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Monday, August 18, 2014

Moroccan Oil Light* Review

Moroccan Oil Light*
Hey everyone! First off let me apologise not only to my readers but to companies I work with for my extreme lack of posts lately. It seems every where I go I don't have internet, from helping my mom move houses to traveling back to school to being at our cabin where there isn't even cell reception, but I won't bore you and will just say it is very hard running a blog when you unexpectedly don't have internet.

On that note, I am back now with full internet reviewing a much talked about product - Moroccan Oil Light*

In true blogger fashion, I am the last person ever to review this but I assure you not the last person to love it. I absolutely adore this product, but keep in mind I haven't tried the original Moroccan Oil so I can't offer a comparison of the two.

Moroccan Oil Light*
I have fine to regular blonde curly hair which is naturally drier due to all of those factors. I also have re-ombred the ends of my hair (thanks to my fabulous best friend Kayla) so it is in need of some extra TLC lately. This product has definitely answered all of my hair problems both before and after I re-ombred it. 

The way I use this is I apply 1-2 pumps from my ears down, and then whatever is left in my hands I apply above the ears focusing on taming flyways and frizz but not applying this directly to my roots. I think part of using hair oils is getting the hang of using it specifically in your hair and finding what works best.

I used to have a lot of hair products in my beauty regimen, but after talking to some of my hairstylist friends I have been informed that actually using too many or excessive amounts of hair products can be bad for your hair or work counterproductively, so I have been searching for those "miracle products" that allow you to cut out a lot of the bulk of your routine. This one really does the trick and works as a detangler, leave in conditioner, treatment, shine product, and you can even use it on dry hair to add moisture or shine back in on days you don't wash your hair. I think that really says something about this product and the multi-functionality of it. 

All I have been using now is this, a heat protectant, and a light hold gel that I put in wet hair (you would have to ask my best friend about all the amazing things that last one does but it makes every style I do hold and just work without hairspray or crunchiness) and my hair routine is so much shorter now and easier. I use it all the time on dry hair as well which helps save space, money, and time - all good things. One of my favourite ways to use this is to put about two pumps in my hair (past my ears) at night, comb through it to evenly distribute the product, and then braid it and when you wake up you have nice moisturised beachy waves that are totally fuss free.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone, and would say that the original is worth looking in to if you have thicker or more coarse hair, or if your hair is very over processed from bleach or styling. If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and thank you to all my readers who stuck around even though I haven't posted in a month basically due to life :)

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  1. This looks great & the original def sounds good for my over bleached hair, I haven't tried either yet so D/W I am even more behind on the bandwagon haha xx


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