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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Floral and Puppies! [Giveaway Closed]

Elsa Floral Print Smock Dress - Wal G* £32
Fringe Bag - Target
Sandals - Roxy
Lipstick - Inglot #41
Hi everyone! Today I have a fashion post which is a little different, for all my loyal blog readers there's a giveaway for a £40 Wal G gift card at the bottom of the post! I love seeing who actually reads my blog regularly, and I adore Wal G clothes, I've featured their clothes in my posts in the past and again today!

Today I'm wearing this GORGEOUS floral print smock dress, it's so comfortable. I adore smock dresses because you can either wear them like this or with a belt (I've done that too) and it looks beautiful either way! Sometimes with shift dresses they can just look like a giant tee shirt and some look very odd with a belt, but if you aren't familiar with smock dresses they are a similar idea to shift dresses, they don't really have a defined shape like a skater dress but they look great with a belt at the waist too to give a more defined shape. I love them because they are so comfortable and flowy and so effortless.

So the funny thing about this dress… if you clicked on the link to it you'll have already caught it. I turned it around. This sounds very strange, but I tried the dress on and the neckline hit so strangely on me I looked like I was wearing someone else's clothes to church, and in the back it dipped down and you could see my bra. Simple solution, took the tag out and wear it backwards! 

But you can see that it definitely still looks normal. The picture of the back the dress is sitting a little crooked on me so sorry about that! Also my dad was taking the pictures and he's a lot taller than me so the angle on the second picture makes me look really short and stumpy! Haha #bloggerlife and for just this post, can we not focus on how pale I currently am. The weather keeps going insane and will be sunny and hot and then dump rain a few hours later so it's very confusing dressing right now!

Can we take a moment and just look at how cute this puppy is! It's my neighbors dog and I finally talked to him and got to play with his puppy and take a few pictures with her! And lol at the picture on the right, the puppy was licking me so I kissed her on the nose but do I have the Khloe Kardashian face down or what? Also again that hair was achieved by a french braid the previous night. Shout out to no heat hairstyles!

So Wal G is fab enough to offer one lucky reader £40 to spend on their site! I adore their clothes, wear them VERY frequently, and best of luck! Congratulations to my loyal readers that found this hidden gem :)

Best of luck! Hope you liked this post and thanks to Wal G for the giveaway, my dad for becoming my photographer, my fab neighbor, and his cute puppy! True love.


  1. Beautiful Dress! Looks great on you :) xx

  2. Clo's Beauty SpotJune 12, 2014 at 3:14 PM

    Cute the dress. I have the same problem with loads of dresses, never thought of wearing them backwards though! Well done! And that puppy is so cute :) x

  3. Stephanie's LookJune 12, 2014 at 3:20 PM

    aw thanks! so perfect for summer :)

  4. Stephanie's LookJune 12, 2014 at 3:21 PM

    it like just came to me and i looked and the tag was inly held in by two stitches and there wasn't anything noticeable so i definitely wear it backwards! haha! I've done it withe shirts too

  5. such a cute puppy! love your dress

  6. Stephanie's LookJune 12, 2014 at 6:25 PM

    aw thanks so much! Hope you entered the giveaway! you made it to the bottom :)

  7. That dress is gorgeous! Love the little puppy too so cute!

  8. Stephanie's LookJune 12, 2014 at 6:49 PM

    thanks! I always watch the little puppy from my apartment (not in a creepy way) but the owner lives like 3 apartments away and i finally got to meet him! He said if they breed her I can have a pup :) And yeah the dress wearing the right way the neckline just looked WEIRD so i flipped it :D

  9. This dress is so pretty - the colours look gorgeous on you. I'm also so jealous of how amazing your hair looks, especially because you didn't need to use heat to achieve it!


    p.s. PUPPY! :)

  10. Can you steal that puppy and send it to me? It´s so cute! Anyway, this dress is gorgeous and I absolutely adore the sandals. They´re right up my alley!

    xx Lisa

  11. Stephanie's LookJune 13, 2014 at 4:32 PM

    And thanks so much! I wish I could give you an exact link but I got them in the sale section of DSW (a shoe retail place in California by my house) but I do know they're from Roxy and are the most comfortable sandals the bottoms are kind of padded and they fit 100% true to size :)


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