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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Beach Essentials

Plumeria Swimwear Caliente Bikini - Coral*
Hey everyone! Summer is fast approaching and I think everyone's goal is to find the cutest bikini, but not the same bikini every other girl on the beach is wearing (well that's my goal!) I love love love unique bikinis and will gladly prance around the beach in them.

On twitter I randomly ran across this brand Plumeria Swimwear and HOLY MOLY. Their bikinis are literally so gorgeous and so unique, I reached out to them and almost had a heart attack when they said they'd love to send me a bikini to review/post on my blog. THEN I had to decide which one to review, and I think I consulted every person in my family on which one I should go for, I had it narrowed down to the Caliente Bikini in Coral, the Atena bikini, and the Trouble in Paradise bikini. I know that sounds like quite a few, but if you look at them (just click on the name) you will see why I had trouble ;)

I am so so so in love with this bikini, it has such a nice fit, a wire in the bra to keep the shape and so you can untie the straps to avoid strange tan lines and it still will keep its shape (and not fall off!). The cut of the bottoms are in between full coverage and cheeky even though they look really small, when you wear them they are extremely flattering and show just the right amount of skin.

Plumeria Swimwear Caliente Bikini - Coral*
SunBum Sunscreengot2be Beach Girl Salt Spray
I've also shown some of my TOP summer essentials that I always have in my summer bag even if I'm not going to the beach, and just going to Disneyland or hanging out in the California sun. 

First are my aviators (the only sunglasses I wear, my face looks strange in anything else unless they are the oversized cat eye sunglasses) they were just a $3 pair from Forever 21, I never buy expensive sunglasses because I just toss them into my bag (and sit on them often…) and hey who can really tell the difference? One of the best pair of sunglasses I've ever bought were from Target, I've sat on them probably 20 times and just bend them back into shape and they're completely fine!

Second is my favorite sunscreen, the SunBum spray on sunscreen! I love this sunscreen because it is really fast absorbing, doesn't feel greasy and after it soaks into your skin you can't even tell you're wearing any (and mine smells like coconuts!). I love spray sunscreen because I feel like they are so quick and hassle free I'm more likely to re-apply it than rubbing in a lotion over my whole body. A spray takes like 2 minutes to spray yourself down (and we all need that sun protection! No one wants skin cancer!).

Third is my salt spray for my hair! I haven't really dipped my toes into high end beach/salt sprays because I mean they're just a hair spray with salt and a few other ingredients…how different can they really be? My favorite that I've found is the got2be Beach Girl salt spray. It smells like coconuts and leaves your hair feeling the least sticky/crunchy out of all the salt sprays I've tried. It also has a really fine mist without being an aerosol spray and so I really love this spray. I think it's like $4? So can you really beat that for the quality?

Here's a picture of the bikini top, so you can get a good idea of what it looks like and when you're out tanning  you can untie the straps and you'll just get the tan line of the bandeau. I didn't show an entire picture because I had fake tan on in the picture and when it's spring I don't fake tan my stomach…just my top and my legs so that would make for a super awkward picture. You can see that in action in my Tiny Tea review (quite hilarious actually).

What are your top summer essentials? That you don't leave the house without and I hope you enjoyed this post :)

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  1. That bikini is such a gorgeous colour, I love coral colours for summer :)

    Fiona @

  2. Stephanie's LookJune 8, 2014 at 8:51 AM

    me too! I was totally sold by the color and its so neon its insane!

  3. Thats such a gorgeous bikini! I love it :)

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  4. Gorgeous bikini :)

  5. This bikini is gorgeous! I love these style bottoms recently xx


  6. I love how unique this bikini top looks! I've never seen anything like it :)

  7. That bikini is gorgeous, bet it looks great with a tan! I just bought a new one too, it's kind of a neon yellow, which sounds kinda gross but I think it looks cute haha. xx

  8. Lovely coral bikini! I am so into coral shades lately!

    xx, | Latest post: Propolis For Acne

  9. What a gorgeous bikini ! I love the top part so different yet so beautiful! And the color suits you really well :)

  10. it is really stunning! Great colour as well!


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