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Friday, April 25, 2014

Going Green: Lip Version

Hey everyone! Today I wanted to talk about the cutest and coolest etsy shop I found called good4you who sells plant based makeup and skincare! If you have read any of my posts or tweets, you'll know that recently I've been trying to get into more plant based makeup and skincare etc.

I was thinking, you wear makeup or your skincare products all day long; why would you want to bathe your face in those chemicals for the whole day that you wear makeup and then when you wash your makeup off, you're putting those chemicals back on with your skincare products and sleep in them all night long. So I've been trying to detox my body, eat better, and put more natural products on my face and body!

So when I found Jes's shop, and contacted her, she was an absolute doll and sent over some products for me to try straight away! I love her shop because she has such innovative and cool makeup and skincare products that I just had to try them! And we even got to talking about living in Poland, and we actually have a lot in common! Needless to say she is an absolute doll and in the future I am definitely going to be buying from her!

When the box arrived, it was so cute! She had painted on tribal print (which we all know I love) and packaged these lip balms/scrubs SO WELL. You can definitely see the time she puts into her packaging, and she even wrote me a little note which I think is adorable! (Can't post pictures of the box because my address is on it!) but it was definitely the cutest box I've ever gotten!

Rose Lip Balm Scrub* $6
The first product I want to talk about is the coolest product I've seen. I don't know why people haven't thought of it before, or perhaps I've just never seen them. But what it is is a rose lip balm/scrub duo. There are real crushed and dried rose petals on the top/in the center of the balm, and rose scented lip balm surrounding it!

So when you exfoliate your lips, you also get a nice moisturization as well! It smells wonderful as I'm pretty sure she makes the balm with rose oil, and i just can't even describe how much I love this.

Rose Lip Balm Scrub* $6
Here is a better picture of the lip scrub/balm, and you can see that the balm surrounding it is a clear balm. So if you exfoliate your lips even at night, you don't need to apply a lip balm as well. I love using this when I start my makeup, and then by the time I'm done doing all of my makeup the balm is absorbed and my lips are prepped for a lippie!

This basically knocks out two steps in one, is all natural (which is something I want in a chapstick, since it's right by your mouth) and smells AMAZING! Like I said words can't do this justice, it is such a fabulous product, and so innovative that I honestly can't believe no one has thought to do this before.

I also think it's great because if you buy from Jes you're supporting an Etsy shop, which directly supports her! So instead of buying a $12 lip scrub from Lush (we all have) buy one from Jes's shop for just $6! (and she does ship internationally if you were wondering!!!)

On to the next cool products she sent me! These are tinted lip balms/cheek stains (which are perfect multipurpose products for travel!) and she packages them in these cute little metal tins that are super small and don't have any excess packaging (which I also love).

Blood Orange Balm* $6
The first, and my personal favorite to use a multipurpose balm is the Blood Orange Balm. This one doesn't come off as dark as it does in the tin, but comes off with a nice light tint and smells like real chocolatey oranges! (Not that fake nasty chocolate orange smell)

I think this one is a true multipurpose balm and is perfect for travel as you can throw this little tin into your makeup bag, and it takes up hardly any room. It's such a nice product, and works so well as a lip balm. It isn't greasy or gritty at and soaks into your lips pretty quickly.

The second one, is the Sunset Tint Balm. I love this one for lips (and how beautiful does it look in the pan) but I think it isn't pigmented enough to wear on your lips. (Strangely, I don't see this exact product in the store anymore, but she has a TON of other colors that I'm sure anyone can find something, you can find all of her plant makeup here)

It gives a super nice light tint to your lips, that just evens out your lip tone and makes your makeup look pulled together automatically. I really like this one to keep in my purse because it's light enough to not need a mirror to apply, but really adds that final touch to your makeup to make you look pulled together.

Even her packaging and labels are adorable. Like I said, you can really tell the time that Jes puts into her products. She has so many other products on her website that I'm dying to try, like her powdered blushes, and she has other rose balms and scrubs (heaven, you know how I feel about roses!) She even has balms like these that are quite big just for your cheeks, and she has tons of different types of lip products and many other balms, face masks, incense, body shimmer, eyeshadows, salt scrubs, and lots of other fab products.

She is the sweetest person ever and I'm going to be buying from her in the future to help her and support her etsy shop (also because her products are fab!). Her products are AMAZING and I really hope you guys go over and look at her shop! It's so nice and I promise anyone can find something they like and she has such reasonable prices. All of these balms were $6 each (around £3.50) which I think is super reasonable! And thanks again Jes for letting me try out some of your products!

Thanks to everyone who is reading and quickly, I'd love for you guys to nominate me for Best International Blogger in the Company Magazine Style Awards, and I hope you've all entered my Inglot giveaway!


  1. I'm really actracted by these lip balms but i was wondering: the multipurpose balm used as a blush isn't too sticky and greasy on the skin?

  2. These lipbalms sound gorgeous, love the packaging x

  3. they are! they're definitely a favorite of mine!

  4. oh no not at all! But if you're worried about that, she does have a cheek tint and actual powder blushes too :)

  5. These look so pretty! They sound great, and I admit I am a lush addict but really want to try these now xxx

  6. me too! don't wory, I completely understand! I probably have gone through 2-3 bubblegum lip scrubs in the past, but her products far surpass the lush products in my opinion. Especially that rose one holy moly best invention ever. And if you have a look through her shop she has SO MANY amazing things!!!!! I want them all hahahaha

  7. zsuzsanna wrywoodApril 25, 2014 at 9:55 PM

    Wow, beautiful lip balms!
    Great post, got me really wanting to buy one!!

    Z ♥

  8. do it! the scrub is the best thing ever! and she has probably 30 more colors in the balms on her site and cheek stain balms and powders. she literally as everything

  9. What a great review. I have not really thought about buying plant based make up, but you make me want to try it. It looks amazing and I will definitely check out the shop.
    xx Lisa


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