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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Inglot Goodies!

Hey everyone! I was lucky enough for Christmas to get to go to Inglot and pick out a few things (thank you daddy!) and so I thought I'd share with you! Don't worry I'll have in depth reviews of everything up within the next month :) I'm already typing them out and have the pictures taken!

I thought it was really cute that instead of putting in tissue paper to the bag they put in pink makeup sponges! It's the little things guys.

So after much deliberation I ended up getting a ten pan eyeshadow palette, a highliter (sparkling dust) in the shade 2, and a nailpolish in shade 364 which is basically a purple toned grey.

I wanted to show how nicely (and sturdily!) packed their eyeshadows are after you take them out of the box. But they were so difficult to get open!

And here's my beauty of a palette! I tried to pick out shadows that I didn't have (very very difficult) and ones I could use by themselves or with other shadows. Lately I've been really into just using one shade across my whole lid and gives a really really nice smokey effect!

I know the first three in the top row look almost exactly the same but I promise it's just the lighting (oldest excuse in the blogger book I know....) but in my next post with the swatches you'll see they are all completely different)

So far so good as I have been testing out all of the products!

Have you guys tried any Inglot products? I'm in the market for a new face powder (preferably a loose one with coverage.) If anyone has any suggestions....Inglot or not (but hopefully one that won't break the bank!) let me know! :)


  1. Inglot makeup are so good! Love the design in these!! :)

  2. yay Im glad to hear! I really like it so far!

  3. I've yet to try Inglot. We don't have a store in my area, and it's so hard to judge colors online!


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