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Monday, February 17, 2014

Share the Love // Bloggers

Hey everyone! This is a new series I wanted to start on my blog where I talk about (and have them talk about) blogs (or youtubers) I've been loving that aren't the huge ones everyone knows about (don't get me wrong I love them too). But I want to introduce you all to a few lovely ladies that I adore

"Hey everyone! We're Lauren and Claire and blog over at We first met at uni when we were 18 and now four years on and we work together and also share a little house in Coventry. Seeing as we spent most of our waking days talking about fake tan, mascara and whether or not we could pull off bowler hats, we eventually decided to start up our little blog so that we could stop boring each other and start boring the rest of the world instead! We blog about everything fashion and beauty related, and also have the occasional rant now and then too... If this sounds like your cup of tea/glass of Pina Colada, then we'd love you to pay us a visit and let us know what you think!" -Lauren & Claire

These two…OMG you will die of laughter reading their blog. They have such good content and are the funniest little pair I have seen in the blogging world. Definitely my glass of Pina Colada and I can almost guarantee they will be yours too.They blog about fashion AND beauty and their reviews never disappoint. Their fashion posts are actually relatable (not like some fashion bloggers that I swear get dressed, go out, take a few pictures, and then change…like they would never wear it out in public). These two definitely don't have fashion posts like that. They have super good content and reading their posts CRACKS ME UP. I think they are soooo funny and it's refreshing to see that in the blogging world because some people try and take their blogs so seriously. Needless to say you need to follow these two beauties, you'll love them.

Lacey Keith / LoveLaceyBeauty

"Hi everyone! My name is Lacey Keith and within the past year I started a blog and YouTube channel encompassing my love for makeup and beauty. I enjoyed blogging but after I made my first YouTube video I was hooked. I create new videos every week involving anything beauty related and love showing my creativity through video editing! I am also very active on social media and love posting first impressions of products on my Instagram! Thanks for taking time to read and make sure to show Stephanie lots of love! She was one of the first bloggers I got in touch with and she's the BEST! :)" -Lacey

I ADORE Lacey. She started out as a blogger which you can find here and then got into youtube. She recently revamped her blog and changed the layout and has a whole new look that looks super nice and I would LOVE if you could go check her out. I love her reviews, she is so helpful and informative and if you want to talk beauty with someone you can talk to her for hours. She is one of the sweetest people in the blogging/youtube community and I think she deserves more subscribers because her content is amazing. (and she has the best tutorial besides makeup on how to arm knit your own cute chunky scarf) So if you're into youtube (or blogging) I highly recommend her. She is so natural in front of the camera and so sweet you'll adore her Everyone talks about making good friends through the beauty community, for me that's Lacey. (twitter : @lovelaceybeauty)

Simply Steadman

"Hello lovelies! I'm Tanya, a 19 year old Chihuahua obsessed media student who writes a blog and reads in her spare time. I'm a big fan of the saying "com for is key" i"m not ashamed to say I pretty much live in my pajamas, hence why I don't do fashion posts…unless you want to see me model some fluffy Primark pajamas that is?" -Tanya

Tanya is the SWEETEST girl ever. Her blog is SO beautifully done and she has the best content (I don't know why she doesn't have even more followers than me! haha) She blogs over at I talk to her on twitter all the time and she is such a sweetheart. Her Posts are so helpful and informative and when I found her blog (through a twitter chat) I was over the moon and think I spent over an hour reading it (oops….) She has the BEST post on how to use fancy schmancy cameras and what all the settings mean which you can find here. (She uses a Canon 500D DSLR but used to use a Nikon D300 so she knows about all and I'm sure she can answer any questions you have) I HIGHLY recommend her blog (like all of these). She is so sweet (and tell her I sent you!). Her twitter is @SimplySteadman if you want to go say hi to her on twitter too. She has been blogging for a while and definitely knows what she's doing but for some reason unbeknownst to me doesn't have many followers. She is basically my spirit animal, we are the same person in different countries so if you like my blog you'll like hers.


"Hi! I'm Nicole a 21 year old business student who is the face behind Sleek-chic! Sleek-chic was born in August 2013 and what originally started as a blog about everything has evolved into more of a personal style and beauty blog. Fashion has always been a big passion in my life and you will usually find me on the aisles of Topshop or Primark and If i'm not there i will be in Boots tracking down the latest releases and painting my nails!" -Nicole

I LOVEEEE Nicole's blog. She has such good fashion sense and to kick it up a notch she does beauty reviews too. I aspire to have a wardrobe and fashion sense (and hair) like hers. Isn't her hair beautiful? That's what first got me starting to talk to her on twitter and now I would say we've become friends (I hope). Sometimes I find myself just going through her blog (hey it's not stalking...kind of) reading all of her posts and she has such good content it's easy to find an hour gone just sitting there reading her blog. If you want to chat to her on twitter its @sleekchicblog, and her blog (which is also linked in the title) is She's so sweet stop buy her twitter or blog and say hi! You'll love her. (and her beautiful long luxurious locks that I am always so jealous of every time she posts or tweets and I see them)

All of these blogs are blogs that I adore and talk to all of these girls on twitter religiously. They are all so sweet and don't get enough recogniton like most bloggers with less than like 5k followers do. I think I'm going to make this into a series, what do you guys think? Instead of having a blog roll because this way you actually get to know a bit about the blogger and what I think about them and let's face it most people use bloglovin to read blogs so they don't see the actual blog to find the blogroll. 

I hope this gave you some new blogs to follow (and a new youtuber to watch), I follow and love them all and hope you will follow and alive them as much as I do :) 

What are some of your favorite lesser known blogs?


  1. I love these types of posts, really enjoy reading new blogs :) and yes, please do make this into a series!
    I really like reading :) I love lots of other blogs, but can't think of them off the top of my head!
    Thank you for sending me your blog link on Twitter, I'm so glad you did, it's so cute and I've subscribed to you on bloglovin!
    I'm holding a giveaway on my blog and would love for you to check it out
    Daniela xo

  2. Thanks for the new blogs! I love finding new ones to follow (or watch) as well.

  3. aw thank you so much!!! and okay I definitely will. I love the bigger blogs but so does everyone else you know? and some of the smaller ones don't get the recognition they could. so I love sharing them with my followers. thanks again for following!!!!!

  4. of course! I think I'm going to be doing this more often so people can find more blogs that way! I would have a blog roll but I think since most people use some app to read blogs they don't go to the actual blog itself

  5. Great post! I love Stylingo their blogs make me laugh so much and are great to read!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  6. Oh, how I adore spreading the love & discovering new blogs! Lovely picks! Looking forward to your future posts ;D

    <3 Carsla
    Founder & CEO of Connect-the-Cloths
    A stylist, foodie, & writer's blog in development.

  7. oo new blogs to add to the reading list, thank you! :D Love these posts, would make for a great series! :)

  8. alright I'm definitely going to turn it into a series. I'm glad you all like this post so much!!! i love reading them too and finding new bloggers :)

  9. I second the idea! Glad I found the Stylingo girls through this post. Looking forward to more blogs to read :)


  10. I love this post! What a great way to get to know other bloggers! I think this is a great idea Stephanie :) You should definitely continue to do this! I might steal your idea! I think it's much more interesting than a blog roll :)


  11. Thankyou for this gorgeous! Also I changed my twitter the other day to SimplySteadman to match my blog and forgot to tell you, sorry! Found two beautiful blogs from this, thankyou! xo

  12. I love love love this post great way of knowing new bloggers. Definitely checking these dolls out and subbing :)

  13. Thanks for sharing other bloggers for us to get to know. Will definitely drop by their blogs.


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