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Monday, March 31, 2014

One Dress, Two Ways!

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
Hey everyone! I've got another fashion post today and with spring just around the corner I thought this is very fitting! WalG was kind enough to send me this GORGEOUS dress (which you would have already seen if you follow me on instagram! They even reinstagrammed my photo!!!)

But since Spring is basically here we're all getting the sun dresses out and the fake tan on (clearly I haven't fake tanned yet…oops), and I wanted to just show how you can take one dress and take it from daytime wear to a look you could wear to a nice spring garden party or something of the sorts. 

Dress it Down

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
So the first way you could wear this dress, for every day or even going to a nice spring or summer party if you don't want to wear any heels is with some cute sandals or flats and I put my hair in a loose braid with some coraly-nude lipstick. Very springy!

You can see clearly the layers of this dress, but from the material it is made from there is absolutely no stretch to this dress, so know your sizes ladies! Mine fits perfectly but if it didn't, the tie on the back would help cinch in your waist and give you that nice hourglass shape. I also love the exposed zipper on the back of this dress, I think it just really adds that extra something!

Dress it Up

WalG Nice to Pleat You Dress*
All I did in to change this dress from day to night, was take my hair out of the braid and smooth it out a bit, clip some of the front back with a sparkly black hair clip (which you can't see very well, sorry!), change my lipstick and change my shoes!

This dress is literally the most versatile dress because it took me a total of ten minutes to wii of my lipstick and change it, and then run something smooth through my hair.

I also think this dress would look GORGEOUS with some nude wedges! I wish I had a pair, I've got my eye out looking for them this spring. Nude wedges would go with either of these looks. I'm not saying you HAVE to wear it this way, just giving out some ideas for making your closet more versatile, especially with dresses for spring.

If you wanted to know what lippie I am wearing in the glam way to wear this dress, it is the YSL Rouge Volupte A Levres in shade 33 gifted to me by the amazing Dave Lackie! I'm sure you all follow him on twitter for his AMAZING giveaways, but it gets even better: he now has his own blog! and he also does a giveaway every week on there! So go show him some love on his blog!

I really hope you guys enjoyed this post because I absolutely ADORE this dress that WalG* so kindly sent me. It is so perfect for spring and so flattering I love it! Now I just need some nude wedges to go with it as well!

What do you have your eye on for spring?

Also if you haven't entered my teapigs giveaway you have less than a week to do so! Super easy to enter and it's international!


  1. I love this!!!! I love both versions of the outfit!!! Btw your hair looks amazing!!!
    Please check out my blog

    Elizabeth x

  2. wow gorgeous dress!

  3. SecretFashionPoisonMarch 31, 2014 at 12:55 PM

    Beautiful look darling!

    Viky --- MySecretFashionPoison

  4. Charlotte MacDonald-GauntMarch 31, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    Very pretty dress and love those high heels :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  5. I love the vibrant colour! Great dress :) xx

  6. You look gorgeous! The dress is really pretty :) xx

  7. This dress is so beautiful, I love dresses that you can wear for a day and night look x


  8. You look gorgeous, love that dress! The way you styled it is great :-)

  9. cute dress!! you have beautiful hair, jellyyyyyy xo, jess

  10. This dress is amazing and gets extra points for being able to transition so flawlessly from day to night! xoxo

  11. lovely dress <3

    you're a MD student? i've graduated from Physiotherapy. good luck at university!

    Andera |

  12. That's so cute!
    Macy |

  13. I love the heels you're wearing :) x

  14. you look awesome! great ways to wear that snazzy dress!

  15. the shoes.. oh your shoes look so nice

  16. Accessories will help "change" the look even with the same main piece! :)



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