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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Cocoa Brown Tan | Review

Cocoa Brown 1 Hour Tan* / Cocoa Brown Lovely Legs* / Cocoa Brown Tanning Mitt*
 Hey everyone! Today I'm reviewing the much buzzed about, and raved about tan around: Cocoa Brown! (Okay that unintentionally rhymed…call me Dr. Seuss?) But anyways I have seen SO MANY people rave about this tan, that I tweeted them asking if they worked with bloggers outside of the UK/IRE and they do! They were so nice to send me over a few of their favorites to try…and now they've got me hooked.

Usually I'm not one to be bothered to self tan. It usually rubs off when I workout, which is daily to every other day and intensive workouts 1-2 times a week, so putting on fake tan that just comes off with my sweat and leaves me patchy and looking like I have alligator skin is a no go for me.

But you know, (for the sake of blogging I swear!) I had to try this one out. Curiosity got the better of me and I have a feeling this is the only tanning line I will ever use forever. And that's quite a hefty statement to make. After giving this a good go I've fallen so in love with it that I can't imagine trying another tan besides this one.

Okay on to the review part!

This is a wash off/developing tan that stops developing after three hours. So if you forget to wash it off and fall asleep you won't wake up looking crazy, but it also gives you some control over how dark of  a color you want to go. I also like it because the guide color is darker than your skin so you can see if you've missed a spot, but it's also similar to how leaving it on for the full time to develop will leave your skin looking. I found that the color it goes on is almost as dark as the color you'll get at the end of the 3 hours.

Leaving it on for just an hour gives you a bit of a glow, leaving it on for two hours gives you a bit of a deeper tan, and leaving it on for the full three hours gives you the full blown effect that this little tan is capable of! I left it  on for three hours, and you can see the results in the picture below:

Hello cat in the background! So as you can see it gives a pretty good tan but doesn't go orange or green like some tans, just looks like a natural dark golden/brown tan! Which is amazing! 

Application - I applied it with the mitt they sent me, and all tanning mitts I've used in the past have left me with orange hands or come with a glove to wear underneath. So like usual I went and got a glove from my lab coat and applied it with the glove underneath the mitt. This was actually a pretty good test because when I pulled my white glove out of the mitt, it was still just as white as when I started! Which was absolutely shocking for me…I couldn't understand how it actually works, but for a mitt that good, that you can also throw into the washer thats like $5, I'm never using a different mitt again!

Smell - The smell of the mousse is a bit floral, but I don't really notice it when applying or afterwards so if you don't like floral scents don't worry. You can only smell it if you stick the mousse right up to your nose. After you wash the tan off, I don't notice much of a fake tan smell at all. I kind of smell it a LITTLE if I get sweaty, but if you wear perfume or any fragrance daily, the fake tan smell is so slight that your perfume will mask the smell even from you smelling it yourself.

Lasting Power - I found that it stayed strong for a solid week, even with the hell that I put the tan through. It doesn't peel off or go patchy when it fades really. The only place I noticed it going patchy was in the little folds on my abdomen like when I am doing sit-ups or yoga etc. But that's because I got really sweaty and there was rubbing in that area (a lot) so it literally rubbed the tan right off, but this was near the end of the seven days. So it really doesn't come off strangely, just kind of fades away naturally.

Removal - This stuff is so freaking difficult to get off!!!!! Holy canole I was rubbing for days with my sponge in the shower! I really need to invest in some of their Tough Stuff because I've heard that it removes it like a dream. But just trying to get it off by yourself is very difficult. I scrubbed in the shower forever and could see it coming off because the water was going darker but still didn't get it all off evenly. But I guess that goes to show for the staying power of this tan! It stays on even in the water and with me actively trying to remove it.

Staining - I didn't find that this stained anything, even my white sheets when I fell asleep a few times before washing the guide off. I really like that because let's face it, sometimes we all can be forgetful, and we've all had that AH I've turned my sheets orange moment. And with this tan that doesn't happen.

Streakiness - I was shocked and amazed to find that when I washed this tan off there were ZERO 
streaks! I have never been able to apply a tan without any streaking SOMEWHERE, and for this to wash off without any streaks or missed patches (thanks to the guide color) is kind of miraculous. 

Lovely Legs
So I haven't tested this stuff as extensively as the 1 hour tan, but on the few days that I did test it man was it amazing! This is basically for when you have one of those moments that you're going somewhere in say a dress and haven't had time to fake tan and look pale as a ghost, you just spray this on and go!

When I put it on, I did put it on standing in the dry shower (just in case) since I'd never tried it before, but basically what you do is spray it onto a tanning mitt and then buff it into your legs. It's really just like makeup for your legs. Also if you did tan the night before and you see a major spot that you missed, you can put this there too!  It dries very quickly, so you can almost put your clothes on right after applying it which is always nice instead of waiting around in your bathroom waiting for it to dry, and it has the same nice color as the 1 Hour Tan does.

I didn't find that it transferred onto any furniture (which is always a worry) and didn't come off until I used soap and water in the shower that night. I can't say if it will stain your sheets if you fall asleep with this one on, because I didn't fall asleep with it (and don't plan to!) But it's a really nice thing to just keep in your bathroom cabinet because we all have those times where you want to wear a dress and realize oops I'm pale as a ghost…. That problem is easily solved by this stuff! I don't think it's for every day use (I think the 1 hour tan is!) but I would definitely repurchase it if I run out.

Concluding Thoughts

The 1 Hour Tan, I'm DEFINITELY 100% repurchasing, I want to always have a spare bottle on hand, and I'm going to invest in their Tough Stuff to help make my life a little easier. They also have a product called Chocolate Whip, which is a gradual tan lotion that you can apply over their 1 Hour Tan to help maintain it and make it last longer. They also just recently came out with a darker formula of their 1 Hour Tan, and with summer approaching I'm definitely going to get a bottle of that! I told you, I'm hooked!

I would say this is the most fuss free, streak free, and best tan I've ever tried. I'd say its perfect for everyone anywhere from beginner to tanning pro since everyone can use it, it doesn't stink of fake tan, doesn't smear off, flake off, or get horrendous. The only downside is it sucks to get off without their Tough Stuff, but hey if that's the only downside I'd say its a pretty awesome tan!!! 

Thanks to everyone who is reading and quickly, I'd love for you guys to nominate me for Best International Blogger in the Company Magazine Style Awards, and I hope you've all entered my Inglot giveaway!


  1. Great review hunny. So much detail. I've been looking at purchasing this tan as I also have heard many great things you just confirmed my feelings. Clare xx


  2. yay! I'm so glad that I've helped out at least a little :):)

  3. Great review! These products sound lovely :) I don't usually use fake tan but this has got me tempted! xx

  4. Same! I usually just say screw it I'll wait until the sun comes out, but this has got me hooked!


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