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Friday, February 28, 2014

5 Products in 5 Minutes

Hey everyone! Today's topic is a FOTD from during my finals week but more 5 makeup products to do your makeup in 5 minutes. I had stayed up all night to study for my physics final and when I looked at the time went "OH NO GOTTA GO!" (I had already gotten dressed while studying…had to do things to keep myself awake) 

And so I looked at the clock and it said 7:41 AM and I thought okay lets see how fast I can do this since I have to leave by 8am. And I finished by 7:46

All the products above are everything I used…no extra brushes or anything (i know some people cheat and don't count brushes)

L'Oreal Mat Magique Mattifying Foundation- First I applied this, I had just bought it and A) wanted to test out the staying power by itself, B) wanted to see if it actually mattifies, C) wanted to see if it applied well with my hands and D) wanted something super quick but all my BB creams were from the sumer in California a.k.a. ten shades too dark. This lived up to everything as you can see in the pictures below (but I'll talk about it more there). This foundation gives a velvety smooth finish (and provides decent coverage) almost like benefit professional feeling but not SO velvety.

Wibo Eyebrow Stylist- Okay so this is a Polish product…but similar I think to Benefit Gimme Brow or MAYBE The Maybelline Brow Drama (haven't tried that). You have all seen the state of my brown, I  have to tint them, fill them in with powder, wax, etc. This is basically a brow mascara that doesn't budge. It sets your brows and like glues them to your face (which I like) and is the easiest brow product ever to use

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof- You thought Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof was hard to get off….then don't even touch this. However it gives really nice volume and really quickly, with one or two coats and doesn't transfer to my brow bone which I have a major problem with. I just got this mascara recently but so far I'm really liking it

MAC Warm Soul Mineralize BlushHoly bajeezus. If you are into peachy pink blushes with a bit of shimmer you NEED this in your life. like literally go run to a MAC store now and buy it. Once you see it you'll see what I mean. I'm going to do a whole post on this beauty soon but i used it since it has some shimmer to it, i don't need a highliter (well I could but we're running low on time here people).

Real Techniques Stippling Brush- I'm sure everyone and their mother has talked about this. Great for a light application of blush. When it comes to blush I'm so heavy handed it's ridiculous, so if you're like me use a stippling brush! Picks up less product and you don't end up with clown cheeks

Sorry that this picture is blurry but like I said, ten minutes left before I needed to brush my teeth, put shoes on, grab my stuff for my physics final (which by the way I got 100% on!) and head out the door. The lighting is also different between the two pictures because this was during a sunrise (the final was very early), and then it became overcast.

This shows the coverage of the foundation very well because you can still see my freckles but it blocks out all redness and covered most of those two pesky zits…so annoying they are right next to each other

I think this is a really nice look for any day. It takes five minutes, has that "no makeup look" and is what boys think girls look like bare faced lol. (Oh I also put some chapstick on after I left my apartment because it was cold and windy and snowy)

Here is a picture AFTER my physics test (you can tell by how brain dead and exhausted I look,,,and my hair is wet because I showered and it takes forever to dry and to top everything off it started raining on me walking back to my apartment) So this is a solid 6 or 7 hours after my morning makeup application without any touch ups (except for chapstick haha).

**Update: I got 100% on my physics test so I guess the exhaustion was worth it :)

If you look at my nose you can see where my glasses were sitting and the makeup rubbed off a bit but I haven;t found a foundation yet that doesn't transfer off when I wear my glasses. I think other than that this makeup held up extremely well and would be perfect for anyone either in a hurry or wants to go for the no-makeup look.

How often do you guys go for the no makeup look?

And what five products would you use to put your makeup on if you only had five minutes? :)


  1. This looks really pretty!

  2. aw thank you so much!!!! i look like crap though haha. that's what finals does to you


  4. aww thank you! but sometimes they're not always a blessing but a curse. I got one stuck in my eye and wanted to scratch my eyes out and my dad had to go in with a q tip, pull my eyelid up and take it out that way. this isn't even the best picture! go look at my cover girl clump crusher review xx

  5. that happens to me too! but i have short lashes. My mum had this awesome idea that if she cut my lashes when i was a kid that they would grow back even longer. Not only did they not grow longer but they didn't even grow back to its original length !

    Had a look at your clump crusher review and am now even more jealous of your lashes haha

    check out my blog? would love it if you followed xx

  6. Stephanie's LookMarch 1, 2014 at 1:47 AM

    omg i've never even heard of people doing that! i'll go look right now sweetie :)

  7. don't cut them! they won't grow back, and trust me you'll regret it!

    thankyouu x

  8. Another person with a MAC blush! :D I don't have one atm but hear great things about them! When I was in MAC last time one of the ladies there put one on me and the colour pay-off of it was amazing! Next time I go to MAC I think I might just have to buy one haha

  9. Great picks x

  10. yeah I won't be trying that anytime soon. all i do is rip out this pesky lash that grows straight down but oh boy is that painful

  11. check out warm soul. omg one of my favorite blushes of all time. you will adore it it is so versatile. it's not my only mac blush either so i can speak from experience haha

  12. thanks so much!

  13. i know it's really weird. goes on liquid but dries velvety matte and you don't have to set it


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