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Sunday, April 27, 2014


Chi Chi Kassidy Dress*
Hey everyone! Today I'm talking about THE most gorgeous dress I own! It's from Chi Chi (which I'm sure you're all familiar with and is so beautiful it needed this many pictures in the blog post I swear!

I am SO happy that I was sent this dress because I think it is a really classic piece that you can wear to any special occasion, especially with prom or end of the year formals coming up or whatever you need to wear a nice dress to this one is perfect! Since it's black with white beading, you can really style and accessorize it any way you want, but I chose to just stick with the classic theme pairing it with black heels, a black velvet hair bow, and no accessories to keep the focus on the beaded part of the dress (although I did switch up a classic red lip with a bright tangerine lip that's on trend for spring!)

Chi Chi Kassidy Dress*
Here are shots of the dress from all angles so you can really see the fit of it. It cinches in at the waist and then flares out almost like a skater dress but is held constantly puffed out by the layers of fabric and tulle netting underneath the front of the dress.

I think this dress would be flattering on anyone because it brings your waist in and then flares out to cover any problem areas if you're worried about that. I also like that it isn't super short and hits a bit above the knee because with these types of flawy dresses I think as a precaution it's good to keep them longer. however sometimes when dresses are this length some people may call them prudish? But I think since this one has a fuller skirt it just looks completely classic and timeless.

Chi Chi Kassidy Dress*
Here is a closer shot of the dress (and I held up a part of the skirt) to show you the delicate beading that makes this dress so feminine but it almost has a vintage vibe. You can also see that I paired a bright tangerine lip (Inglot 814) instead of the usual retro red lip that I would do to incorporate some of the spring trends that are happening (I love them!)

Chi Chi Kassidy Dress*
Here you can hopefully see that the dress has more than one later in the skirt, it probably has about four.  The outer skirt, a lighter skirt underneath to smooth out the tulle, the tulle layer, and then an inside layer so your legs don't get itchy from the tulle.

One comment that I need to make is that this dress is NOT stretchy. It does run true to size (if you have a smaller chest). I got a UK10 which is a little loose around the waist, but an 8 would NOT have fit me due to my chest (not even in the I can't breathe because it's too tight around my chest, more like I wouldn't be able to pull the dress on over my chest since the zipper unzip that far. 34DD for reference-US size, not sure if it's different other places) So if you do order this dress keep that in mind, and when ordering from Chi Chi also keep that in mind and make sure you look at the material it's made of under the description. But the dresses do run VERY true to size.

Chi Chi Kassidy Dress*
Action shot? I had an idea to sit up on this wall mid photo shoot. (it was too high for me to jump up onto in heels and a dress so my photographer, a.k.a my little brother was nice enough to put his knee down and help me hop up)

Chi Chi Kassidy Dress* / American Apparel Velvet Bow 
If you have any special events coming up, I highly recommend checking out Chi Chi London, because they have some BEAUTIFUL dresses for really good prices! I really would recommend this particular dress to anyone as well because I honestly think it would be flattering on anyone because  of the shape of it and also the length of it hides a lot of "problem areas" that I hear people talk about all the time.

Hope you enjoyed this post! This is definitely my favorite dress that I own.


  1. You look absolutely amazing!! The photos look so pretty and the dress is gorgeous!! I will definitely be checking it out!!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  2. lovely dress :))

  3. Seriously this dress is absolutely stunning! Chi chi do gorgeous dresses and your hair is beautiful!! xx

  4. aww thank you! and definitely do! this dress is on sale on their site right now :)

  5. thanks!! and not as beautiful as yours lol I'm trying to get it there though! lol

  6. That dress is lovely!
    Sometimes I wish I had a little brother to take photographs for me. Then I remember I have enough to deal with with my three older brothers :p
    Rubi x

  7. Really gorgeous dress. :)
    Just started following you on bloglovin!



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