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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Starting Off: Bronzer

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer- Gilded $26
NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer - Sunny $2.79
Hey everyone! Today I have another Starting Off post! and this time it's on bronzer! This one will be rather short as I haven't really ventured into the world of bronzers since the ones I have work great for me and they last forever
I have a high end option and a low end option that I think are both fabulous bronzers. I also want to delve deeper into the world of bronzers so if you guys have any favorite bronzers or suggestions please let me know! (I hope I'll find a lot through everyone else's posts!)

How to use: 
Bronzer is applied around the perimeter of your face to help sculpt and highlight/countour your face. It can also be applied where the sun hits your face naturally for a more tanned look. It helps bring foundations that are too pale for your summer tan to be usable (instead of buying a foundation too dark for your tan -wishful thinking- and ending up with the orange mask...we've all been there!)

Urban Decay Baked Bronzer- Gilded $26 : This is my favorite bronzer. I purchased it when I had my makeup done at Urban Decay for professional pictures (you get your makeup done "for free" and then buy $50 worth of makeup) and the girl used this bronzer on me. It is one of the most beautiful bronzers I've seen. It has gold veining running through it but it isn't glittery. When you apply it, it just gives a soft focus effect to your face and never looks muddy. Also since it's baked (and I'm quite heavy handed sometimes) it doesn't put too much product on your face.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzer - Sunny $2.79 : Ahh the drugstore favorite. This is probably the cheapest bronzer you'll ever find and works amazingly well. It doesn't look too muddy and is completely matte (something hard to find at the drugstore) This is perfect for people starting off with makeup or people experimenting with bronzer (I know it's not for everyone) since it's super cheap and works really well. And the pan is neverending. I've had this for like three years and still haven't hit pan

Real Techniques Powder Brush $10 : This is my favorite brush to apply bronzer as it's pretty big and fluffy so you won't get streaky bronzer marks on your disperses product really evenly and is perfect to go around the perimeter of your face (it also seems to be a brush a lot of people if you haven't used it for bronzer give it a go!) 

what are your favorite bronzers?


  1. The RT powder brush looks perfect to give yourself an all over glow! Thanks for sharing! xx

  2. I've always wanted to try NYC products, might start of with this bronzer! :)


  3. I never usually think of UD as a face brand but I might have to give them a try! xxx

  4. That Ubran Decay one looks amazing

  5. Ooh, the UD looks gorgeous!

    Love the RT powder brush.

    Rebecca x

  6. Thanks for the follow Stephanie! And would you recommend the urban decay one for super pale people?

  7. yes! that's me in the winter time! favorite bronzer i've found for pale skin that won't look muddy

  8. Great! I think I found a new thing to purchase.


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