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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

L'Oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner/Erasing Balm

Hey everybody! So I've been meaning to do this post for a while and as I recently finished these products I thought...what better time? I can give a full review about these as I've used them for a while

Recently this new line by L'Oreal came out and I had just finished my conditioner. I picked up the conditioner as this gigantic 25 oz one was on sale at target. Then later I saw the damage erasing balm and picked it up after hearing Fleur De Force rave about the Charles Worthington hair balm (whatever it's called) thinking the two could be comparable. 

What L'Oreal Says
Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner instantly and over time helps repair the five visible signs of damaged hair - split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness and dehydration - without weighing hair down. Clinically tested* *System of shampoo and conditioner tested for instant results + lasting transformation.

My Impressions
Conditioner: this is a really nice conditioner. It's extremely thick and feels more like a high end conditioner. It left my hair really soft and nourished. HOWEVER I think this stuff smells absolutely horrible. Not in the horrible that smells like it should be in the garbage...but it has this weird chemical undertone that's almost sickening. I know a lot of people probably won't have a problem with the smell...because this is the same chemically scent problem I have with the EOS lip balms...and most people don't smell it or don't mind my advice is make sure you give it a good long sniff in the store.

What L'Oreal Says
Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm is a rinse-out reconstructing balm that repairs up to one year of damage in 1 use*. Both powerful and luxurious, the balm instantly repairs the 5 signs of damage – split ends, weakness, roughness, dullness, and dehydration. * Reverses damage to hair’s smoothness with daily use, when using the system of shampoo & balm.

My Impressions
Damage Erasing Balm: basically....I saw absolutely no difference to my hair other than what the normal conditioner did. I'm 98% sure they made the conditioner thicker somehow, put it in new packaging, renamed it and sold it for a higher price. At full price (not on sale or anything) this product is only a dollar less than the conditioner and clearly you get tons more when you buy the conditioner

Final Thoughts
Overall I think this is a pretty decent line. I do think that it improved the quality of my hair itself a little bit..not like those lines that make your hair feel super nice while using it but then it goes back to how it was before as soon as you switch. I found these products to be very nourishing but I would not under any circumstances recommend the balm because I feel as if it's the exact same product. My only problem with this is that I hate the smell. 

Would I Repurchase?
No. I hate the smell. For that fact alone I wouldn't repurchase it. It doesn't linger in your hair...but it basically made me nauseous while I was using it in the shower. Also, since this is one of three types of products in this line...there are multiple lines within the release geared at different types of hair...I used a different one (the Red tube...for colored hair) at my best friends house and it smelled exactly the same. So I wouldn't buy anything from this release.

 Have any of you been wowed by certain hair products lately? Still on the hunt for a good conditioner...although I've been loving the Pantene Beautiful Lengths shampoo...bought it on recommendation of my friend because she told me it smells like Jamba Juice and it does! 


  1. Eeps, I'll steer clear of these. I'm really sensitive to smells and I can't handle the chemical smell.
    I'm a big fan of Garnier hair products, they smell so nice and they make my hair happy. :)
    Lovely post, I like how in depth you got.

    1. same!!!! i really like pantene too. they never let me down with their scents. and they all smell different. idk what it is but lately L'Oreal has really let me down with the scents of their hair products...almost everything i've tried smells synthetic and chemically...the product is nice but i can never get past the scent

  2. can I use this for rebonded hair?


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