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Thursday, July 25, 2013

MAC Plumful Drugstore Dupe!

so it's friday night, I'm bored, lazy, and don't want to go anywhere so I decided to play around with my lipsticks...and lo and behold I found an EXTREMELY close dupe for MAC Plumful from the drugstore!
I know this is a little late since it's basically springtime now but I know a lot of places still have it's still possible to wear darker colors

On the top lip I have MAC Plumful...and on the bottom lip I have....wait for it.....Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Vintage Pink!

I did it this way because...well I was comparing them myself like this and then I decided to take a picture lol. I couldn't even believe it myself...I was applying the Rimmel lipstick and just thought to myself "Man this reminds me a lot of MAC Plumful.....Hmmm...." and thank goodness I was right!

left: MAC Plumful, right: Rimmel Moisture Renew Vintage Pink
so as you can see these two colors are VERY similar. The Rimmel Lipstick is a little more purple toned than Plumful which I find hilarious since the more purple toned lipstick is "Vintage Pink" and the more pink toned one is "Plumful" but as you can see the colors are really similar!

keep in mind there are probably more similar ones out there...but I kind of stumbled across this in my makeup bag....

as far as formulation goes the MAC lipstick is slightly more buttery than the Rimmel one..but as the name suggests the Rimmel lipstick is still pretty moisturizing

the Rimmel lipstick is DEFINITELY the more pigmented one here. Plumful is a lustre finish so it is more of a sheerer wash that can be built up...but with one swipe of the Rimmel lipstick that is the color you get. (in the swatch I have a few swipes of the MAC built up to the color most people wear it at)  but I'm sure if you desired you could blot the Rimmel lipstick to be less strong of a color

Wear Time
the Rimmel one wears longer than the MAC but this is to be expected because the MAC one is a little more buttery, as is to be expected. but they both wear off pretty evenly and nicely, so I can't say anything negative about either one

overall I think these are both fabulous lipsticks but for the price tag the Rimmel is definitely the better buy...they are almost the same color and the Rimmel lasts a bit longer.

I'm happy I decided to play with makeup tonight and accidentally stumbled across these dupes!
I think it's funny when I find a dupe in my makeup...I'm just like "wow I must really like that shade if i bought two completely different lipsticks in this color at two completely different times"

you would never know these two are similar judging by the names though!


  1. wow they're so similar! love the colour! xx

  2. They look so similar! Thanks for sharing xo

  3. Found your blog via the bbloggers blog hop. Thanks for posting this! I'm a sucker for plum lipsticks :)

    I have my own blog hop live now if you're interested :)
    Elise Dopson xxx

  4. WOW this is an amazing dupe :D well found..! I always wanted to try Plumful.. so i think I need to give this one a go instead :) x

    Gem ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. cheaper alternative!! always a win in my book

  5. Woaaah such a good dupe! Love rimmel lipsticks, especially for the wear time :)

    Lovely blog

    B x

    I'd love it if you took a look at my blog and entered my giveaway!: RebeccaRuby - A lifestyle blog

  6. Stopping by from the Wednesday Chronicles to check out you blog. Love dupes, I've been doing some MAC dupes for the past month myself. I found more lip colors though more so than eye colors. None the less, it's been fun! I tried Yummy Plummy by Maybelline, it is very similar to Plumful.

    Thanks for sharing, great blog!

    1. thanks! and i know duping eyeshadows is so much harder :( checking your blog right now :)

  7. That is such a lovely colour and a really close match! Found you on the Wednesday Chronicles and am now following :) Check out my blog if you'd like!

    1. thanks so much! going to check your blog right now :)

  8. Oh my god the colour is so similar and that's crazy because i wear that shade from mac i'm gonna change a.s.a.p :) thanks for that

  9. I thought I had a dupe for Plumful too - just like in your case, it's close but not 100% the same ;) but I still love Plumful more, I think it looks so bright and fresh, it's just an amazing shade :)


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