Paula recommending it to me. We are both big on having extremely white teeth...or want to get there at least and have tried everything including things that hurt my teeth horribly and strip the enamel and just cause so much pain while not giving the results promised. So when Paula told me to get this I jumped at the chance because honestly if she said it worked, I have 100% faith in her since she's so big on having completely white teeth like me.

But who really isn't? I dont think anyone wants to wake up with yellow teeth....

so this is the product.... Christopher's Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder. Basically what it is is a green powder that you brush your teeth says you can use this alone but I like to brush my teeth again after to ensure there isn't any green bits left in my teeth
Ingredients: shavegrass herb, peppermint leaf, white oak bark, cloves, prickly ash bark, bayberry bark, slippery elm bark, stevia herb (i forgot to take a picture but those are the only ingredients)

so as you can see it's super natural (and as far as i no dentist....but i'm pretty sure none of that is harmful to your teeth/enamel) and when I looked up reviews online/how to use it to make sure i was using it properly i came across articles of people that use this to restore gum health and STRENGTHEN their enamel...which no whitening treatment does really.

the biggest gold star for me is that this product is just directed at dental says nothing about whitening and there's no way you could know this would whiten your teeth unless you find out through a friend (like i did) or through a blog (like whoever reading this is....although if you read my blog regularly i consider you a friend:) ) so the fact that this is just directed at making your teeth healthy is WONDERFUL because the whitening is just a side bonus....but let me tell you this has whitened my teeth more than ANYTHING i've tried and trust me I've tried a lot...and spent a lot of money. this is only around $12 here on Amazon and you get 2oz of product which is going to last A LONG time

(and also because you're brushing all of your teeth with dont get that awkward white front teeth but yellow back teeth like you do with whitening strips)

How I Use This:
so since this is a "tooth powder" it is made to use like toothpaste and I know a lot of people use this instead of toothpaste
so basically you take a toothbrushful on a dry toothbrush (I'm afraid if i stick a wet toothbrush in it may do weird things to the product but hey who knows..if you know tell me!)
and brush your teeth with it like a normal toothpaste
then rinse really well, and i go back in with a regular toothpaste to make sure i dont have green stuck in my teeth

this is an amazing product because it keeps my mouth feeling fresh for longer...i even drank coffee and didn't have the dreaded coffee breath (which no one wants especially since i work in a coffee shop...i have to talk to customers but also i drink a lot of coffee)...and since i drink so much coffee you'd think my teeth would yellow from that BUT THEY DONT BECAUSE OF THIS WOO

and i don't think this tastes too awful. also i hate the taste of the hydrogen peroxide in normal whiteners so this is a million steps up.
to me it smells like earl grey tea (when it's just dry in the container) and it tastes like really bitter when you have a cup of tea that you forgot about and left the teabag in for WAY too long and then you find it and it's really just tastes like that to me.

so i really don't mind it and from reviews ive read it tastes better than some other tooth powders on the market if you are already familiar with them.

all in all this is an amazing product (THANK YOU PAULA) i'm so happy to have found it and would love to share this amazing find with all of you!

happy teeth whitening!


  1. Stopping by from the blog hop to say hello!


  2. Wow I really love these kinds of natural stuff :) will definitely try to buy it! Good review :)



    1. yay i'm glad! tell me how you like it if you get it!!! :):)

  3. Is this organic? How long does it take to see the effect? It looks safe unlike the bleach used by the dentists. It looks harmful and toxic. Another thing is, having your teeth whitened is kinda expensive! I think this is a cheaper remedy for people wanting to have brighter and more beautiful teeth. Thank you for this! I would definitely try this one out!

    1. more than half of the ingredients are organic (from the few that there are) but not every single one of them is organic so i wouldn't say its 100% organic..i dont want to mislead anyone haha. and yeah i know! this has actually improved my teeth theyve become less sensitive..when i was using whitening strips they were sensitive to cold and sugary foods but they aren't anymore. and yeah a box of whitestrips is like around $50 i think and this is less than thats a steal! plus it lasts way longer. I've been using this around a month and a half a couple times a week and have barely made a dent in the tub. my teeth looked whiter after the first time i used it. i was so shocked by the results and showed everyone on my floor (in my dorm) that they all wanted to try it and we had a teeth brushing party in the bathroom haha i love this stuff

  4. Wow, that’s quite an amazing find, Steph! I’ve Googled it and found amazing testimonials for this product. I also found some whitening products made available over the Internet. But there is also some questions on their effectiveness and safety. So, it would be best to talk to your dentist about it. They are the good ones to ask about the best product for you and your dental health.

    Seth Webster

  5. Hello, Steph! I agree with Seth; you also need to consult a dentist. Words from the pro mean a lot. But I bet you may also want to consider some tips. ;) First, you should avoid consuming food and beverages that can stain your teeth. These may include sodas, tea, coffee and citrus fruits. Drinking through a straw may help. Also, it's best to choose toothpaste that contains baking soda to effectively clean the surfaces of your teeth. Keep your sweet smile healthy. Take care! ->Cody Zieba

  6. Teeth whitening has been an obsession of mine! It's been my agenda to bleach my teeth on my own because I can't afford to go to the dentist for it. I also tend to buy those whitening strips that are available in stores. Although there's dentist approval in using hydrogen peroxide, you can't blame people for being hesitant about it. After all, it's like drinking chemical even with just a few drops.


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