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Monday, July 29, 2013 Review :)

Hey everyone :)
Recently I was contacted by the super nice people at asking me if I wanted to review their clothes:) obviously I jumped at the chance because they have some SUPER cute clothes.

The Company
basically the idea behind the company is you can customize the clothes that you see online..say you don't like the sleeves on a can change them. I customized the length on this skirt which is great because every time I go shopping I always find myself saying ohh I wish this was longer or it was sleeveless or the neckline was different etc.. 

also this website has the biggest array of sizes...they go from (american) size 0 all the way to 36. (when picking your size they have the exact measurements) so if they don't have a measurement that suits you, you can give them your custom measurements.

I think this website has a really great idea behind it because no matter what size you are or how oddly shaped(I'm talking about myself when I say oddly shaped) you can order things online..which I usually avoid because I don't know how the fit is...they take all the guesswork out of it

The Clothes
So I chose this skirt which I think is super  cute because it has a super retro feel but is still cute and modern. it fits really well (as it should since the sizing online is so specific) and it feels really well made. also the buttons on it are actual buttons..and the pockets are actual pockets...I love that because I hate when you buy something and the pockets aren't real or the buttons are just glued on for effect

the skirt is made from cotton, but doesn't stretch (which would probably limit me from everyday wear but I love really stretchy comfy clothes). the material it's made of makes it more versatile as it gives a really high quality feel to it and you could definitely dress it up with some wedges and a blazer

it does get slightly wrinkly but I think it just adds to the effect of the vintage/retro vibe

Shipping Time
this got to me extremely fast! the company is based overseas so I expected it to take a really long time but the actual shipping time was only about four days (i tracked it online). and the company is super nice so I'm sure if you ever had any problems it would be super easy to return

Price Range
i feel like this company is at a middle price range....around $30-$50 but they also have a really good sale section. and the quality of the clothes are really good so I think it's completely worth it and priced correctly

Overall Impressions
I think that this is a great company with a great idea behind it...they really serve a wide audience and I wish more companies offered the versatility and options that they do., The clothes are super high quality and can be either dressed up or down and I really love this skirt

like I said this company is SUPER nice so they gave me a couple coupons you guys can use if you want to buy from them especially if you just want to try it out for the first time

$25 off - Code: STEPHNESLK29 (valid until 3/25)
20% off - Code STEPHNESLK (valid until 3/20)


  1. Nice, they're lovely. So ready for spring.

    1. i know! i feel like i dont have any spring clothes either so this was a nice addition :)

  2. I love this outfit! And look at you, pretty girl, you're glowing! :)
    This outfit looks pretty on you and so do the colours!


  3. Love this skirt!! It looks great on you :)

  4. Ouhh, so cute! I really love the skirt. It's great that they customize so much!

  5. That skirt is so cute! definitely has a retro feel !


  6. Amaying outfit! So lovely:)

  7. Gorgeous skirt, the color and the lenght is perf :)

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