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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum

Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum - Eau de Toilette 30th Anniversary Edition
Hey everyone! Today I'm going to be talking about one of my brand new and brand new favorite perfume! Well it's up in the top two or three anyways :) If you didn't know Guerlain has come out with 3 Terracotta perfumes on their anniversaries so this is limited edition and I'll be totally heartbroken when I run out. I wanted to get this review up as fast as possible so that if you guys like the same types of perfume as me I can pretty much guarantee you'll love this. Whenever I wear it people always ask me "What are you wearing?? It smells amazing!" and I definitely haven't gotten stopped before to ask about my perfume.

So this perfume (and the older other two perfumes) are supposed to go along with the Terracotta bronzers they release every year. (I've been eyeing this year's bronzer but I can't justify the price sadly and even if i could by the time my birthday rolls around (August 12! I'll be 20 eeek!) it will probably be sold out everywhere :(

Alright! On to the actual perfume review. This perfume is literally 10000% me. Just look at the packaging, there's a gorgeous gold sun imprinted on the box, white with gold lettering, and that is also reflected in the perfume below. You can see on the box it says limited edition, but I'm not sure how long it will be out. Just for summer possibly?

The perfume also embodies the beautiful packaging of the box. A salmony-coraly-pink perfume (pretty sure coraly isn't a word but oh well) and the BEAUTIFUL golden sun. I adore suns on literally anything, if you ask anyone in my family they will all tell you I'm obsessed, I used to even have a dainty little sun necklace but it broke :(

The notes of this perfume are: bergamot, coconut, tiara flower, orange blossom, jasmine, ylang ylang, vanilla, and musk. It is described as

"Thierry Wasser interprets the legendary powder as a fragrance – a sun-soaked invitation to explore faraway lands. An irresistibly sensual composition, exotic and luminous, inspired by the radiant realm of Terracotta."

There will never be enough words to express my love for this perfume. Like I said earlier I will cry when they discontinue it. If you HATE jasmine perfumes, this is probably not the one for you, just putting that out there. But you spray it on and a sweet floral scent opens up and it slowly starts to dry down to a beautiful vanilla that almost smells like a bakery? I'm not sure why. 

If you've ever smelled or owned Dior Hypnotic Poison (one of my favorites, in the red tube) thats what the dry down smells like because of the vanilla and musk. But if you like perfumes along the lines of Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, or Miss Dior Cherie, those are the scents that it opens with. 

I hope that this description is sufficient but I literally cannot describe the scent, you HAVE to go smell it for yourself. It is literally one of the best smelling perfumes I've ever owned and transitions easily from day to night. In the daytime I just use one spritz on my neck, and then at night I'll spritz my wrists. This perfume has a RIDICULOUSLY long staying power (which is good because it means it will last longer!) but you don't hear me complaining!

Last but CERTAINLY not the very least, this perfume was gifted to me by one of the absolute nicest and most giving people I've ever come across Dave Lackie! I'm sure you all know him on twitter as he is known for his amazing prizes, and now he also has a blog, where he has a new prize each week to give away! 

He is the editor of Beauty the Guide which is an online beauty and fashion magazine (it's free) but it is literally one of the best beauty and fashion magazines I've read because all of the posts are actually relevant and on trend and it isn't weighed down with a ridiculous amount of ads. I read it every month religiously on the day it comes out, and some of my posts are definitely inspired by it! My Spring Tangerine Lip post (and how anyone can wear a tangerine lip) was 100% inspired by Beauty the Guide because I saw that they had a segment on tangerine lips that ruled the catwalk.

I hope this review helped, and maybe you guys will have found a fab perfume! This is certainly my favorite, I've put down the Chanel and picked up the Guerlain which is saying something since I've been using Chanel for years and years (one of my favorite things EVER is a good perfume).


  1. Looks lovely!

    Emma x

  2. I really want to try Guerlain perfumes! When I was younger there was one that I really loved dousing myself in at the counter but I can't remember for the life of me which one it was... They're such a glamorous brand as well! :) xxx

  3. I love Chanel perfumes too. I rarely stray. The Guerlain has the perfume notes that I love though, so
    I would be tempted to test this.

  4. This is my go-to fragrance this summer. It's one of my all time favorites. So sad it's only a limited edition!


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