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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Beauty UK Posh Palette - #2 Masquerade | Review-Swatches-Eye Looks

beautyuk Posh Palette - 02 Masquerade * £5.99
Hey everyone! As if you already didn't know or see this review coming, I absolutely ADORE beautyuk. Their makeup is such high quality for such a low price, the people who work there are the nicest people around, they consistently put out new fantastic products, and are more innovative than most makeup companies at the drugstore (well I guess this is "high street" since it's from the UK)

Today I'm going to be talking about the eyeshadow palette I own which is number 02 masquerade.

This palette has BEAUTIFUL colors and are so highly pigmented. There are two duds in the palette but hey 8/10 for £6? That's wonderful! The two duds I am talking about are the first shadows (on the left) on each row. 

Keep in mind when I say duds, all I mean is that they aren't as highly pigmented as the other shadows and you have to work to build them up. They definitely can be worked with, it just takes a little longer.

Look at that color selection, just look at it. It's GORGEOUS! The shadows are so highly pigmented and buttery soft I was completely amazed (not including the two duds). I thought this would be like an okay palette with a nice color selection and maybe some dupes, but I didn't expect TOO much. Man was I shocked when I got this, swatched it, and started playing around with it.

Every time I wear these shadows I get compliments like "Your eye makeup looks amazing today!" etc. etc. I'm not trying to brag at all  because it is 100% due to these shadows. When I wear the actual shadow I wear them over the beautyuk Prime FX eyeshadow primer which is basically an exact dupe for Urban Decay Primer Potion except this one still has a doe foot applicator, not a squeezy tube and is only £3.49!

The swatches below aren't swatched over any primer, and they are all two swipes of each color. I wanted to keep all of the swatches consistent so you can really see what you're getting. The swatches are pretty much the exact color that I see in my palette, there isn't any strange editing like you see on other blogs where the photos are so over edited a bright orange lipstick can look dark red or hot pink.

Top row swatched L to R
Here are the swatches, and you can see what I mean about the first color being a dud?. The 2nd to last color i don't consider a dud, I'm just so pale that it kind of blends in with my skin and it's a matte shadow perfect for under your brows.

Bottom row swatched L to R
Now the second row. This is where the seriously impressive eyeshadows start to shine. HELLO look at that black!!!!!! It is so deep dark and black and that is not something I EVER see at the drugstore or even in some high end makeup brands. I love love love these colors so much. And here is the second dud, the first one on the left. You can see it takes a bit of work to build it up and it kept wanting to go patchy but I was able to smooth it out (I'm talking about when I was using it as a shadow). Idk not the best but totally worth it for all the other colors!

I love this palette because it is so versatile. You can create SO many different looks with it and they even wear well without a primer, I've given these a good test run. It takes me longer to post about palettes because I want tot try out every shade, with primer, without primer, etc. just to be able to give you guys a good honest review that I am 100% sure about. I hate when people do reviews and go oh this is so great I love it! And then a month later they abhor it.

Look #1

These next two pictures are of one look I did with these shadows. You can really get a feel of how nice they look on the eyes. I can't tell/remember if I'm wearing a primer because they wear the same even on my oily lids which is also impressive.

Look #1
I did these looks only using this palette, and for this first look I used more of the browns and golden shimmery colors. I know it looks like I'm wearing eyeliner, but all I did in both of these looks was take a flat brush (picture at the end of the post) and dip into the dark colors (for this I used the dark brown, for the second look I used the black) and lined my eyes that way. I think it looks softer and since my eyelashes are blonde eyeliner is very unforgiving if I don't get to the very root of my lashes, so using a shadow is less obvious for that white line you get. You know what I'm talking about right?

And if you're curious about the mascara it is the beautyuk Define FX mascara

Look #2
For this look I focused more on the pinks and cranberry or red based shades in the palette for a more romantic look. I lined my eyes with my flat eyeliner brush and was done! These looks are so simple and so easy to do that any beginner could recreate them. 

I think this is a great palette for beginners (or anyone) because you have your whole eye look in the palette, even liner if you use a brush for it. Less stuff to buy, less stuff to take up space in your makeup bag, more travel friendly. I just love this palette. I'm seriously impressed.
MAC 212
Alright this is the brush I was talking about. (It has a sparkly handle because I bought it at Christmas in a set a while back) Basically you dip your brush into the shadow and push it onto where you want your liner to be. Don't drag it like a normal thing skinny eyeliner brush. I believe these are referred to as "Push Liner Brushes" I love this thing to death because it makes everything about a thousand times easier.

MAC 212
Here is a view from the side so you can see how flat and thin this brush is. It's use so perfect to wiggle the product in between your lashes and avoid that dreaded gap where you missed your liner. Do you guys use these types of brushes? Or am I the only one?

Anyways I hope you liked the review! I adore this palette and adore the price just as much! Definitely a steal for people who buy it :) I know you can buy beautyuk in Superdrug and I think they have sales on it quite frequently so you can get it even cheaper!

Hope you're having an awesome day! This post was pre-written, I'm at my cabin right now studying for my anatomy final which is also why I'm not on twitter at all haha.


  1. What gorgeous colours. I love the looks you created, they are so flattering.

  2. Wow - I love the eye looks you created! Lovely colour combinations xx

  3. Gorgeous eye look you created! x


  4. Super pretty shades, love the look you created :D

    xprincessjas | xx

  5. Wow! There's some really really nice colors on there! Especially that burgundy. Love your eye makeup by the way :)

    XoXo Shea L. ☞ ☞ ☞

  6. Looks like an awesome palette. It's so affordable too! Gotta love that.

    Deb | Debra Bros Blog

  7. Wow. I've heard a lot about this palette but I still hesitated as I didn't know if it'd be really that good. Your looks do look amazing so I might buy this now and try it out myself as it's really inexpensive.
    xx Lisa


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