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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ulta and Sephora Haul

Hey everyone! I did a bit of shopping after getting some money for my birthday just before I left the states. If you don't follow me on twitter or have just glanced at my last few posts I have moved from California and am now in Europe (Poland) for medical school!
I'm super excited..I love europe so much  I've been trying to move over here since high school and I finally made it! And my birthday passed and I am now officially 19! woohoo! I also brought my kitty with me on the plane (boy was he unhappy) so I'm absolutely thrilled to have him here

So anyways enough rambling and onto my haul! I went to Sephora and Ulta (I had a $3.50 off coupon...couldn't let that go to waste!) Sephora I just bought a Beauty Blender (about time!) since my knockoff beauty blender fell apart...and yes the real thing is better than the's just different, the texture is different and it's fabulous (btw what do you guys use to clean your beauty blenders and what is the best way you've found?)

I've used all of these except the mascara and brow pencil and I love them all (reviews to come!)


  1. Great haul! I've wanted to try the Beauty Blender for years now! xx

  2. LOVE your blog! Thanks for the comment.

    New to twitter and instagram:
    Instagram: xtinexoxo

  3. Great haul and I've actually never heard of Ulta before but it sounds like a pretty good beauty store!

    Christina xx

  4. the beauty blender is amazing! holy grail applicator

  5. The Beauty Blender is my holy grail applicator silicon based products. I've been using it for years too!


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