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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

MAC Hue Dupe//GOSH Darling

Hey everybody! As we all know, MAC Hue seems to be a cult favorite. The perfect nude, that's not too concealer lip-esque with just enough peachy pink undertones to make you look alive but can also balance out a severe smokey eye.

Somehow I managed to find a dupe sitting around in my makeup stash...WooHoo!
(sorry to people in America because I know you can't get it here...I got this when I was in the UK)

As I'm sure you can see from above and from the picture, the dupe is Darling by GOSH cosmetics. In the picture above MAC Hue is on the left and GOSH Darling is on the right.

The only differences I can find between he two is gosh is a teeny bit less pink and MAC Hue is a little bit shinier. Also on the lips GOSH Darling applies a bit more opaque, I find on my lips MAC Hue tends to go a little patchy. ~sorry I don't have the usual lip comparison pic, somehow my pictures for this dupe I had saved got deleted and I just forgot to take a new one :(

anyways, all in  all I think this is a pretty good dupe :) it may not look dead on in the bullet, but looking at the swatches it's almost the same color except the GOSH lipstick is a whole lot cheaper :)


  1. I had no idea that you guys have GOSH in the US. I, for some strange reason, thought it was only available in the UK. Anyway, I love this post! I love finding drug-store dupes for MAC lipsticks and stuff!

    Thanks Steph, you hot mama-jamma <3

    1. we don't sadly :( i got this when I was over in the UK. although i think i heard people can buy it at a certain department store in new york...who knows thats nowhere near me

  2. We have Gosh in Ukraine and Russia. Thanks for dupe!=)


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