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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Xenca Beauty Mink Eyeshadow Duo and Mascara | Review

Mink Eyeshadow Duo*/
Hey everyone! Sorry it's been a while, but I have been so sick and so busy with school I haven't been able to post as often as I would like. Today I want to talk about a brand I have been LOVING! Xenca Perfection makeup which is an all natural, GMO-free, and paraben-free makeup line! 

I was given the opportunity to try it by one of their lovely suppliers (you can follow her on twitter here, she's the sweetest person ever, such a doll!) I have been trying to slowly convert everything in my life to more natural ingredients (you'll see in my posts I have swirling around in my head waiting to be written) and when she offered me the chance to try some products I jumped at the chance and all I can say is I want to try their foundations, concealers, blush, bronzers, liquid eyeliners and more lipsticks too (they literally have anything you could ask for)! I ADORE Xenca and am so happy she gave me the chance to try it.

Since everything is eco friendly all of the products come in cardboard packaging, which I haven't had any problems with yet because it seems relatively sturdy, I was just surprised when I opened it up!

only wearing the eyeshadow duo, with the darker color run under my eyes as well
This has literally been the only eyeshadow I've worn for the past month….(except for when I was trying some beautyuk shadows) and that is really saying something because #1 I hardly ever wear eyeshadow on a daily basis and #2 I'm very fickle with my eyeshadows. I jump around so much

This duo is literally amazing because it is simple enough for a no makeup day, and simple enough to wear with ANY lip color and you won't have to worry about makeup overpowering your face. This eyeshadow duo is literally fault proof because it is light enough that any beginner to advanced makeup user can use it, and it will work with any look you could possibly imagine

It is also super long wearing, I've applied it without primer and it lasts all day (12 hours) or over MAC Bare Study paint pot to up the amp of the shine a bit and it doesn't budge.

Xenca Mascara* /
If you have oily lids like me, or wear contacts like me, or have watery eyes like me, (I just have the whole shebang!) this is a mascara for you. I have tried so many mascaras that claim to be waterproof and the second my eye waters it's immediately smudged. 

This one I would feel safe spending a whole day at the beach in the water and would be confident that this mascara hasn't budged at all. It is the blackest, most waterproof mascara I have ever tried and I love it. You have to take it off with something oil based (or even an eye makeup remover) because just washing your face and micellar waters won't take it off. But if that's the only downside, I may have found the most perfect mascara.

Xenca Mascara* /
The wand is a natural bristle wand which is my favorite type of wand, I think it really grabs all of your lashes and isn't a gigantic fat want that's scary to put near your eyes (hello Covergirl lashblast!) I couldn't have asked for a better mascara.

The outside of the tube is cardboard and the top is cardboard but it has to be lined and have a little bit of plastic, but I think that is really unavoidable with mascara. But I do really love that an eco friendly brand is using cardboard packaging, this is the first time I have seen that and think it's really innovative and a breath of fresh air if you get what I'm saying.

oops…sorry about the dry nose, darn winter!
Onto the application, what we've all been waiting for in a mascara review…..this picture is just one coat. It applies BETTER than my beloved Benefit's They're Real! mascara and is waterproof (which the Benefit mascara is not). I positively adore this mascara and honestly I don't have a bad word to say about this brand.

I have a lot of good words! A few of them being I want to own the entire makeup line ;)

P.S. The best eye makeup remover I have found to take this off (with complete ease! No rubbing involved!) is the Ziaja Duo Phase Eye Makeup Remover (which is also safe for contact wearers and available in the US and UK too!)

Here is the completed eye look only using the duo, and the mascara.
 (wearing the Xenca Gloss too which will be in a future post!)
Are you guys into eco friendly beauty products or are you not fussed where it came from? (lol no judgements I promise) But honestly even if this brand wasn't eco friendly I would still use it because it is just THAT GOOD!


  1. The colours of the eyeshadow are beautiful! That mascara also looks amazing x


  2. Thanks so much! Totally in love with this brand! xx

  3. The duo consists of such wearable shades, and they suit your skin tone so well :) xx Rebecca - UK fashion blog

  4. That eyeshadow suits you so well! They look like lovely colours :)

    Sian | Sian Marie Beauty


  5. I know! I think they would really suit anyone who tried them! and they have such a nice consistency

  6. thank you so much! They're amazing I think they would suit anyone really :)

  7. The eyeshadow looks amazing!! I definitely love that its eco friendly
    It would be awesome if you checked out my blog btw

    Elizabeth x

  8. I've never seen this brand before, looks very nice though :) Danielle x

  9. Yeah me too! Trying to get into eco friendly everything :)

  10. neither had i, and now that I've tried it I want to wear nothing but Xenca lol it's AMAZING


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