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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Starting Off: Blush

Hey everyone! Here's the next starting off post and this time it's about one of my FAVORITE things...BLUSH! (so be warned it's going to be kind of lengthy)
So first let's talk about blush formulations!
Powders- can have glitter, shimmer, or be matte (i stick more to powders in the fall/winter) and powders usually seem to last longer on the face

Cream- there isn't much more to say except some cream blushes can be drier and some can look more wet. They're usually also extremely pigmented so you need to be pretty careful with these

Gel- I haven't actually used gel blushes but they're out there so I thought I should touch on them (some gel blushes are the ELF Studio HD Blush or the Estee Lauder Cello Shot Blushes)


Top to Bottom:
MAC 167 SE
Coastal Scents Classic Stippling Synthetic
ELF Studio Stipple Brush
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
MAC 167 SE - this brush is a usual, basic blush brush (that can also have other purposes on your it's a great versatile brush) I got this in a MAC holiday set (hence the sparkly handle and shorter handle) but it is a nice, bog standard blush brush. (however I much prefer stippling brushes as I can be quite heavy handed)

Coastal Scents Classic Stippling Synthetic - I got this brush in their labor day sale and it was $4 (now closer to $7) but this brush is freaking amazing quality. I've purchased quite a few coastal scents brushes and they rival my higher end brushes. This is a great blush brush since it is a stippling brush heavy handed gals like me can apply blush without looking like a clown. It is so soft and beautiful I adore it

ELF Studio Stipple Brush - this is another great stippling brush and at $3 you really can't beat it. I know this one is more accessible for a lot of people and is a great alternative to my favorite coastal scents brush (and since the handle is a lot shorter I tend to carry this one around in my makeup bag in my purse-thats where i dug it out of)

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - so I decided to include this as it is a firm favorite of almost every blogger out there but I think I got a defective one. I bought it from Ulta but the bristles are SO HARD and don't bend to let the shorter bristles reach your face (which kind of defeats the purpose of a duo fiber) but everyone uses it for cream blushes. So even though I can't say from personal experience if it's fab I trust other bloggers and have decided there is something wrong with mine..could there have been a bad batch of brushes?

Powder Blushes

L to R
Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso
NARS - Douceur
MAC - Well Dressed
Benefit - Sugarbomb

Milani Baked Blush - Luminoso this blush is amazing. it's cheap and looks sooo good. in my opinion there are two types of blushes: matte and you need to apply a highliter, and sheeny blushes that blush and highlite all in one. this one is the latter. and an amazing color! it leans more towards the coraly side but still gives the effect of that "natural flush" that you'd get out in the wind or cold. it works any season but is especially great in the summer because it does lean a bit more coral

NARS - Douceur this is a favorite for a different reason. this is a more natural beigey/plummy color (not dark though) and literally goes with any makeup look you do. i mean it: smokey eyes, natural faces, bold lips, nude lips, anything you can think of it works. it also kind of works as a contour and blush in one which is also amazing. this is my favorite fall blush since bolder lips usually make make more of an appearance

MAC - Well Dressed this is another firm favorite since it also is extremely versatile. this blush is a light cool toned baby pink that gives you that barely there hint of baby pink cheeks that just looks so perfect no matter the occasion. (although be wary wearing this with some looks as it is a cool toned pink)

Benefit - Sugarbomb this is my other favorite blush that falls into the category of not needing a highliter since it's more of a sheeny blush. this blush in the pan is divided into four shades but when you swirl them together they create a beautiful muted warmer toned rosey pink color. its BEAUTIFUL

Cream Blushes

Tarte Cheek Stain - Awakening
NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Boho Chic
Tarte Cheek Stain - Awakening this is my new beautiful favorite blush of all favorites (can't preofess my love any better eh?) it smells LIKE HEAVEN. I don't even know how to describe it but I made my brother and dad smell my cheeks and they said it smells like fruity cotton candy. but that doesn't even come close to how amazing this smells (and the fact that I can smell it on my face is wonderful) but this blush is the same color/kind of as the NARS Douceur blush except this has more of a sheen to it and is a cream blush! this is amazing because you rub it straight onto your cheeks and blend it out with your fingers (no brush needed)! especially if anyone is in the states PLEASE walk into a sephora and at least smell it and swatch it (it's always the thing I recommend when bloggers ask what to buy in the US)

NYX Rouge Cream Blush - Boho Chic this is another beautiful but cheap cream blush. the NYX cream blushes are EXTREMELY pigmented so be very careful when applying but they are so glowy and beautiful on the skin. this one is a nice natural pink color (probably similar to the natural color of my cheeks) and is a great blush for doing natural/no makeup looks (I highly recommend the NYX cream blushes if you're just getting into the world of makeup. the whole brand is amazing)

anyways if you stuck around and read the whole post (especially through that long rave about Tarte and the rant about my RT Stippling brush :( ) thank you so much for reading! 

as you can tell I am a blush junkie so if you have any recommendations or firm favorites please send them my way!


  1. Ooh the NARS is soo beautiful!

    Rebecca x

  2. I NEED mac well dressed!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Love Em xx

    What Em Loves

  3. OMG! I need the NARS and NYX blushes, stat! They look fabulous! You have so many lovely products here! Really liked this! xx

    Megan |

  4. I love the blush that you're wearing in your About Me picture! Is that one of the ones you've listed here?

    Also love MAC's Well Dressed. I finally hit pan on mine last week (:
    I tagged you to do the Beauty Routine Tag over on my blog if you haven't already!



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