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Saturday, November 30, 2013

What to Do With Your Pumpkins (Cooking)

Hey everyone! I should have gotten this post up a while ago (or even before Thanksgiving) but now I'm going to spin this as what to do with all the pumpkins you have around your house as decoration from Thanksgiving of Fall as we're now moving into December and the Christmas season :)

So basically you can do this with any size pumpkin  (sometimes the smaller ones are better) we just had a giant one and I had the real urge to bake pumpkin things (and it is impossible to find canned pumpkin in this country like I can in California- so I had to make it myself)

So first off- wash the outside of your pumpkin since you're going to be cutting into it some dirt can make it's way inside your pumpkin if you don't (if your pumpkin is really big wash it in the bathtub- that's what I did)

Next cut your pumpkin in half and scrape out the guts and seeds (I save them to bake them) 

then cut your pumpkin into quarters or halves just keep it in halves if its small.
turn your oven up to around 200C and adjust accordingly

If your pumpkin starts getting brown and a weird texture on the edges then you need to turn your oven down. I baked mine for about an hour- until a fork went through it cleanly. 
After you take your pumpkin out you can either turn it into pumpkin mash (I'll have a post on that soon)
Or peel it (the skin just comes right off with a fork) and cut it into chunks to serve with dinner. You can also freeze it if you have my house if we don't eat vegetables in time we freeze them and then heat them to serve with dinner in the future. 
I hope this helped :) because the first time I did this I was completely clueless and thought it would be complicated but it's actually super easy and I love cooked pumpkin either with brown sugar and cinnamon on it for a snack or some butter and eat it with dinner :)

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