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Saturday, April 5, 2014

beautyuk CC Cream | Review

beautyuk CC Cream £4.99*
Hello everyone! As you all know I have received quite a few new (amazing) products from the lovely ladies at beautyuk to try, today I'm going to review their CC Cream* for you! Especially since spring/summer is hitting and a lot of people have been asking for good bb/cc creams.

I have currently been ADORING the beautyuk CC Cream* because it is SUPER thin, thinner than my moisturizer and makes my skin just look flawless. It has such good coverage, more coverage than a lot of my foundations. I'm not sure if it's because it's color correcting or just because they managed to make it really pigmented while being super thin and weightless on your skin.

If you've been reading my blog for  while now, we all know that I put all of my new makeup products to the test on one day of the week: Wednesdays! A.k.a. anatomy class/lecture and now I have an even longer day with Biophysics, then Anatomy lecture and then Anatomy lab. So they are literally 12+ hour days of wearing makeup and sometimes I am so tired when I get home I just take my makeup off with a cleansing water.

These days are perfect for testing out makeup for two reasons :
1. Longevity of the product and how it wears (I refuse to touch up)
2. Does it break out my slightly sensitive and acne prone skin especially if I forget to wash it off.

I took this picture after applying, without any concealer highliter, or powder on my face so you can see how this product still leaves your face with some dimension. Just some blush, did my eyebrows, a little lip gloss that I am soon to review, and my entire eye makeup look is using TWO products (counting mascara) from Xenca Perfection Makeup, that I just recently reviewed and you can find that review here.

This CC Cream looked as perfect as when I applied it in the morning after I got home from class with minimal moving of the foundation where I had my glasses on (I haven't found anything that doesn't rub off when you wear glasses). I wasn't super shiny at the end of the day (Their MatteFX foundation*, review to come…there was absolutely ZERO shine at the end of the day without powdering my face in the morning). And it didn't break me out most importantly.

As you can see in this picture I am the palest of the pale and their lightest shade suited me perfectly. If you are any paler than me (if that's possible), they don't make a lighter shade. In the winter time I just automatically order the lightest shade in everything because I turn into a ghost.

The wear of this foundation isn't completely matte, but it does set on your face and doesn't slide around. I would call it a demi-matte finish ALMOST. Basically it just gives your face dimension with the finish so you look like you don't have makeup on with the way it melts into your skin.

I love this applied with my fingers, brush, or beauty blender but I think I almost like it best with my fingers since your hands really warm up the product and it's super quick to apply!

Have you tried any beautyuk products? They are currently my favorite high street brand! I have tried a bunch of things and cannot fault them! They are fabulous and my new favorite primer of all time is their  £3.99 Primer (review here) and I have tried basically any primer you can think of.

The next time you are in Superdrug or are online (I find things are pretty true to color on their site), I would HIGHLY recommend this brand. I am absolutely in love.


  1. I have this in my "to try draw" really looking forward to trying it now :)

    Sian | Siân Marie Beauty


  2. haha i have one of those too! I adore it!

  3. I love BeautyUKs nail varnishes so I'll have to give this a try!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I've never tried anything from beautyuk but this looks and sounds lovely :) I'll have to investigate! xx

  5. Never tried this brand but looks like it gives a lovely soft natural look! Great review :)

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  6. Might give this a go, I'm loving light coverage products at the moment :) x

    Cat | LilacGhosts

  7. never tried beauty uk but it sounds good and what a great price too :)

    great review hun x

    The Inked Blonde-VintageMel

  8. I know! So light but gives so much coverage! It's like a miracle product. And it isn't super dewy it's like the only base product I need (not counting blush/highlight)

  9. I literally adore every single thing I've ever tried from them. The brand can do no wrong and so cheap too! I don't know how they do it but they've got makeup down!!!

  10. I've tried quite a bit and never had anything bad! Their primer is the best primer I have ever tried (and trust me I've tried probably 20 different primers, high and low end) and it's only £3.99

  11. I love your blog and because I think you're so inspiring I have nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award-

  12. this sounds so good! I really want to start trying CC creams because I'm a bit tired of wearing heavy foundations and my skin needs a little relief haha, this one has just made the wishlist! x

  13. I haven't tried any beautyuk products! If you like CC creams, you should try to Bourjois one!

    Also, thank you for following my previous blog, Lipstickdaisies! I have recently moved to a new blog and it would mean so much to me and I would be so thankful if you could follow it!

  14. This looks so fresh & natural on you xx


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