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Monday, April 14, 2014

Tigi Smoothing Lusterizer | Review

Tigi S Factor Smoothing Lusterizer*
Hey everyone! Today I am here to review a hair product! Gasp! I know…I never really review hair products because nothing  ever really seems to fit the bill. For my hair type, i have wavy to curly dry hair that tangles the second after I comb it out. The hair dressers complain that it takes longer to detangle my hair than to cut it! It's also pretty long, which doesn't help the tangle factor (hits the middle of my back when I leave it in all it's curly glory, so longer if i straighten it…which it definitely is not a fan of. Yes I talk about my hair like it has a mind of it's own because I swear it does)

So I have been following the Dirty Looks blog for quite some time now (if you don't you really should) and their hair advice has helped me tame the mane SO MUCH that I decided to shoot them over an email! I told them my hair type, and what I wanted out of a product and they were kind enough to send some products back over to help me with the mane people call my hair and let me tell you those girls are NEVER wrong. I have another review coming up about the other product but I have so much to say I'm doing them one at a time.

So the first thing i wanted was something that would detangle my hair after I shower and smooth the frizz down because it turns into one giant tangly fluff ball…I'm sure that's a pretty picture I just painted in your head.

This product smells EXACTLY like strawberries and cream (and not the fake scent either) and does exactly what I wanted it to do. It detangles my looks extremely easily, I get out of the shower, put about a quarter size of this magic stuff in my hands since my hair is fairly long, and it literally untangles itself. I always shower at night and have been trying to use less heat on my hair because I want it to grow! (don't we all?) and when I wake up in the morning the frizz is reduced to almost nothing. (I then run the other product they sent me to tame any extra flyways through my hair, but I have a whole other post coming about that.)

The products also looks shimmery when you squeeze it out of the tube (I think it just helps  to make your hair extra shiny, and you girls with straight hair using this would literally have the shiniest hair in the world!) and it's extremely light-weight. I put it near my roots to tame the frizz on top of my head and it's never made my hair greasy. I tried to get a picture of the shimmer but it just wasn't working out too well.

It also makes my hair so smooth to the touch, and the smell lingers for a LONG TIME! Which is definitely a problem I've had with my hair. Some girls walk by you and you can smell their shampoo, me…the second my hair dries it just smells like hair. Wonderful. But this is like one of those fake it till you make it product and keeps my hair smelling like strawberries until I wash it again.
All in all, the Dirty Looks girls hit the nail on the head with this one (as they usually do) and I could't be happier. It has turned my fluff ball lions mane into a sleeker, strawberry scented and tangle free mane. :)
They are so sweet and wrote me such a nice note with the products they sent me (and even a cool lollipop!!!!!! I don't want to eat it, it looks so beautiful since it's like rainbow swirled) I would love for you to check them out and if you have any hair issues tweet them or contact them on any of their social media sites I listed above, and they are sure to tell you what products will work with your hair!
Do you guys read and follow (a.k.a. stalk) their blog like I do? It's so amazing!


  1. I've heard such great reviews about this and have been dying to try it! It sounds like a real miracle in a bottle :) xx

  2. Nice post ! :) I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! xx

  3. it really is! i adore it! I'd say go for it! It definitely won't hurt and smells delicious

  4. Ahh you've convinced me, it's officially on my shopping list!

  5. aw thank you so much!

  6. What a great review! My hair is always frizzy when I wake up in the morning. I must get my hands on this! xx


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