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Monday, March 17, 2014

beautyuk Prime FX Foundation Primer | Review

Prime FX Foundation Primer*   £3.99
The lovely ladies over at beautyuk sent me some amazing products to try so expect more reviews to come, but first I wanted to talk about the one that I was most impressed with, their Prime FX Foundation Primer*. 
The primer comes out as a clear gel, and I just take about a pea sized drop and dot it on my nose, forehead, and chin and then spread it outwards. It does have a slight silicone feeling, a little like benefit porefessional but not nearly as close. It feels like almost a cross between benefit porefessional and a hydrating primer (that don't have that silicone, slippery feeling). I absolutely can't stand the Porefessional because I HATE the feel of it when I apply it and it breaks me out like crazy.
(sorry for the lack of pictures, but the only other picture I could take is of a clear gel lol)
Onto the reason why I adore this primer so much. I have been using it for the past week or two testing it out with a bunch of foundations to see how it holds up and if it really makes a difference. Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while you will know my hatred of L'Oreal True match because it accentuates dry patches on my skin that I didn't even know I had and just slides off my face. So to put this primer to the ultimate test I used it with L'Oreal True Match on my longest class day (12 hours including transit time to my apartment). I applied it in the morning and was shocked because I didn't see and dry patches, visible pores, and it actually made my foundation stay on my face instead of sliding off. At the end of the day it still looked almost the same as I applied it in the morning!!
Another big test for this primer is on my nose as well. While I'm in class I wear glasses, but I take them off after and the foundation where they were sitting is never to be seen so I have two little patches on the sides of my nose and have to try and re-blend them into the rest of my makeup. All you girls that wear glasses understand. This primer reduced that problem so much that there was minimal amounts of foundation removed and looked pretty much normal once I took my glasses off. If you weren't looking super closely in a mirror you wouldn't even notice! 
I also have pretty sensitive skin that is not a fan of change, so I can break out easily when trying out new products, and not one spot in sight where I applied it. So it's safe to say it's okay for you sensitive, break out prone girls out there.
Over all I haven't found ANY cons to this primer and for £3.99 you really can't beat it. 

beautyuk also sent me some other products to try but I decided to break it up into a few reviews otherwise I think it would be a little overwhelming and really really long to write about all at once. (but I've been adoring everything I have)
Have you tried this primer or any other BeautyUK products?
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  1. Great review! This primer sounds really good and is such a bargain, might give it a go :) x


  2. It's literally the best primer I've tried and I've put it through the wringer for sure. And the way L'oreal true match usually sits on my skin is awful, with this it looked FLAWLESS. and for a fiver if it doesn't work out you didn't lose much

  3. I've never tried anything from Beauty UK, sounds like a great product for that price though!

    Holly /

  4. Lovely post, I am always on the hunt for a more affordable primer. Is on my list right now!

    My Perfect Red

  5. This sounds amazing Stephanie! and for £3.99 definitely worth it! xx

  6. I've tried a couple of highstreet primers now and they're not the best, will definitely be trying this soon! xx

    Abby |

  7. Definitely going to give it a go one of my faves has just ran out! I tried the CC cream today, not a CC cream person as I usually prefer medium high coverage.. totally changed my opinion, pretty amazing even though it's a little dark for me I was loving it!

  8. My next post is going to be on there CC cream!!! Adore it! And I LOOOVVVEEEEEE their posh pouts

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