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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Sweet Tooth Saturday: Apple Snicker Nachos!

Hey everyone! Today I have a slightly different post than my usual buttttttt I really like cooking and baking and this recipe is the easiest thing ever. I found this on and decided to recreate her Ultimate Apple Snicker Nachos!

This basically tastes exactly like those wonderful caramel apples with mountains of stuff on them (and you can change the candy to whatever you want i.e. butterfinger, reeses, m&m's or even gummy worms for a halloween snack!)

This would be the perfect thing to take to a Halloween party (if you have to bring food) and top it with sour gummy worms or octopi! Plus it's super easy and extremely delicious!

-also if you just have an extreme sweet tooth these ingredients almost everyone has in their house (I did!) and you can make smaller servings...I was making this for muliple people in my family-

Ingredients Needed:
Bar of Chocolate
Some kind of caramel (can be candies or actual caramel or even the caramel sweetened condensed milk would work..or just plain sweetened condensed milk would be yummy)
Snickers (or any candy you want to top it with)

First slice up all your apples (my dad did this while I was melting the chocolate and my brother arranged them all so nicely!) And arrange them so you can spread on the toppings easily (or you could just throw them all in a bowl)

then I melted the chocolate and heated the caramel (because it was a bit too thick but this isn't always necessary). The way to melt chocolate is get a pan of boiling water and a bowl on top (or if you happen to have a double boiler laying around) and have enough water in the pan to touch the bottom of the bowl and it melts your chocolate perfectly (if you microwave it it will turn out pretty took like two minutes to melt over the stove.

then drizzle your chocolate evenly over the apples

and then drizzle the caramel on next

Lastly chop up your snickers (or other candy bars) and sprinkle them on top

and voila! perfect already cut up dessert that tastes just like a delicious giant caramel apple!
super duper easy and sooo delicious! 

I think it took a total of ten minutes to make with my dad and brother helping chop stuff, so this would be perfect for a party gift and everyone will love you for it especially with halloween approaching!

(if these pictures aren't the most beautiful thing it's because I was taking them at 9 pm last night when i decided to make this hahaha)

do you guys have any good recipe posts?


  1. Charlotte MacDonald-GauntSeptember 28, 2013 at 4:15 PM

    This sounds just amazing - so indulgent and yummy! Xx

  2. Oh my goodness - how yummy does this look! Having total cravings right now :P

    Sophia Meola | A
    Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. Syeda Mehj бухариSeptember 28, 2013 at 6:31 PM

    ahhh that looks yummy would never think about making it like that Glad you shared it xx

  4. Oh my wowza *_*
    That looks amazing!

  5. Oh. My. I can't even deal with these pictures. This looks scrumptious. So glad that you shared this because its super creative, and obviously delicious looking. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. This is such a good idea. Looks delish. Might have to sub the snickers because I'm not a huge fan of them but definitely going to have to give this a go :) xx


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