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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Laquer - Heart

Makeup Revolution Vivid Blush Laquer - Heart* £3.00
Hey everyone! I'm sure you've heard of Makeup Revolution, as everyone is talking about it now. I was especially curious, so Makeup Revolution kindly sent me over a few things to try and omg I am 1,000% in love with this brand!

If you haven't heard of it, it is a super affordable new makeup brand with dupes for everything (like all of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes) and is extremely high quality! I have really been getting into affordable makeup lately as everything "drugstore" in Poland is the price of high end makeup in California, and I don't have a lot of money going around as I have to pay for my medical school tuition and textbooks (which holy moly are they expensive!) I also know that not every single one of my readers has the money to be expensive, or more expensive makeup so more affordable brands are usually overlooked and not reviewed, but I want to offer reviews of makeup from all ends of the spectrum (when I myself can afford it!)

I am also always ready to review high quality makeup, and if a product is high quality I don't care whether it was $4 or $40, I will love it the same based off of the quality. This is the case with Makeup Revolution! Every product I have tried so far I absolutely adore. 

Less expensive makeup brands are also nice no matter what your price point is, if you want to try out a product you aren't familiar with or are unsure of the colors (say you're exploring new lip colors or eyeshadows), so I think anyone can benefit from hearing about great brands (they ship internationally) and I swear if you go on the website you will spend your little heart out since everything is so affordable, and there are so many cool and unique products on the site!

The first product I am reviewing is one that is more unique, as in not many brands have it but has been done by a few. This is their Vivid Blush Laquer in the shade Heart. When trying a new product, I always want to try a very basic shade that I will get a lot of use out of so I can give it a very good test run.

I love liquid blushes like this, as they are in a pump so they won't dry out like cream blushes do and are more sanitary because you aren't dipping your fingers or dirty brushes into them and will last for ages.

This blush will ESPECIALLY last you forever because it is VERY pigmented. The first time I applied it, I pumped some onto my finger and dabbed it on my cheeks like usual, and I applied WAY too much. BUT it is so blendable when applying that I was able to blend it out, and then by the time I finished the rest of my face it had set, but managed to keep the finish of when I applied it (but was dry to the touch and lasted the entire day)

Now to the part we're all interested in, how it looks on the skin! It is a muted pink that works with any skin tone (I would know since I'm very fair, but also can achieve a nice tan) and it would even work for deeper skin tones since it is so richly pigmented and is also buildable.

This blush is a similar color to MAC Warm Soul Mineralize Blush, and almost has the same finish on the skin. The difference is the MAC blush is a powder, has shimmer in it to give it the same shine, doesn't last as long and is $25 where this blush is £3. 

It does lean towards the warmer side but it isn't a blush only warm skin tones or only cool skin tones can use. It just adds some life back into your face and goes with any makeup look you try.

I've found the best way to apply this blush is to pump some on the back of your hand and use a stippling brush to stipple it on and then blend it out in circular motions. The pump takes a few tries to get the hang of, a full pump is enough product for like three people, so be aware of that the first time.

Like I said the first time I applied this blush, I applied WAY too much, but was able to blend it out and not look like a clown. The pictures shown here are of the first time I applied it because I wanted you to see that I was able to blend it out to look super soft and natural. However you can achieve the exact color in the tube if you wanted to.

In the picture I applied my foundation, bronzer, this blush, and a little bit of the Physicians Formula Nude shimmer brick as a highlight.

This blush is super easy to work with and you can basically achieve anything from the lightest application, to a full blown blush like the color you see in the tube, and then it sets with the same finish you see here and lasts ALL day! The finish isn't super dewy but isn't flat either, so any skin type can wear it as it does become dry to the touch and doesn't slide off your face like some cream products.

When I go on vacation this summer I am ditching my other cream blushes and taking this one FOR SURE! I hope you enjoyed this review and it helped at least a little :) I have three other products from Makeup Revolution (including their Iconic 3 palette-a dupe for the Naked 3, I'm gathering different eye looks) so keep your eyes peeled for reviews! I wanted to give all of their products a good test run and have basically been wearing exclusively these products for a few weeks and am 100% confident in my opinions.

If you are looking at the brand I haven't tried a bad item from them, and can basically confidently say any product by them is good since I have tried products for different parts of the face and different types and they are all fabulous which is definitely a reflection of the brand and the prices are unbeatable!


  1. Wow what a lovely shade and it looks very pretty!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  2. Looks amazing on you!! It looks so perfect for summer!! Im normally very hesitant to try new foundations but this one sounds amazing!

    Little Beauty Blog

    Elizabeth x

  3. Wow this really does look amazing! I've tried their Iconic 3 palette and it really is amazing for the price x


  4. I love it, and it looks amazing on you :)

  5. Oh I somehow missed this on their website! I love the ELF HD blush so I'll have to give this a go to!


  6. It looks lovely! I'll keep an eye for it ;)


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