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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Night at the Opera // Outfit

Black Cut Out Back Dress - Fashion Union

Hey everyone! Recently I went to see Tosca the opera with my family and I wanted to do a little OOTN post (don't worry the makeup post is coming right after).

Since moving to Europe I didn't think that I would have to dress up nicely as I'm in medical school, but when a family friend asked if we wanted to go to the opera I chose to wear this black Fashion Union dress I got for Christmas and a pair of mary jane heels I got from this random store in the mall (helpful, I know) 

I also wore it with tights because it's freeezzzziinnnngggggg and snowing so basically I ended up with an all black outfit (oops…)

I got the dress in a size 10 because I'm not quite sure of my UK sizing yet but it's a bit too big for me (I should have gotten an 8) as you can see it poofs out a little too much around my tummy…thats not all me haha it's the dress I promise.

When I first saw the dress, and on the website it looks like it's going to be made out of a satiny material, but in reality it's made out of stretchy (almost neoprene like) material. Think more like a wetsuit so it definitely has some give to it also. And I love the exposed zipper detailing. Lately I've been a fan of anything with an exposed zipper.

Do you like my outfit? Haha sorry for the lighting being weird, it was7 at night so I couldn't necessarily  take the pictures in good light, I did my best. 

I am really loving Fashion Union at the moment though.


  1. Hi, Stephanie, did you order this dress online? if yes, then it is quite courageous, because if you want to buy a dress for special occasions like going to Opera, you would be gutted if wasn't what you expected, but I like it on you, I can't see the material properly but I do get a feeling that it is like satin, doesn't matter after all, you look great in it, besides it beautifully compliments your skin and your hair colour. have a nice week, <3 Zhanna,

  2. I really like this outfit! I'm actually a huge fan of wearing all black x


  3. This is such a lovely dress, the back is so interesting!

    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to check it out -

    Daniela xo

  4. yeah it was a christmas present from a family member that came from fashion union. it looks like sating but feels more like wetsuit material haha, the best of both worlds because it' super comfortable. and thank you so much! you're so sweet :)

  5. aw thanks so much! i feel like wearing all black to a fancy occasion you can't go wrong haha.

  6. aw thanks so much! and i will!

  7. You look gorgeous!!


  8. aw thanks so much sweetie! Glad you liked it even though it's so simple i think the back cutouts make it more interesting :)

  9. Beautiful dress!! :) you look lovely! hope you enjoyed the opera, saw it for a uni trip :) xx

  10. i did! so sad at the end though omg


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