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Thursday, October 24, 2013

NARS Douceur Dupe // 17 Damson Wine

Hey everyone! I thought I'd bring all of you in the UK/Ireland (or I think people with access to Boots..but correct me if I'm wrong) a dupe for my favorite fall blush of all time! NARS Douceur!

If you follow me on twitter literally every #bbloggers chat...or anytime someone asks for a blush recommendation I reply with the NARS blush. It goes with absolutely anything and everything. It's neutral but also adds a contour to your face. So it works on pale skin, tanner skin, with heavy makeup (doesn't compete) lighter makeup, red lips, pink lips, nude lips, literally any color combination you can think of it works. And since you can use it as a blush and a contour it doesn't overload your face and works perfectly for people with paler skin.

Now enough of the ranting on about how much I love this blush. As you can see these two are almost an exact dupe for each other. They are both a matte muted plum shade that is absolutely gorgeous and what is even more beautiful is that the 17 blush costs 3.49 and the NARS costs almost $30. So that's almost a tenth of the price......

I think the math is easy to see and the color speaks for itself. 
I could probably base my entire blog around this NARS blush and write many many posts on all the ways you can use it/wear it but I think you've had enough of my ranting.

Although I do think the quality of the NARS blush is better (it better be for that much money!) the 17 blush is still great quality and is wonderful for people on a tight budget (usually me! I just bought this with a giftcard a while back) or people just getting into the world of makeup and want an all around great blush that works with every look

So what do you think? Are you going to give this blush a try?
If you have any dupe posts link them below! I love finding a great dupe!


  1. I would love to see swatches of the two blushes! I love NARS blushes, but I haven't tried Douceur yet!


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