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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Repurposing Used Up Candles (and Jars)

Pretty much every one of us has used up an entire candle or know someone who has...but the real question is "I've finished a what?"
Recently I finished off a Leaves candle I've been hoarding for some time...I love this scent and as it is only around in the fall I baby it while i have it....but being that it's pretty much spring I decided to finish it off once and for all.

When you're at the end of a burns itself out before using up all the wax as a safety prevent fires. But what do you do with the leftover wax? Most people just throw it away..jar and all..but not me :D

Getting the Leftover Wax Out of Your Candle Jar

basically there are two ways to do this...

Method 1: Put your candle in the freezer after it's all burned out and leave for a couple hours..when you take it out the wax will have shrunk and the glue holding in the wicks will have hardened making it super easy to just pop out with a fork

Method 2: (for people who don't have a me) After your candle burns itself out dump the wax into something that will hold it in your trash can (I had an old plastic cup)...(or dump it into an oil burner and you can use the wax later) then pry off the wicks with a fork (the glue will be soft and stringy)

Then rinse your candle jar with really hot water, take an old sponge and soap and get all the soot and wax out of it. and dry it well with a paper towel

-if you have an oil the wax from either method, cut it up and pop it into that for more enjoyment of your favorite scents-

(if you want the labels off they peel off really easily...I just think it looks cute left on)

Uses For Candle Jars

Now candle jars are quite a large size usually and can hold a multitude of you can see I use mine to hold my makeup brushes as the cup I had them in before was getting too small

you can also use them to hold:
-Makeup Brushes
-Parts of your makeup collection to organize it
-Various things flying around your desk
-Bobby Pins (Hair Grips)
-Hair Ties
-Hair Accessories
-if you want to organize things in the kitchen...spatulas, cooking utensils etc

those are only some things I use them for...but they are a great size for organizing things and they look really cute and inventive sitting on your desk. i especially love the Bath and Body Works/Slatkin and Co. candles because they have the same width all the way around not like the yankee candles that have a smaller mouth

it gives everything a more personal feel than just cups bought from a store and can really add flair to your space

what do you/would you use these to store?

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