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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Starting Off: Foundation

Hey everyone! Back again with another #theSOproject post! This week is on foundation!
I've tried to pick some of my favorites from both high and low end products (also keep in mind I got almost all my high end products on sale, at CCO's, or in Black Friday value kits)
L to R:
L'Oreal True Match Lumi (W 1-2) $12.99
Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Classic Ivory $12.99
Origins Vitazing $35
Clinique Moisture Surge $27
First let's start off with my favorite type of foundation- liquid! Liquid foundations usually provide more coverage without building up or looking cakey and they can also help to moisturize dry skin (although girls with oily skin can wear liquid foundation too!) There are different types and finishes of liquid foundation you can buy- matte finishes, dewy finishes, radiant finishes, full coverage, low coverage, and even tinted moisturizers. So lets get on to my favorites!

L'Oreal True Match Lumi (W 1-2) $12.99 : This foundation is fabulous. It's like the american equivalent of Rimmel Wake Me Up as it has some shimmer to it but I think it's not as noticeable a shimmer. It leaves your skin looking slightly dewy but not shiny/oily/greasy and has a medium coverage. it has good staying power and the bottle is neverending. (I wouldn't recommend this to girls with oily skin though)

Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 Classic Ivory $12.99 : This is my current favorite/holy grail foundation. The 3-in-1 claims to be a foundation, primer, and concealer but I still use a primer and concealer if I need it. It does however have extremely good coverage, is still pretty thin (so your face won't cake up with makeup) It also dries down to a semi matte finish (more of a natural finish...not entirely matte) so I would highly recommend this to girls with all skin types. It lasts all day long and doesn't break down or fade...I think it's the best foundation at the drugstore that you can buy

Origins Vitazing $35 : This I bought in a black friday/christmas set with a bunch of other origins products and got an amazing deal and I'm so glad I did. This is basically a tinted moisturizer that adapts to your skin tone- it comes out white and changes color to fit your skintone. When I wear it, it gives me a slight tan (but not orange or looks fake) and gives okay coverage and SPF. It evens out my skintone and covers redness but doesn't cover my freckles or any spots I may have

Clinique Moisture Surge $27 : this tinted moisturizer is nice because it is extremely moisturizing, provides decent coverage for a tinted moisturizer, doesn't clog my pores (like most tinted moisturizers) and has good staying power and an spf. I love wearing it to the beach, or when I have to run out to the store because it's fuss free and quick, and you can basically just slap it on and go

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in Light $7.49
Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite $30
MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Plus $30
Maybelline Fit Me Powder 220 $5
another type of foundation is powder or cream to powder. Powders can be used alone or in combination with liquid foundation and you can either use a translucent powder to just set your liquid foundation or a colored powder to provide more coverage overtop the liquid foundation.

Revlon Nearly Naked Powder in Light $7.49 : this powder is the softest powder I've ever used. it is so finely milled so it covers your skin in a really fine layer and doesn't build up and look powdery or cakey. it also provides some color and coverage. I think this powder is a pretty good value for money as  it feels like a high end powder with the price of a drugstore one

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Lite $30 : this is a cream to powder foundation. This is one to be used by itself and provides some coverage while being an extremely light foundation on your skin. it's a powder so it provides some oil control and will keep your skin pretty matte all day

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Light Plus $30 : now I'm sure everyone has heard about or used this powder but I really like it. you can wear it alone or over a liquid and it has pretty good coverage. it doesn't clog my pores and has a wide color range to suit all skin tones. It also is humongous..such good value for money. I used it every day for like a year or two and still haven't finished it.

Maybelline Fit Me Powder 220 $5 : this is the cheapest and best powder foundation I've tried. It has extremely high coverage and can be worn alone or on top of a lower coverage liquid foundation for that porcelain doll like finish. It's super inexpensive and is one of my favorite drugstore powders. It has the biggest range of color selection I've ever seen from drugstore or high end. 

Beauty Blender Sponge $19.95
Laura Geller Spackle Makeup Primer-Champagne $36.50
Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Core Collection-$17.99)
Beauty Blender Sponge $19.95 : I ADORE this sponge. It took me a while to give in to the hype (which included my trying out cheaper knockoff versions) but nothing is as good as the real sponge. it is so soft and bouncy (the knockoffs were hard and didn't bounce on your skin) and it grows to twice it's size when you wet it. it applies foundation with such an airbrushed and perfect finish and doesn't leave brush strokes- by far my favorite way to apply foundation (you can also apply loose powders with this sponge)

Laura Geller Spackle Makeup Primer-Champagne $36.50 : this is my favorite primer with the best value for money. This primer is the size of four foundations (120 ml) which works out to $9.12 for 30ml of it (benefit Porefessional is $30 for 30 ml) This primer doesn't have that silicone feel to it (like professional) which I hate because it clogs my pores to no end. It really does prolong my makeup and also moisturizes my skin - you really can't beat it

Real Techniques Buffing Brush (Core Collection-$17.99) : I'm sure everyone and their mother has talked about this brush to death...but it applies foundation really well since it has really dense bristles, is super easy to clean, dries really quickly, and is the best alternative to the horribly expensive sigma kabuki brushes.

I know this was a really long post and props to you if you made it to the end!


  1. I'd love to try something from Clinique but I just don't have the money! :( xxx

  2. Fab post!

    My Foundation post is up too if you fancy a nosey..

    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...

  3. So glad i'm not the only one who felt that the MAC Mineralize skinfinish was worth a mention!

    I'm part of the SO project too, here's my post on foundation!

    I've followed you! xxx

  4. ooh I've seen such mixed reviews about the beauty blender, it's nice to see how much you like it :)


  5. Also intrigued about the beauty blender sponge! Looks like a really good applicator, will have to try it!

    Liz xx

  6. Sara L. (sookiespartan)September 10, 2013 at 11:38 PM

    Might have to try that sponge as well!

  7. I really want a beauty blender! just so expensive! We have True Match Lumi here too but I feel that L'Oreals foundations are a tad overlooked! xx

  8. I got this from a CCO in California! If you're ever in the states look up Cosmetic Company Outlet they have like all Estee Lauder brands, origins, MAC, and other stuff discounted (and old collections too)

  9. I know i bought it using some birthday money as my last knockoff ripped when I was washing it so I figured what the heck...and its so amazing and lasts so much longer than the probably works out to being the sam price just because of how long it lasts.. xx


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