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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Besame Noir Red Lipstick Review


Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my recent favorite lipsticks for the colder months, Besame Noir Red* I'm in love with the packaging of this lipstick, it comes in a little velvet pouch and makes me feel so classy carrying it around with me.

What Besame says:
 "A modern classic and the perfect 1920s shade. One coat of this high-pigment lip color provides full coverage for a weightless, long-lasting finish. The featherproof, semi-matte formula is enriched with vitamin C, aloe and green tea for comfortable, all-day wear."

it can be applied darker than this if you like, I applied it with a lip brush but the previous time I had worn it straight from the tube and it came off a lot darker. Did I mention it makes my teeth look super white!
 I received this in my Wantable Subscription Box (see my review on that) and tried it out for the first time when I went on a night out with my friends. I thought being out all night and drinking and talking a lot would give it a run for its money to see how well it performed and it lasted all night!! ALL NIGHT. No bleeding, no feathering, and it only faded a little but it faded evenly, not just in the center of my lips. May I also add I forgot a lip liner that day so I just put it on straight from the tube.

The formula is semi-matte but leans more matte, but isn't drying at all. The lipstick is so pigmented that you wear such a thin layer on your lips it feels extremely comfortable. It didn't cling to dry patches and didn't require a balm over it at any point during the 10 hours I wore it yesterday.

I was literally shocked at how well this lipstick performed the first time so I thought I'd try it out again on another long day. Yesterday I applied this at noon, went to the mall for some Christmas shopping  (and INGLOT post soon to come omg it was amazing) and after the mall at 5 I went for coffee with two of my friends. I didn't touch this lipstick up once throughout the day and it still looked perfect when I got to the coffee shop.

Then after talking with my friends for around 2-3 hours and drinking a coffee and a tea (not with a straw or anything) I looked at my lipstick and it had faded evenly to a nice lighter berry stain. 

me at 11pm without trying to remove show how the lipstick faded, and I didn't even apply a chapstick and my lips didn't feel dry
My biggest hate with darker lipsticks is that they fade in the middle and leave an extremely noticeable lip liner like ring around your mouth. Or i hate when you get that line in the middle of your lips where they touch that almost flakes off from talking too much. Neither of these happened with this and I'm so happy and amazed!

I really want to try more products from this brand and even on their website they show their lipsticks on cool and warm skin tones so you can know if they will work for you.

Have any of you tried this brand? This lipstick is definitely my favorite winter dark red at the moment.

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  1. its a nice shade :) xx

  2. I don't think I've ever seen a lipstick that would last so long! I'm amazed. I love dark shades for winter, so I might give it a go! Thank you

    Dash xx

  3. HOLY COW! Never heard of this brand. What gorgeous packaging (I am a sucker for packaging). Plus it's a good product? Must research :)


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