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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Aerin Ikat Jasmine Perfume // Review

Hello everyone! Today I'm going to be reviewing the Ikat Jasmine perfume by Aerin (who is the granddaughter of Estee Lauder and has now launched her own line). This perfume was generously sent to me by Dave Lackie who is basically the king of beauty giveaways on twitter but more importantly owns the best online beauty magazine that I've come across yet. You can find the most recent edition at or just the website itself at It is the best most well though out (and FREE - my favorite four letter word) magazine online and is so easily accessible. Anyways this generous magazine editor gifted me this GORGEOUS perfume and I can't get enough of it. I can't stop smelling myself.

Look at that packaging. Can we pause just for a moment to stare at the beauty that is this perfume bottle. Each different perfume has a different gemstone on top depending on what it was inspired by. There are 5 perfumes in the line (this one, Lilac Path, Evening Rose, Amber Musk, and Gardenia Rattan)

"Ikat Jasmine personifies a modern woman – effortless style and intriguing femininity." - Aerin The impeccable pairing of Jasmine Sambac and Jasmine Egypt Infusion is enhanced with exotic Tuberose Fleur in a fragrance rich with velvety body and soft freshness. A delicate touch of Honeysuckle invigorates the senses, while Tuberose Infusion and Sandalwood add subtle intensity and luminous depth as captivating as the woman who wears it.

The scent is beautiful. At first you smell the strong Jasmine (very floral), and then it dries down to where you can smell more of the tuberose with some warmth and sweetness (which must come from the sandalwood and honeysuckle). This fragrance is simple yet beautiful, and if you like Jasmine you will adore this perfume. It is very versatile. It can either be dressed up or down; I currently wear it every day (gasp I've ditched my Chanel Coco Mademoiselle), but it wouldn't be out of place at any event.

I adore this perfume (if you can't already tell) and have worn it every day since receiving it. The wear time is INCREDIBLE but it isn't extremely overpowering. It doesn't have a super strong silage, which is nice because you don't want people to smell you before they see you, even if it is a good smell. Thank you Dave so much and I encourage you all to go check out his magazine because it is beautiful and the March edition is coming out extremely soon.

I really want to try more of the Aerin fragrances, I think Evening Rose will be the next one I set my sights on.


  1. Charlotte MacDonald-GauntFebruary 25, 2014 at 4:09 PM

    It sounds amazing and Aerin scents are so stylish and sophisticated :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. oh I know they totally are. And are super amazing perfumes, I applied yesterday at the beginning of the day (a solid 8 hour day at least) and could still smell it when I got home

  3. I am putting this on my beauty wish list, love jasmine x

  4. I love long lasting parfumes. Jasmine scent has been tried so many times by designer brands but most of them didn't satisfy me. I can't wait to try Aerin. Thanks for sharing!


  5. they finally got jasmine right with this one. i know what you mean. most jasmine accents make me kind of queasy

  6. then you'll adore this i promise

  7. Exactly! I even tried using jasmine essence that I bought from Morocco but it came off as a tad heavy. Can't wait to try it.

  8. Gosh, I just may have to get my hands on this. Floral scents are my all time favorite and I love Jasmine! :D Great post girl!

  9. It's AMAZING you will adore it. It's simple but so beautiful I've worn it every day since I got it!

  10. Yeah I have jasmine oil that I put in my hair because I love the scent but even that doesn't stick around or other jasmines are unbearable and so heavy and overpowering. I think Jasmine should be like you walk into a garden of jasmine with a light breeze blowing and you catch a whiff of it and some other sweet flowers. And that's what this smells like. is it too dramatic to explain it that way? Haha!

  11. Hahah not at all. Very correct!
    Today I was checking for a birthday gift for my mom. She used to use Estée Lauder's Private Collection, it's a very heavy one from an objective point of view but she used to use it when I was 5 so it's mommy smell for me. Seems like they made a new version of the perfume which smells way lighter and a nice breezy jasmine tone. Take a look ;)
    I ended up with buying the old version for her as a safe choice.

  12. haha well I'm glad you understood my description. Glad you also checked out the perfume too! I love it to bits. But I totally understand buying the other perfume. For me with my mom it's Lancome Tresor that's the mommy perfume. That one smells amazing too.

  13. Just wondering if you know much about the Estee Lauder Aerin Products? I saw them online and really interested in the rose balm. What do you think of it?

    Visit my blog when you have time!

  14. Hi there! I have a weird question - but I'm curious, so here goes. Is the gemstone on top an actual gem, or it is plastic or glass? It seems like with a real gem, this would be quite a keepsake bottle... Thanks!

  15. I know it's not a real gem (even though it looks like one!!!!) but I think its like something coated in glass? very high quality but such a beautiful bottle I'm still going to keep it!


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