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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Makeup Tips and Tricks for People with Hard Contact Lenses (or Soft)

even my love of elephants is shown in my clothes!
Hey everyone! As you may or may not know (depending if you've read my post all about my hard contacts and experiences) I've been wearing hard contacts for quite a while now and kind of had to figure out my makeup around when I'm wearing them.

These are my tips for hard contact wearers because it is EXTREMELY painful if you get junk under the hard contacts (more so than soft contacts) like mascara etc...but these tips I'm sure are just as fine for soft contact wearers.
Hard contact lens wearers just have to be lots more careful with their makeup choices...and when I got my contacts I googled what makeup to wear for like an hour and almost nothing came maybe this will help someone :)

Tip #1 DO NOT LINE YOUR WATERLINE OR TIGHTLINE YOUR EYES. don't do it you'll want to scratch your eyes out I promise you. you know how when you line your waterline(s) you get all the black gunk in your tearducts as the makeup wears off? well instead of finding it'll find it all over your contacts and not be able to see. lovely i know. or if the eyeliner magically finds it's way UNDER the lens it's still really painful. Save lining your waterline/tightline for things like nights out...when you aren't wearing your contacts (if you can see like me.) or just forget about this altogether. sorry it sucks but its life

Tip #2 Find a mascara that doesn't flake and is waterproof.
I cannot stress how important this is...first off when mascara gets under a hard contact lens it literally scratches at your eyes and is one of the most painful things ever because you all know the size of the mascara flakes that come off under your eyes when your mascara is too old and dry or just not suited to you..they're pretty decently sized! now imagine scratching your eyes with that...OW
my favorite is the Maybelline Full N Soft Waterproof. Doesn't flake and works like a dream.

 The second half of my statement is find a WATERPROOF mascara (and no L'oreal Voluminous Waterproof is not actually waterproof so don't try it...take my advice) Part of the territory of wearing any kind of contact lens is using eye drops...after all it IS a foreign object in your eye it tends to dry out your eyes...hard contacts require more eye drops because they are actually sitting on a tear layer in your eyes...that's how they work. and so note everyone is a pro when it comes to putting in eye drops (I always look like i've been crying after application) and clearly this would make a normal mascara this is definitely an important tip. don't try to get away with wearing non waterproof mascara. go out, buy yourself a good eye makeup remover, and a new waterproof mascara it will prevent you from resembling this cute critter
cute...but not something you want to resemble

Tip #3 Lay off of so much eyeshadow...minimize the amount you put on your eyes
eyeshadows are powdery yes? they fall during the day and end up under your why wouldn't they have a chance of getting IN your eyes if you aren't careful. even if you don't notice it they do...instead try for a cat eye with some long wearing liner that you know won't flake off and get into your eyes

Tip #4 Play up your other features
i know this picture doesn't really match this tip...but I was heading to class and am still not brave enough to wear  a bright red lip to class. but not wearing so much on your eyes allows you to be adventurous with other aspects of your face and you don't have to worry about overdoing your makeup. if you aren't into bold lips.. you can so what I always do...a strong brow :)

When to apply your makeup:
What I do is I apply all of my face makeup first, then put my contacts in, then apply my eye makeup (usually just mascara). If i remember I'll put my contacts in first before I do any of my makeup because my eyes tend to water A LOT when I put my contacts in..but that's just me and I usually do forget
if you do forget completely...when you are putting your contacts in make sure you don't blink! the reason you want to apply your eyemakeup AFTER you put your contacts in is so that you don't get gunk from your makeup on your contact lens and into your eye where it will hurt

When to take your makeup off:
take your contacts out FIRST then take your makeup off. First, rubbing your eyes is a big no no with hard contacsts (and you shouldn't really do it with soft contacts either...I used to tear my contacts from doing that all the time). Secondly, if you use an eye makeup remover, that can get on the contacts and gunk up your lens for the next time you put them in

i know a lot of my readers won't find this helpful because hard contacts are kind of old school and not that many people wear them anymore...but when you are forced to like I was (as explained in my previous post linked earlier on) I tried to look up things like this and couldn't find hopefully this will help someone in the same position as I was

after all i write this blog to help other people and spread my knowledge (because im sooooo smart. jkjkjk) so I'm sorry if you read through this whole post and none of it helped you lol although I did write what it was about in the title..
but if this helps you..or helps anyone..I'll be really happy. 

Also if you know of agood waterproof mascara that doesn't flake please let me know! :):)


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  2. Excellent tips! I wear contacts myself! Stop by my blog :D

  3. Sorry this comment is really unrelated but I see you have your nose pierced, do you have a post on it, or any advice as I'm thinking of getting it done? xx

    1. :)

  4. It's pretty unfortunate for some ladies to put elaborate eye makeup when wearing contact lenses. As what you have mentioned, particles could affect the hard lenses; and wearing such could be really, really painful. Nevertheless, hope many ladies could come across this very helpful write-up of yours.

  5. Thankyou very much! This post is a massive help to me. X


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