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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Starting Off: Concealer

L to R
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer 
Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer
Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW15/NW20)
ELF Small Stipple Brush
Hey everyone! Time for the next installment in The Starting Off Project mini series! This time it's all about concealer! Above I have my all time favorite concealers and where to purchase them (my top is the MAC Pro Longwear but hey I wanted to give options).

Concealer: can be used to cover dark circles, acne, brighten up the undereye, and also contour the face.

My favorites are:

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW15/NW20) - it doesn't need to be set with a powder, doesn't crease or settle into fine lines under the eye, is extremely thin and doesn't ever look cakey, is very high coverage, and lasts all day. I have it in two colors- a lighter one for under my eyes and a skin tone one to conceal the spots on my face. (as you can tell this is my HG concealer)

Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser Concealer - this is a great cheap alternative and is probably the best drugstore concealer I've tried. It does need to be set but provides pretty good coverage and they even have a brightening one which is a more pink toned to cancel the darkness under your eyes

Makeup Forever Full Cover Concealer - this concealer is great because it is high coverage and even claims to be waterproof! I wouldn't say its waterproof enough to go scuba diving or anything extreme but if you're somewhere hot and sweating it will definitely stay in place. My only qualm is that it is pretty thick (so I prefer the MAC one)

Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller - this is great because it is a rollerball and concealer in one. It has caffeine in it to reduce puffiness and dark circles while it also has some color to help conceal. It's also more peachy/salmon toned to cancel out dark circles. It is pretty thin and kind of slides around when applying so roll it on wait for it to set (go do your contouring and blush or something) and then come back and blend it in.

ELF Small Stipple Brush- I love using this brush to blend my concealer. It is synthetic so it doesn't soak up too much product (is only $3) and fits right under your eye to blend and then is also big enough to blend the concealer around spots out really well so it will blend seamlessly into your skin 
(the biggest problem I see when people try and conceal acne is they just dab concealer directly on top of the spot and expect it to be covered)

I also love using my Beauty Blender but this is more low maintenance to clean

How to Apply :
excuse the hair...I do my makeup first lol

So first I use my lighter concealer under my eyes and the skin toned concealer on any spots. I like to apply with my finger since I find it gives me more control.
You can see I apply the concealer under my eyes in a V shape and bring it up towards my temples...this basically gives a highlited and contoured effect simply because it brings more light to that area on the face (and you only need one product)

then I blend it out with my ELF Small Stipple Brush. (I know this picture is quite awkward but I wanted you to see the size of the brush and how perfect it is for concealer)

and here is the finished product (I only have foundation and concealer on) and you can see my face already looks like I've done a bit of contouring (which I haven't)

*I used my MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (NW15/NW20) in these pictures*

****One major thing I wanted to point out****
I apply my concealer AFTER I apply my foundation. I do this because I may have like five areas of discoloration or spots on my face or whatever but the foundation itself WILL COVER SOME UP which leaves you less work to conceal after you apply it. Also if you apply concealer first and then use some type of buffing brush or foundation brush after it will rub off the concealer and then you will have to conceal AGAIN and wasted product


  1. I love how you included photos of before and after and make-up brush!

    great second post!

    my thesoproject is here

  2. Loving the pictures!!!

  3. I love how you've included pictures of appliation and after :) I've added my link at the bottom of your post (another great idea!!)

    Love Em x

  4. I need to try the Mac concealer!

    Liz xx

  5. its the most amazing concealer ive ever used. it's safe to say i love it

  6. thanks so much! i think it'll give people an easier time to find other bloggers posts! :)

  7. thanks so much ! i wanted everyone to see how fab it is especially since its only $3

  8. I wrote about the Garnier Roll-On Concealer too for the Starting Off project. Really good :)

  9. I love how you showed photos depicting you apply the concealer! I love E.L.F. brushes as well, but I've never tried the one you're using.

    xx Kim

  10. Wow, you have so many! And I love the photos, so detailed - I feel like a concealer novice now :P

  11. nice pictorial!! very informative!! the mac pro long wear is my favorite too!

  12. Fab post hun, LOVE the pictures!
    My post is up if you fancy a read..
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  13. I like the look of that maybelline one, I love the Garnier one as well, mine lasted for so long.

    My post is here :)


  14. its so good! and feels so nice to put on :)

  15. oh i know ive had mine for a while now and still hasnt run out :)

  16. aw thanks so much! reading yours now xx

  17. its amazing!!!!!

  18. haaha ive only realllyyyy gotten into concealer more recently..i used to hate it

  19. theyre amazing! and have great customer service...ordered this one online and when i got it the handle was coming off and they sent me another right away

  20. Thanks for sending me your link on Twitter, I like your photos to show how you actually apply your concealer, the MAC one sounds really good too!
    Vicky (@MissVMA)


  21. Love what you said about foundation first, I'm terrible for applying concealer, foundation the concealer lol. Great Post :)



  22. i love your starting off series of blog posts. thanks!


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