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Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Easiest Apple Turnover Recipe Ever!

Hey everyone! If there's one thing I really enjoy doing it's case you haven't noticed. This recipe is definitely a big hit with my family and is soooo simple to make. I think apple turnovers are a firm favorite of most but they seem pretty daunting to hopefully now you'll see how easy they are!

What you'll need:
Puff Pastry (French Pastry)
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
(&if you want to add any other spices feel free to!)

First preheat your oven....I heat mine in between 175-200 C (different ovens cook differently so heat yours where it works the best)

Depending on how many of these pastries you want to make determines how many apples to peel and cut. Basically my rule of thumb is you need two apples for one roll of puff pastry. I used four apples and two rolls. To be honest although homemade puff pastry is wonderful it takes a lot of skill and time and frankly I'm too lazy to do that all the time so I think the premade puff pastry works best 
**Puff pastry is not the same as pie crust...make sure it says puff pasty/french pastry/ flaky pastry**

1. Peel and cut your apples into small cubes 
(I find small cubes works the best to fill the pastry)

2. Add brown sugar, white sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg.
I never really measure how much I use...but basically you want the apples to be coated well in the mixture and feel pretty grainy from the sugar but not so much that the sugar is forming a gel in the bottom of your bowl. I use equal parts white and brown sugar but if you only have one type I'm sure they'll turn out delicious still. Basically the mixture will end up looking like the picture above

(Ciasto francuskie = french pastry/puff pastry in polish)

3. You can oil your pan or if you have a nonstick pan you can leave it. You can use any type of oil, I used sunflower because it was just what I had in my house.
I would recommend baking these directly onto your pan, and not on foil...One time I made them on foil and some of the mix drained out of the turnover and caramelized on the foil which stuck the foil to the pan and was horrible to get off...but that was the only time I ever had a problem cleaning the pan

4. Cut the puff pastry into squares.
I just use my kitchen scissors and haven't had a problem yet.
**After you cut a few squares off of the pastry roll stick the rest of the pastry back into the fridge. Pastry dough of any kind works best when it's cold**

5. Scoop some of your apple mixture onto your pastry squares leaving room around the edges 
The shape I show above is the one that works the best

6. Then fold over the pastry and press the edges with a fork to seal. 
I fold the corners in too because that's the place where the filling will leak out first when baking if you don't

Optional: You can brush the tops of the pastries with egg and sprinkle some brown sugar on top if you really want to get fancy and it adds a nice crunch but is by no means necessary.
I've done it in the past, but didn't do it this time and it didn't change the flavor or anything it just looks super fancy (but also takes longer)

Then stick these babies in the oven to bake!

You can also make the rest of your pastries while the first round is baking (just make sure to stick them back in the  fridge after you prepare them!)

When you get to the end of the roll of pastry, there is always a little piece that you can't use as a square so all I did in the top two of the picture was use the extra and made a roll and then just pinched the ends. After baking they just look like a the long donuts (they have that shape)

Bake until golden brown on the top 
but make sure you check the bottoms the first round. When you bake them the first time you don't want them to burn so people often take them out too soon but then the pastry on the bottom is still raw so make sure you just take a quick look

Four apples and two rolls of pastry made about fifteen of these. They lasted in my house around three days....haha. To me these taste even better the next day for breakfast. 

I like them even more after they cool off so these are a great treat to bake the night before a party or event. But if you eat them while they're hot they taste like apple pie.

I can crank out these bad boys in less than half an hour. The longest part of the whole process is peeling and cutting up the apples (so if you have a few boys in the house you can sucker them in and get them to peel and cut the apples for you and then it looks like you did a ridiculous amount of baking...when really it's the simplest pastry ever to make)

Let me know if you try this recipe and you can tweet me pictures 

Or post them on my facebook page!
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And I will leave you with this gem of a picture
excuse any mess!

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