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Thursday, August 29, 2013

How To: Eyebrow Dying

Hey everyone! So as you all know from previous posts showing me without makeup...having natural blonde hair for me also means having super blonde eyebrows (you can see in the picture below too) 
This was a learning it was the first time i actually dyed my brows and it turned out pretty well so I thought I'd share and give a few tips I learned!
Things you'll need:
-Some kind of plastic container to mix the dye in (like an empty yogurt cup...I cut the bottom off of an iced tea bottle...but the dye will stain whatever you use)
-Eyebrow Spoolie (I took this one from the tester section at Sephora..I mean borrowed)
-Q-Tips (also known as cotton buds)
-Some kind of thick ream or vaseline

*I used a henna dye for this as it is a lot easier to clean up if you get it outside your brows. It forms into a paste when you mix it and then hardens so it won't drip into your eyes and you can wipe it off with a Q-Tip when applying and it won't stain your skin*

-would not recommend using box hairdye for this-

the first thing I did as recommended by the box was to apply a heavy cream (or you can use vaseline) around the brows to create a barrier against the dye from staining your skin. Here you can also see how blonde my brows were so basically I started with a blank canvas haha

then I applied the dye (it came in two packages and you just mixed the two together, I show it in the first picture) with an eyebrow spoolie (or tester mascara wand). I then took a q tip and wiped off all the excess dye that I got outside of my brows

follow the instructions on the box on how long to wait and then remove the dye. Mine said to just wash off with soap and water (henna hardens as it dries) but some say remove with a cotton pad. the picture above shows the color I got after five minutes (the directions were to leave it on for 5-10 minutes). I went with less time because since I had never used this dye before I didn't know how dark it would go and since the color on the box says brown and I just wanted a dark blonde I went with less time.

I still wanted it a bit darker so I reapplied (they gave me a lot of product in the package) and left this on for another four minutes. 

this application I didn't use the cream around my eyebrows...I just put it on with the spoolie and then cleaned up with the Q-Tips but if you are using a thinner dye I would probably use a cream...this stuff just didn't stain my skin extremely quickly and is far easier to do without the cream

and this is the final result! Not bad going from can't see at all eh?

my eyebrows were my biggest insecurity that makes me wear makeup....I would go makeup free a lot more if I had visible eyebrows as my skin isn't all that bad...


  1. found this very useful, i've always wanted to do eyebrow dye at home, and it's so helpful now i know how! (was never quite sure before) great post, eyebrows look great

  2. I'd be terrified to do this incase I came out with black brows or something haha



  3. I was at first that's why I took it off after the five minutes but it wasn't that bad...and there was plenty in the package to do it a few times lol. i was scared too though

  4. I recently started dying my brows and I was terrified the first time. I have black brows in the front and then they turn invisible so I knew I needed to do it. when the dye started working they turned black and I immediately washed it off just to see that it was actually the dye that was black and my brows were still pretty light, so I did it again :) great post, I might just do a similar one on my experience x

    Eve x |

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  6. What a big difference! It's crazy how much eyebrows change your face. You look great. Thanks for following-- I returned the favor :)

    Jillian/ Jillicious Cosmetics

  7. good job! ja mam bardziej problem z rzęsami, chociaż brwi też bym się skusiła zrobić:)

  8. I'm quite lucky that my eyebrows are naturally dark, I have tinted my eyelashes at home though and did a similar method! You have a lovely shape to your brows :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  9. I dyed my eyebrows too but I dyed it to be a little lighter :D Thanks for sharing.


  10. I had my brows died yesterday (even though they are very dark!) and I love it. Would defo have it done again!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  11. oh my god you are so brave I tried it at home and I got a colour way too light so it didnt work but yours have turned out so natural xxx

  12. This has worked so well on you! I use the eylur dybrow to do mine but this looks really effective too xx


  13. This has made such a difference to your brows. I wonder if it would work on my dark brows x

    Beauty with charm

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  15. Wow, that turned out really great. I never had any problems with my eyebrows. Even though I have naturaly blond hair, I have quite dark eyebrows. Well, my hair is a darker blonde shade, so my eyebrows are darker naturally. Anyways, you look great with those "new" eyebrows!
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa


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