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Monday, July 29, 2013 Review :)

Hey everyone :)
Recently I was contacted by the super nice people at asking me if I wanted to review their clothes:) obviously I jumped at the chance because they have some SUPER cute clothes.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Repurposing Used Up Candles (and Jars)

Pretty much every one of us has used up an entire candle or know someone who has...but the real question is "I've finished a what?"

Thursday, July 25, 2013

MAC Plumful Drugstore Dupe!

so it's friday night, I'm bored, lazy, and don't want to go anywhere so I decided to play around with my lipsticks...and lo and behold I found an EXTREMELY close dupe for MAC Plumful from the drugstore!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

All About My Nose Piercing :)

Hello everybody :)
So today someone commented asking about my nose piercing and if I had a post on it and I realized I hadn't ever done one! So here it is :D

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Makeup Tips and Tricks for People with Hard Contact Lenses (or Soft)

even my love of elephants is shown in my clothes!
Hey everyone! As you may or may not know (depending if you've read my post all about my hard contacts and experiences) I've been wearing hard contacts for quite a while now and kind of had to figure out my makeup around when I'm wearing them.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Dior Dazzle Palette Review!

Hey everyone! So I wanted to post about a palette I've been really loving lately! The Dior Dazzle Palette! Now I recieved this at a white elephant party (one with a requirement of nice gag gifts) and you had to spend $25, no more, and no less on a gift. 
Now I googled this palette and it came out as a limited edition palette quite a few years I'm assuming that the person who bought this got it extremely discounted from somewhere as it was listed as $45...but is from a few years back. I need to find them and ask them where they got it! because that's almost half off!

But even though you can't find this anymore I still wanted to post this because I'm sure that Dior wouldn't make a random blush or highlighter JUST for this I'm sure you can still find these products well as I wanted to tell you about the quality of the products/my thoughts on the brand since clearly I got to try quite a few products!

so the packaging is super beautiful and sleek (don't mind the bits of gunk from my makeup bag...) and it's easy to wipe down but also doesn't really attract dirt like some other packing (coughnarscough) and I like the palette because there isn't any bulky or unnecessary's quite compact and has a decent sized mirror in it

yay for scaly finger shots
the eyeshadows are BEAUTIFUL and they're supper buttery and dont create a lot of fallout on your face which is always a perk in my opinion! they're really pigmented and just gorgeous. In this palette theres a reddish brown color, a pinky-gold, a white-gold, and an olive green. I don't really wear green eyeshadow so I haven't gotten much use from that one...but every time I wear the other three I get TONS of compliments on my makeup
left/bottom- highlighter: peachy/golden bronze, right/top: blush- rose color

so the blush is gorgeous, I love the shade, you can really sheer it out or wear it a bit heavier handed, I like both ways but as it is winter and you can see how pale I am I dont think being too heavy handed would suit me.

The highlighter is also beautiful, its got super fine shimmer in it that catch the light really beautifully as you can see in the picture, however being as pale as me this color DOES NOT suit me right now...but I'm sure when I am tanner it will be absolutely gorgeous.

excuse the mascara smudges....i forgot my eyeliner at home which usually camoflauges that and i did my makeup in a hurry and just snapped a few shots to post :) also i forgot my eyebrow stuff and used my moms...i know excuses excuses!
here I am wearing the eyeshadows (minus the green) and the blush...but the lighting is really bright so it kind of washes it out. but you can see how beautiful these are and how easy they are for everyday wear.

Also the lipgloss in the palette is great. It's moisturizing and stays on for quite a while. It's tacky enough to be longer wearing than the super slippery glosses...but not so sticky that you get the dreaded lipgloss line or your hair gets stuck and smears it all over your face

I'm really happy that I traded/stole my way into getting this palette (you know the stealing rules of white elephant!) because Dior is expensive enough that if I hadn't tried their products I probably wouldn't just order something off of a whim...but now that I've been able to try quite a range of their products I see myself asking for/purchasing more Dior in the future! I don't know why I didn't think their makeup would be so stellar...I already adore their perfumes :)

do you guys have any Dior makeup suggestions???

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

All About My Gas Permeable (Hard) Contact Lenses! (And My Experiences With Just About Every Type of Contact Lens There Is)

(disclaimer: i know this is quite a long post, so i have bolded the topics of what i talk about in each section, i just decided to write a very detailed post because I wish I had found one like this that was super informative so read what you like! you don't have to read it all!)

Hello everybody! Today I thought I'd do a different kind of post, a more informative kind...that I've had troubles with for years and years and years (even though I'm only 18) and that you may have guessed it.....CONTACT LENSES

Yes..problems for the visually impaired...aka me. It could be worse, because I'm not totally blind without them, if i don't need to read anything or don't have any classes where I need to be able to see the board I can get away with not wearing them...but most days I need them.

What Hard Contacts Are
So as you can tell from the title, I now wear hard contact lenses or Gas Permeable (GP's) as some of you may be more familiar with that name. If you ask anyone older they'll know what I'm talking about as the soft contacts most people can wear today haven't been around for a while. The best way I can describe hard contacts are they are smaller, only big enough to cover your pupil (the black part of your eye) whereas soft contacts are large enough to cover past the iris (the colored part). Also, you know how soft contacts can flip themselves inside out (and you can put them in your eye backwards? OUCH!) hard contacts are rigid...they dont move (but yes this means you can break or scratch them! but only with lots of force) They are also colored so that if you drop them somewhere you can find them easily (not for cosmetic use...they don't change my eye color at fact they usually tint them to match the color of your eye...but mine are grey and they don't do a grey tint lol)

My Experiences With Soft Contacts
Now eye doctors never start you off straight away with hard contacts, as they are a pain to get used to (it feels like theres something scratching at the inside of your eyelids at first...just like how your mouth has to get used to braces...your eyes have to get used to these) and the discomfort causes a lot of people to give up on them. So when i was younger i wore glasses and then around 6th or 7th grade I started wearing around 10 or 11. They were perfectly fine for a while...and then around sophomore year in high school I would put my contacts in and my eyes would turn bright red, water like no other, and then close up and not want to let me get the pesky contact out to ease the pain. 

I suffered with this for a while as I thought oh its probably just something like my solution...or the brand of contacts or something along those lines because my eyes have been perfectly happy with them for around four years. So I tried just about every brand of contact solution, eye drops, contact brands, etc and my eyes still hated me. So I gave up on contacts and would just sit close to the board in high school because the seats weren't too far away.

Then when I got to college, some of the classrooms are freaking HUGE and I couldn't see anything at all without my glasses...and the more i wore my glasses the worse it seemed my vision got. So my dad finally recommended that I try hard contacts as that's what he wears and we have similar eyes and both have a slight astigmatism (basically the surface of your eye is a little wavy instead of a smooth curve is how my eye doctor explained it to me)

My Mission to Get Hard Contacts
So little ol' me called up my eye doc and told him I wanted hard contacts and made an appointment with him. My eye doc is honestly the nicest most understanding person in the world and I will never switch no matter what part of the world I end up in I love him. So he told me all the pros and cons of having them and warned me about the initial discomfort and just how different they are compared to soft lenses...hard lenses are a whole different ballpark. So I got my vision checked and all that jazz, contacts ordered, and then came back for my second appointment to actually get the contacts

First Experiences With Hard Contacts
so, envision me, at the eye doctor, trying to put in these contacts. now when i had soft lenses I'd just shove them into my eye and they'd adjust...hard lenses you have to put them exactly where you want took me about 15 tries...because you basically have to watch your finger coming at your eye and that is quite a difficult thing to do. after i got them in, I couldn't stop blinking, they felt SO ANNOYING and every time i blinked they would readjust because there's a tear layer that forms between your eye and the contacts and when you blink it gets pushed out, and then your eye opens and it reforms....weirdest feeling ever. Then when it was time to take them out I couldn't get them out using the easiest technique ever. You basically pull the corner of your eye really tight and blink and they pop out...but my eyes hadnt formed the right shape to do that. SO it was a long road (the long and winding roaddd.....)

How I Feel Now About Hard Lenses
I absolutely adore them, they don't bother my eyes, and I can wear them for long periods of time and my vision is absolutely perfect, way better than it would ever get with glasses.

the contact makes my iris super shiny and reflective...but otherwise you can't even tell they are there

Benefits of Hard Lenses
-Hard lenses are smaller, and therefore there is less contact to irritate my eyes
-soft contacts have lots of pores in them and absorb all the dirt and gunk from the air, your makeup, etc, hard contacts don't therefore they irritate your eyes less
-they last for years and years as long as your prescription doesn't change and are cheaper in the long run
-since the lens is rigid, your eyes form to the lens and they can actually improve your vision over time and help people with astigmatisms
-they actually let more oxygen to your eye and allow it to breathe better
*keep in mind when people are getting used to these contacts the discomfort they feel is caused by the contact rubbing against your eyelid...because it is a thicker piece of plastic in your eye, it's not actually irritating your eyes*

-they take a day or two of discomfort to get used to
-you have to actually clean them with special soap every night rather than just popping them into solution
-you CANNOT sleep in them under any circumstances
-if you sleep in them or do some major eye rubbing you can actually scratch your cornea

Putting In and Taking Out Hard Lenses
to put them in, you have to look straight ahead, what I do is i stare at myself in the mirror with the opposite eye (if i'm putting it in my left eye I stare at the mirror with my right) and unless you can do some crazy crosseyed things this will force your other eye to stay looking straight ahead 
(i know a giant finger and lens coming straight at your eye is not the most pleasant feeling)

to take them out (this will work after about a week or two of wearing them..just keep trying! it didn't work for me in the beginning because my eye hadn't taken the shape of the contact lens yet)
what you do is you pull on the corner of your eye and slowly blink, but blink if you are trying to squeeze the contact out of your eye. basically what this does is your eyelid grabs the edge of the lens and when you squeeze your eyes it breaks the seal between your contact and your eye (this is the reason it wont really work in the beginning -or it didnt for me anyways- because your eye is still figuring out how to form to the shape of the lens and make that seal) the beginning i ended up having to use the creepy little suction cup thing they gave me

L to R: Conditioning Solution, Saline Solution, Enzyme Cleaner, Cleaner
How to Clean Hard Lenses
-take them out of your eye
-put the plug in the sink or if you don't have a sink that plugs put paper towel in the sink over the drain
-put one of the contacts in your palm and add one or two drops of the red solution (the cap is red as in DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR EYE WARNING)
-rub the contact on both sides for a little bit to loosen all the dirt
-rinse well with a saline solution (or water if you must...but sometimes there are toxins and chemicals in sink water and saline solution is super cheap for giant bottles!!!)
-put back into the case and add the conditioning solution

-i use an enzyme cleaner once every two weeks or removes the buildup on your lenses and they feel SO NICE when you wear them again. 

my one tip for hard contact wearers is EYE DROPS EYE DROPS EYE DROPS, they are a life saver. the best kind say "rewetting drops" and be careful not to buy the ones for like super dry eyes because they will goop up on the lenses...make sure the eye drops are ok for contacts

also if you wear makeup, apply it AFTER you put in your contacts, and then take your contacts out BEFORE you take your makeup off. it prevents getting stuff in your eyes and then also prevents your eyes from getting scratched or contact lenses hurt

i truly hope this helps anyone, because from my sensitive eyes to yours, it's no fun having to wear glasses everywhere and I had just about given up on contacts. then when I was researching hard contacts (gas permeable lenses) I wished that there had been a post somewhere like this to help me

if this helps even one person I'll be happy :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How I Whiten My Teeth Naturally! (Christopher's Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder)

this is just a picture from my phone, no photoshop or anything i promise :). ..i dont have a before I'm sorry

Hey everyone! So I thought I'd share something I found due to my wonderful bestfriend Paula recommending it to me. We are both big on having extremely white teeth...or want to get there at least and have tried everything including things that hurt my teeth horribly and strip the enamel and just cause so much pain while not giving the results promised. So when Paula told me to get this I jumped at the chance because honestly if she said it worked, I have 100% faith in her since she's so big on having completely white teeth like me.

But who really isn't? I dont think anyone wants to wake up with yellow teeth....

so this is the product.... Christopher's Herbal Tooth and Gum Powder. Basically what it is is a green powder that you brush your teeth says you can use this alone but I like to brush my teeth again after to ensure there isn't any green bits left in my teeth
Ingredients: shavegrass herb, peppermint leaf, white oak bark, cloves, prickly ash bark, bayberry bark, slippery elm bark, stevia herb (i forgot to take a picture but those are the only ingredients)

so as you can see it's super natural (and as far as i no dentist....but i'm pretty sure none of that is harmful to your teeth/enamel) and when I looked up reviews online/how to use it to make sure i was using it properly i came across articles of people that use this to restore gum health and STRENGTHEN their enamel...which no whitening treatment does really.

the biggest gold star for me is that this product is just directed at dental says nothing about whitening and there's no way you could know this would whiten your teeth unless you find out through a friend (like i did) or through a blog (like whoever reading this is....although if you read my blog regularly i consider you a friend:) ) so the fact that this is just directed at making your teeth healthy is WONDERFUL because the whitening is just a side bonus....but let me tell you this has whitened my teeth more than ANYTHING i've tried and trust me I've tried a lot...and spent a lot of money. this is only around $12 here on Amazon and you get 2oz of product which is going to last A LONG time

(and also because you're brushing all of your teeth with dont get that awkward white front teeth but yellow back teeth like you do with whitening strips)

How I Use This:
so since this is a "tooth powder" it is made to use like toothpaste and I know a lot of people use this instead of toothpaste
so basically you take a toothbrushful on a dry toothbrush (I'm afraid if i stick a wet toothbrush in it may do weird things to the product but hey who knows..if you know tell me!)
and brush your teeth with it like a normal toothpaste
then rinse really well, and i go back in with a regular toothpaste to make sure i dont have green stuck in my teeth

this is an amazing product because it keeps my mouth feeling fresh for longer...i even drank coffee and didn't have the dreaded coffee breath (which no one wants especially since i work in a coffee shop...i have to talk to customers but also i drink a lot of coffee)...and since i drink so much coffee you'd think my teeth would yellow from that BUT THEY DONT BECAUSE OF THIS WOO

and i don't think this tastes too awful. also i hate the taste of the hydrogen peroxide in normal whiteners so this is a million steps up.
to me it smells like earl grey tea (when it's just dry in the container) and it tastes like really bitter when you have a cup of tea that you forgot about and left the teabag in for WAY too long and then you find it and it's really just tastes like that to me.

so i really don't mind it and from reviews ive read it tastes better than some other tooth powders on the market if you are already familiar with them.

all in all this is an amazing product (THANK YOU PAULA) i'm so happy to have found it and would love to share this amazing find with all of you!

happy teeth whitening!

Monday, July 15, 2013

L'Oreal Colour Riche Caresse Aqua Lacquer in Pink Perseverance Review!

(lol you can see my reflection in the product)

Hey everyone! So I've been extremely sick lately (think nose running like a faucet, chapped and gross dry face, haven't moved from bed, skipped work, didn't go to class, and created a whole pharmacy on my bedside table! ) But the one time i did leave was to run to the drugstore to get some Mucinex and while there I spotted this beaut and had high hopes for the L'oreal Riche Caresse Aqua Lip Lacquer in Pink Perseverance

Being a college student wearing bold colors is not always my friend as i need something pretty low maintenance between classes, work, and studying, I'm a pretty busy person! (I should be studying right now but frankly I still feel ill and am laying down writing this post, not wanting a mental workout!) This product claims to be a stain-gloss and I thought wow! that sounds fab!

So i saw this beautiful color and thought to myself...hmmm...this sounds a lot like a certain YSL product that i don't have the money to it too good to be true? lets try out this baby blue-toned looks promising.

Yeah that was a mistake....

here are my lovely bare lips (cropped strategically so you can't see evidence of my illness shown by my nose/high upper lip region! although it's been kept to a minimum because of certain products i've been using-I'm considering doing a post on it) 
lips after a few coats of the supposed stain gloss...although theres barely any color to stain my lips.....

i thought to myself...hmmm maybe my lips are too pigmented? so i put a layer of concealer on and then applied....didn't do too much

I wiped it off with a tissue to show you the true color against a complete bare canvas and as you can see it's not too pigmented
 so sadly this was NOT what I was expecting. I cannot speak for the darker colors, although after I was disappointed with this I looked at reviews online and it said the darker colors (aka every color after this one) do not run true to the packaging as when they are applied they turn warmer and darker on the lips. 

for the product itself (besides the terrible pigmentation) it has a floral-y scent to it, it isn't a bad scent in my opinion and isn't terribly strong (so this is a plus since I cannot use my L'oreal fairest nude lipstick due to the offensive smell) and the gloss actually did last quite a while without getting goopy even though I did apply several coats in attempt to get the beautiful color it claims. It lasted around 3 hours on me with drinking....and then I ate a croissant and it got kind of gloopy on my lips...but i re-rubbed it in with my finger and it was okay although i don't think you could really do that with the darker colors.

I really want to try the darker colors because I'm sure the pigmentation can't be this horrible on a color claiming to be a red or berry I can't speak for the entire line but this color almost is a clear's a pretty decent gloss! but not for the's the price of a lip stain basically ranging from $8-12 depending on where you buy it (and it doesn't feel like theres a ton of product in it either)

have any of you tried these? are the darker colors any better? i wish this actually had pigmentation so i could give input on how well the stain it claims wears ...  :(

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hair Dying Guide (Using Dye/Developer from Sally's)

So I feel like all I ever do is post on how I ombre my hair....but once you start its almost like an addiction and i need to keep bleaching the ends blonder

however box dye was frying my hair and leaving it looking really really yellow so I took a friends advice and decided to go to Sally's to try to use a developer and dye from there to balance out my hair

So basically when you go to Sally's (since it's mainly for professionals/people who know what they're doing aka not me) you walk into the hair dye aisle which is huge and full of every color imaginable, and then has tools and developers on the end. 

          ***as a side note, dying your hair this way is a LOT cheaper...i think i paid $10 for the bleach and developer and i've used it like 3 times already and still have lots left 
(they both have lids so you can store and save for later use)***

so the higher the number on the developer the more color it will take out of your hair/the faster it will do it. I've heard that you should NEVER go above 40 unless you're a professional mainly because you can burn your scalp really badly (but since i only do the bottom half because I'm ombre-ing it it doesn't really matter)

i have blonde hair so i decided to go with 30 because i wanted it fairly light, and I am extremely impatient to wait for it to bleach

I then grabbed a blonde dye with a purple tone because my hair was turning more yellow than white on the ends, and according to color wheels the two balance each other out (in sally's they have hair dyed from each color below the selection of dyes and it will tell you what tone it is so mine said blonde-violet)

***make sure to use gloves and wash your hands/arms thoroughly because the developer has a lot of peroxide in it that can burn your skin and give you a funny looking rash ( happened to me)***

hair is made up of many different colors and have different undertones so pick a dye that cancels out that strong undertone...basically i use it as a toner (when stylists talk about brassy tones and putting a toner on to cancel it this is what they're talking about)

I mixed the blonde (with violet undertones) dye and the developer 1:2 in a  bottle and then applied it to my hair, waited for 30 minutes and then rinsed it out and was left with a less yellow and more white color which is exactly what i wanted (then i used a heavy conditioner in the shower) 

this method of dying my hair/bleaching it instead of using a box dye damaged my hair a lot less (almost not at all) and removed the weird tones in my hair that the drugstore box bleach gave me

thanks for reading, i hope i helped and if you have more questions ill answer them all! i was completely clueless at first but now i understand more (but i am not a hair stylist!)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY Blonde Ombre! (from blonde to lighter blonde)

Hey everyone!!! So since this is the first time I've ever done anything to my hair you can imagine my horror at how this may turn out but for the love of blogging I decided to take pictures and think it turned out pretty decently! Especially for having virgin hair I had no idea what I was doing but sicnr then my hair dresser has even complimented my on how nice my ombré is! (She was shocked to find I did it myself) but here's a little how t on how I did it step by step :)
1.Apply the bleach to about halfway down your hair, where you want the ombre to has to be to completely dry hair or it won't I brushed my hair out really well and then applied this to get it as even as possible and tried to stagger the bleach a little so it wasn't a straight across line

2. Then rinse out the bleach after you keep it in to get the lightening effect you want....and blow dry your hair so you can dye the bottom part for the ombre effect ( I left the bleach in my hair for 15 minutes and that was enough but if your hair is darker you might want to leave it in longer)

3. Then apply the bleach to the bottom half of the part that has just been bleached (you can't really see it here but the bleach is in my hair...and aww look at one of my dogs in the background!)

4. Then wash it out again after you get the desired effect...i left mine on for another 15 minutes

And here is the finished effect!!!!! super easy and only takes around 45 minutes.....make sure to deep condition the bleached part of your hair after because it will be really dry from the blow drying and bleaching you just did to it
(in case anyone wondered this is the bleach I's by L'Oreal Paris...I realize i cut the top off in the picture...but it already had the trash from the dye in it when I took it)

See so it's extremely easy and simpler than most people think it is...I've done it twice now and this is by far the easiest thing to do ...

it is the least damaging to your hair and provided the best results :):)

Good luck and happy bleaching/ombre-ing!

much love xx. -Stephanie