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Monday, December 9, 2013

Empties #3

Hey everyone! I know it's been a long time since my last empties post but since I moved to Europe I didn't take many products with me and just purchased full sized ones here so it has taken me some time to get through a decent enough amount to do an empties post!

Venus Cranberry Shaving Cream: exciting I know. But it did smell really nice and it is an empty beauty product so I figured I'd put it in. I'm an avid user of soap or products I don't like to shave my legs with but then when you shave with an actually shaving cream your legs feel so much softer and nice I always forget how great they feel until I use the product you're meant to shave with....

Green Style Pineapple Mint Shampoo: So I put this in here for fun's a shampoo my dad and brother had from when they were in Russia. When I first got here they didn't have any conditioner so I was forced to wash my hair with just shampoo since it was disgusting after getting off the plane and road tripping..and my hair actually felt really nice and not like straw! So hey if you ever happen to find this strange shampoo while you're in Russia I would highly recommend it

Cien Conditioner: this came from Lidl because I was desperately in need of conditioner and didn't have time to make it to my usual place before class and this one was disgusting. It smelled like burning plastic, and was really thick. Even my little brother showered and came over and told me "I really hate that new conditioner you bought" That's when you know it's bad. So if you're in a pinch and are in Lidl DON'T BUY THIS ONE

L'oreal Elseve Total Repair Extreme Mask: Oh. My. God. Best drugstore hair mask award goes to..... This stuff is freaking amazing. It literally makes my hair feel like silk and smells like that wonderful hairdresser shampoo they all seem to use that leaves your hair smelling wonderful for days (how does that hair never smells like my shampoo but when I go to the salon it smells delicious for days...any hair stylists out there have an opinion? what shampoo/conditioner do you guys use?). This is basically that scent and is hands down the best hair mask I've bought from the drugstore. 
Repurchase? I've already repurchased this 3 times.......

L'oreal Elseve Total Repair Extreme Shampoo: I liked this shampoo although it is a really moisturizing shampoo so that and conditioning all of my hair made my roots greasier quicker so it wasn't the best for me...but for people that don't condition all of their hair or have dry scalps/roots I think this would be great
Repurchase? No, I have other shampoos I prefer to this one

Syoss Silicone Free Repair and Fullness Conditioner (Green Bottle): This is my favorite drugstore conditioner brand so I thought I would try a different one from my usual (the white one) but I really was not a fan of this one. I know it's better for your hair but I really don't care whether a product has silicone in it (unpopular beauty blogger opinion....) and this one left my hair kind of frizzy (more frizzy than normal) and dry...and when I let it dry to it's natural curly state the curls looked strange....Not a fan
Repurchase? NO

Syoss Glossing Shine Sealing Conditioner (White Bottle): FAVORITE CONDITIONER. This is the best stuff ever and it's from the drugstore. It leaves your hair super shiny and soft and not fizzy and my hair even looks okay when it air dries (which is not the norm for most conditioners. Even my dad and brother say it's their favorite conditioner and won't change to anything else.
Repurchase? I think we're on our third bottle.....

Original Source Mango & Macadamia Body Wash: What is there really to say on this? Everyone knows and loves these shower gels and I agree. This smell was like a tropical smoothie on the beach somewhere and I adored it
Repurchase? Totally

Original Source Chocolate Orange Body Wash: This one smelled like an orange tootsie pop and I loved bathing with it although it did make me crave chocolate it just smelled so good!
Repurchase? Totally

I finished off a package of large cotton pads...I love these because I can take off all of my makeup with one pad.
Clean and Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser: If you have read ANY of my empties posts (and we're on number 7 now) you know how much I love this stuff. I think I had like five tubes in my last post.....So I won't bore you to death but I think I've used almost ten tubes of this now?
Repurchase? Do I even have to answer that...
Origins High Potency Night-A-Mins Night Cream: To be honest I wasn't the biggest fan...I hated the smell (to me it smelled like those orange vitamins...that are for like little kids but not as sweet) And it left me with a weird oil layer on my skin when I woke up which I hated. I like some of the other origins  night creams far more than this
Repurchase? No I'll go with the other ones..
Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara: If you read my starting off posts I mentioned this there. This is the best mascara for a no makeup- makeup day as it makes you lashes look like you naturally have a million thick dark full lashes
Repurchase? Yes
Lirene Micellar Water: This was the first micellar water I've tried since they're all the craze over here but not in the states at all...and it was nice but a little too heavily fragranced...and since trying the L'Oreal one and the Bioderma  one I like those far better
Repurchase? No
Clinique Clarifying Lotion 2: This bottle literally lasted me almost a year and a half...which I'd say is pretty good especially since it was only $11. I really liked this one, it didn't harm my skin, was tingly and refreshing, and toned my pores like it should without drying my skin out
Repurchase? Maybe...but I find it similar to the Clean and Clear Deep Action toner so I'm still testing more of a beauty blogger...
Well I hoped you liked my empties! Especially since it's been a while..


  1. Shaving cream sounds great! I slack and hardly ever use it so definitely something ill consider getting! Xx

  2. Great empties! I'm using Origin's Night a Mins now and I actually really love it! :)



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