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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Layering 101 with Courtney (from As We Stumble Along)

Hey everyone! I'm Courtney-I'm an 18 year old personal style blogger in the Midwest,who's addicted to thrift shopping..and jellyfish.(they're awesome,okay?!). As a beginning blogger,connections are so important. Stephanie was my first real blogging friend,and she offered me the chance to write a post for her blog!(: So here I am today,my post for the day-I hope you like it!(:

So one of my major things for fashion is layering. I loveeee layering! I have a whole different post dedicated to it,and pretty much all my outfits are centered around it. Living in Iowa,two things are evident-a)the winter is very,VERY cold, and bb)the weather flip flops like no other. (in the last two weeks it has been both 80 AND 40 degrees) So layering is ESSENTIAL! But contrary to what you might think,it's not just for the winter! 60 was the high today,but temps varied from times of day and my different classrooms,so I decided on this layered outfit. Here's the 3 steps to it-

Step 1- a simple base. The base of your outfit is the very bottom layer,or what you will be layering over. It's usually fairly basic,and then you will add 'accessory' pieces over it,both for warmth,contrast,and dimension. For today's post,I wore a simple striped dolman top from Kohl's(I love the lace design on the back) and legging capris.This is what I wore in some of my warmer classrooms(which can be so miserable if you're wearing heavier layers). I love how flattering the shape of the top is-wide sleeves to make my upper arms appear slimmer,with a flowy,but still curve hugging,shape,and tapered in at the waist right where you want it.The legging capris served the purpose of contrasting with the looser top(and because I would be adding bulkier layers also)-to add contrast and dimension to the outfit-Balance is key.

Step 2-Accessory pieces. These are the pieces that add key dimension and balance to the outfit. The most important here is my plaid button up(thrifted). Mixing patterns in a calmer way makes the outfit more interesting,and because the stripes on the top are navy to match the navy in the plaid shirt,it keeps it from  looking too busy. The plaid shirt is slimmer fitted to contrast with the dolman,but still loose enough to contrast with the capris.Notice the length is longer than the dolman to break up the layers. The second piece I added is my sailboat necklace to add a feminine touch to the outfit,and the gold dresses it up. This I wore outside a bit and in some of my classrooms that were a little chilly.

Step 3 (final look)- Over pieces-these are your bulkiest layers,usually used for warmth. My over piece today is this adorable denim jacket I found while thrift shopping at goodwill. The dark navy goes with the blue undertones in the outfit,while the looser shape and longer hem provide key contrast.And it's oh so feminine! I love it(: I wore this outside and in some of my chilliest classrooms!

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post! If you enjoyed it,check out my blog As We Stumble Along for more outfits just like this,along with tutorials,beauty,and more! I'm hosting an awesome giveaway right now,and the hairstyle tutorial for this look is up also!(: Thanks so much!(: and give Steph some love for being a)amazingly beautiful and awesome as always and b)for being so generous to blogger buds(:

Thanks all for checking out my post! And remember,no matter what-just keep stumbling along(:


So what did you guys think of my first guest post? Isn't courtney a doll! You can follow her on twitter here, I'd love for you all to show her some love! She's the sweetest person ever, and we talk on twitter all the time!!!!

Also I'd love for you guys to nominate me for Best International Blogger in the Company Magazine Style Awards (and nominate courtney too! Best personal style blog!!), and I hope you've all entered my Inglot giveaway!

Thanks so much for reading and I really hope you check out Courtney's blog and maybe even follow her on twitter! Thanks again! (and if you want to guest post, just tweet me your ideas!)


  1. I love all of these outfits, especially the last one. Stripes always speak to me, plus I love the jean jacket! Great Post!

  2. I love this look, I hardly ever layer but I will try to get together some more outfits when its cold xxx

  3. thank you!(: layering is pretty much my life :P and it's hard to find a time when it's ever NOT cold in Iowa,but I layer in the summer too with very light kimonos,tanks,etc.

  4. thanks so much!(: I think the jean jacket is probably my favorite thrift shopping find(:

  5. I like it too! It's so cute and versatile!

  6. i layer like crazy in the winter or else i feel like a popsicle in the snow lol

  7. Layering does wonders! I am excited for rainy season to come in the Philippines so I can start layering on my outfits again ;)



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