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Thursday, October 24, 2013

NARS Douceur Dupe // 17 Damson Wine

Hey everyone! I thought I'd bring all of you in the UK/Ireland (or I think people with access to Boots..but correct me if I'm wrong) a dupe for my favorite fall blush of all time! NARS Douceur!

If you follow me on twitter literally every #bbloggers chat...or anytime someone asks for a blush recommendation I reply with the NARS blush. It goes with absolutely anything and everything. It's neutral but also adds a contour to your face. So it works on pale skin, tanner skin, with heavy makeup (doesn't compete) lighter makeup, red lips, pink lips, nude lips, literally any color combination you can think of it works. And since you can use it as a blush and a contour it doesn't overload your face and works perfectly for people with paler skin.

Now enough of the ranting on about how much I love this blush. As you can see these two are almost an exact dupe for each other. They are both a matte muted plum shade that is absolutely gorgeous and what is even more beautiful is that the 17 blush costs 3.49 and the NARS costs almost $30. So that's almost a tenth of the price......

I think the math is easy to see and the color speaks for itself. 
I could probably base my entire blog around this NARS blush and write many many posts on all the ways you can use it/wear it but I think you've had enough of my ranting.

Although I do think the quality of the NARS blush is better (it better be for that much money!) the 17 blush is still great quality and is wonderful for people on a tight budget (usually me! I just bought this with a giftcard a while back) or people just getting into the world of makeup and want an all around great blush that works with every look

So what do you think? Are you going to give this blush a try?
If you have any dupe posts link them below! I love finding a great dupe!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Starting Off: Eyeshadow

Hey everyone! sorry I didn't get my post up last week about be honest I don't really use it but when I do I have some good picks so it's coming! Just I wanted to get the one I'm supposed to have up for this week hahahaha

So this weeks installment of The Starting Off project is all about eyeshadows! Now I know in the past posts I've had helpful tips on how to choose what's right for you but eyeshadow is more personal taste. 

The few tips I do have is if you are warmer skin toned go for warmer colored eyeshadows (golds etc) or f you are cooler skin toned go for cooler toned eyeshadows (taupes etc). 
but you can wear whatever color you want....just because you're one skin tone doesn't limit your options haha.

also if you have oily skin/eyelids you may want to invest in an eye primer (the NARS one is my absolute favorite...a thousand times better than urban decay primer potion in my opinion)

Palettes are a great way to get a lot of high end eyeshadows for a decent price. I'm sure tons of people have worked out what a value they are but for example my Naked Palette was $50 and the eyeshadows are either almost full sized or are full sized but if you bought a single eyeshadow it's $18. And in the Naked Palette you get 12 eyeshadows which should work out to a little over $200.

*I have both Naked palettes I just prefer Naked 2 because the color selection suits me better*

The Naked palettes are a super good value for money as you basically have colors to do any neutral look you could imagine from light and neutral to dark and smokey. I also love my NARS palette as this one is just as good of value for money as you get the palette, primer, and shadow brush.

MAC palettes are also great value since you can buy an eyeshadow in the pan for $10 but the eyeshadows in the plastic packaging are $15 (not to mention putting the eyeshadows in a palette cuts down on a lot of bulk)

These are my favorite drugstore eyeshadows...which proves that not all expensive things are better.

L'Oreal Morning Light Eyeshadow: this is one of my favorite inner corner highlights and is almost a dupe for MAC Nylon which is my other favorite inner corner highlight (except the L'Oreal one is softer and has a nicer texture). I think L'Oreal do some great eyeshadows and Wet N Wild also do some fabulous ones for really cheap (forgot to picture them here)

L'Oreal Color Tattoos (Tough as Taupe, Barely Branded, Bad to the Bronze): these are my absolute favorite cream eyeshadows. I love them so much I prefer them OVER my MAC Paint Pots. I have the MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study and the L'Oreal Color Tattoo in Barely Branded is a dupe for it except the L'Oreal one has better staying power and is better pigmented. (although the one thing I will say is some of these have the worst/ strangest texture ever...the stark white shade is awful don't get it...if you want a stark white see the Rimmel one I have below)

Bare Minerals Eyeshadows: I think the queen of loose shadows is Bare Minerals. They are my go to brand when I am looking for something super glittery and pigmented that won't fall all over my face. Some of the shades they do you just can't get in a pressed shadow. If you have a store or counter near you I'd highly recommend going and swatching their shadows since they are gorgeous. My favorite is the one I have pictured here in the shade 2000 is basically straight up glitter that you can use over any shadow to create a going out/nighttime/holiday look. I've gotten so much use out of it I adore it

Rimmel ScandalEyes Shadow Stick in Witness White: these are great dupes for the Clinique chubby shadow sticks if you can find a shade you like. The colors are terribly limited but they have the most amazing lasting power I've ever seen in a shadow let alone a cream shadow. When I first got it I swatched the color on the back of my hand and didn't come off the whole day (after a day at Disneyland with tons of hand washing/hand sanitizing).

Sorry for the lack of posts recently...everythings been crazy  with medical school starting :(
I'm trying to prioritize better instead of watching 2 Broke Girls in all my spare time (if you don't watch it I highly recommend's HILARIOUS)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Starting Off: Mascara

my maybelline the rocket mascara has been well loved i know
Hey everyone! Here's the next installment in the starting off series! This week is on mascara!

when you are picking mascaras you must decide what kind of formulation, brush, and type (waterproof/non waterproof) you like best.

brushes: you can either get plastic or bristle brushes...plastic are better for building length/separating and bristles are better for building volume

type: i personally like to wear waterproof as my eyelids get oily and I find non waterproof mascaras print on my brow bone and lower lid and tend to smear. if this happens to you I would recommend switching to waterproof. waterproof is also nice if you have long days at school or work because you don't need to keep checking your makeup

when deciding what formulation and brush shapes work best for you it's just a matter of trial and error

Covergirl Flamed Out Waterproof Mascara
the brush on the Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara is my favorite brush type by far. You can also find this brush on Rimmel Scandal Eyes Retro Glam and Benefit Bad Gal Lash Waterproof. I just really like how this brush fits into my eyelashes and eye shape it just hugs my lashes perfectly when applying and gives me the best look. I also like bristle brushes the best because they provide the most volume and my lashes are already pretty long.

Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof Mascara
this mascara is the most waterproof mascara I've ever used. If you have a problem getting mascara to stay on then this one is for you. I like it best on my bottom lashes because that is where my mascara tends to smear the most and it makes them look pretty long (who wouldn't want that!) If i'm in a pinch i'll wear it on the top too but it can tend to look slightly vinyl-y sometimes (like maybelline lash stiletto....I hate that stuff!) but even though it has a plastic brush (that I usually hate) it's great for the bottom lashes.

Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara
This is just a sample I have...but I've had several samples of it and I ADORE this mascara. It makes your lashes feel soft but is super black and provides a lot of volume which is everything I look for in a mascara. This is one of my favorite high end mascaras and even though it has a pretty basic bristle brush it works amazingly.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and let me know your favorites for oily eyelids!

I've started med school (today was my first day) and so my posts will become less frequent (education firsts!) but you can catch up on my latest posts here: