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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Covergirl Clump Crusher Mascara // Review

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to review Covergirl's Clump Crusher Mascara (even though everyone on planet earth has probably reviewed it, always late to the party)

For all of you UK/Ireland/European girls out there this s the same thing as the Max Factor Clump Defy Mascara

Usually I am a natural bristle mascara girl all the way. I hate plastic wands because I feel like plastic wands are more for length and natural bristle wands are for volume, and since (in my opinion) I have decently long eyelashes I would prefer to go for volume than length. (I already get that mascara smudge from where your eyelashes tough the skin under your eyebrow)

I wish I knew how to edit pictures or use photoshop, I would edit that flyaway chunk of hair out haha
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and even though creepy eye pictures aren't always the cutest I HATE mascara reviews where they just show a picture from far away. Like cool... can't even see your eyelashes, what's the point of the review. 

This picture all I have on is the mascara, no eye makeup at all. (Those are little mascara flecks on the left where it looks like it could be eyeliner, you never notice you have mascara flecks until you take a picture this up close of your eye) As you can see this mascara does a very good job of separating the lashes and as the name suggests leaves your lashes clump free. I did have to use a couple coats to get this look but it does add a bit of length and volume (only if you use more than one coat)

I always use waterproof versions of mascaras as I do wear contacts sometimes and have pretty oily eyelids and can have mascara transfer problems. Although it is no where near as waterproof as Maybelline The Rocket, it isn't as horrible as the L'Oreal Voluminous Waterproof Version (it's horrible don't buy it). I wouldn't go swimming or anything with this mascara on but I would say it would be safe to go to the gym with or use for a super hot or humid day. 

Although I wouldn't know firsthand because I don't curl my lashes, I know girls with difficult to curl lashes use one base coat of waterproof mascara to lock in the curl and this would be great for that as it separates and combs out your lashes really nicely and makes a nice base for other mascaras.

I love this mascara for "No Makeup" days because it gives your eyes nice definition without having to put loads of eye makeup on and is a real time saver.

Although I do think I'll be going back to my natural bristle mascara wands after this I may return to this mascara as it really is a good mascara and would be a good finishing coat to any mascara that is great but can tend to get slightly clumpy since the wand would serve as a comb.


  1. i know i feel like its one of those things like yeah i woke up with these bad boys haha

  2. Beautiful eyes! I love it!!

    I'm your new follower on Bloglovin! Hope
    you'll follow me back! ♥



  3. Great review! I always have a super hard time finding a mascara from a drugstore that's actually works likes it says it will. I'm so jealous of your naturally curly long lashes! I have really short and straight lashes so it always more work for me to make them look longer. hahah


  4. im a fan of mqybelline colossal, one by one, and full n soft. if youre looking for a drugstore mascara those hit it out of the park

  5. This looks lovely, your lashes look great! I tend to prefer mascaras that give volume over length, too :)

    Jess xo

  6. Wow! I thought I would pass on this mascara, but I NEED this! Your lashes look amazing!
    Completely agree about mascara reviews. I need to keep that in mind the next time I review a mascara. Your picture is perfect; you don't need photoshop!

    Brittany's Secret

  7. you have beautiful eyelashes:) x

  8. your lashes look very long and curly,nice !

  9. aw thank you! I was blessed to have them but sometimes theyre a menace. i got one stuck up under my eyelid and it scratched my eye and my da dhad to get it out with a q tip lol

  10. thank you so much

  11. haha i know its creepy to take such up close pictures of your eye but when the picture is like say my picture of myself at the top pfft i cant see my eyelashes at all! i wouldnt be able to see them if i was wearing a pair of falsies. this way you can really see what the mascara does...and the little mascara smudges you didnt know were on your lids...oops

  12. This mascara seems to be a must ! I heard many girls raving about it and i'm tempted to try it, but i live in Europe so i guess i'll have to try the Max Factor one..

    Really nice review xx

  13. i think the max factor one is exactly the same. theyre owned by the same company the packaging is just a bit different. I'm in europe now and rebought my fav foundation (the 3-in-1) and its exactly the same :)

  14. I'll give it a go any time soon :)
    Thank you so much for your help :)

  15. This was a really nice review! I hope to go out and get this mascara, as I've wanted to for awhile now. Also, thank you for following me!

  16. of course dear! and i'm glad this review was helpful! if i can help one person decide on whether or not to buy a product then my job is done :)

  17. oh of course! and that foundation btw is my holy grail foundation. it's the best foundation ever and doesn't break me out (my skin is sensitive to foundations) and doesn't highlight dry patches at all. I'm going to d a review soon, just have a lot of reviews coming up lol i realized i don't do enough


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