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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Empties #2

Hey everyone! Here's part two of my extremely long empties post (yes I repeated the same first picture since I had everything stored in the same bag haha)

Nivea A Touch of Sparkle Cream Oil Body Wash- this body wash claims to be super moisturizing since it has oils in it...I didn't really find it any more moisturizing than other body washes. it has a nice smells like when you think of the most generic soap smell...really clean and soapy (terrible description I know)
repurchase? eh maybe

Soap and Glory Clean on Me Shower Gel- alas I finally finished the never ending bottle. I liked has the standard Soap and Glory smell which I like...however I found it really the texture of it? and you have to use quite a lot to get a good foam for your whole body. good value for money though
repurchase? maybe...the bottle was literally neverending though

The Body Shop Papaya Shower Gel- I ADORE this is my favorite body shop scent by far. If you've never smelled it please do next time you are in the shop. it smells like a delicious tropical drink...not like an actual papaya at all haha. But I love these soaps and they are really good value for money (I get them at TJ Maxx/Marshalls often for like $3)
repurchase? absolutely

Nioxin Shampoo System 2- I cannot rave enough about this shampoo. It says for thinning hair...but basically what it is is a shampoo that unclogs your hair follicles and deep cleans your scalp and is supposed to help your hair grow better. To use I shampoo with it and then leave it on like a treatment about once a week or every two weeks. This stuff leaves my hair the softest and shiniest I've ever felt and I've seen my hair grow noticeably with this I cannot rave enough about it I recommend it to everyone (so happy my stylist recommended it to me)

Herbal Essences Smooth Collection Conditioner- Does anyone remember this? This was the first shampoo/conditioner i ever used once I switched from the L'Oreal Kids you remember the commercial with the girl in the shower going OH YEAH! Hahahahahahah. This was more a blast from the past as the scent holds so many memories. And it was nice...all Herbal Essences products are 
repurchase? yeah probably

Victoria's Secret Endless Love Body Lotion- This lotion smells delicious (apple blossom and ylang ylang), it's super moisturizing and sinks in really fast...however if you have them too long the scent turns horrible (I had a pure seduction and it smelled like burnt plastic when I tried to use it after a while)
repurchase? absolutely

Victoria's Secret Beach Sexy Tan Extend Moisturizer- this was okay...left over from last summer. Nothing spectacular about it and the lotion was really thin. I don't think it really did anything to be completely honest
repurchase? nah

Soap and Glory Hand Food- I'm sure everybody and their mother has tried this to be honest. It was nice. nothing compared to my favorite L'Occitance dry hand cream though. Smells really good
repurchase? probably not

Ponds Luminous Clean Facewipes- I adore these facewipes...they have converted me from my favorite simple wipes. They are really wet (almost like washing your face haha) and get all my makeup off and don't break me out (yeah Neutrogena take that)
repurchase? definitely

Korres Milk Protein Makeup Wipes- these were okay. I didn't pay full price for them (I bought them half price at TJ Maxx) so I'm happy I didn't. They're kinda dry/ dry out fast but they didn't irritate my skin (I think they're more aimed at sensitive skin). I just don't use makeup wipes every day so I couldn't use the full pack before drying out
repurchase? probably not...they're too expensive anyways


  1. Awesome empties! I love Clean on Me and The Body Shop's shower gels :)


  2. I love how you have marked them out of 5, helps alot! I have not heard of this shampoo, but what am i waiting for... lol
    Thank you for stopping by my blog. following on bloglovin xx

  3. Wow you finished a lot of things, I can never do that everything I own has a bit of it left inside haha :D Thank you for the reviews I'm going to check some of them out :))

  4. I love hand food but I agree, the L'occitane ones are most definitely better! xx

    Jess | J.S & Makeup


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