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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

NOUVAGLOW Gradual Tanner

NOUVAGLOW Gradual Self Tanner * £12.50
Now I know what you're thinking, gradual tanner? No thanks. I think we've all had our fair share of bad past experiences with streaky, orange, smelly gradual tanners - I'm looking at you Jergens Natural Glow! I myself like to steer clear of gradual tanners simply for those reasons listed above, but when I saw the description of this NOUVATAN gradual tanner, it was too good not to try.

"Nouvaglow is a specially formulated moisturiser, enriched with Vitamins A, B5 & E, containing a delicate Coconut aroma and 4% DHA to gradually tan your skin leaving you with that beautiful, natural sun-kissed look, without the awful smell!"

The first time I applied this tanner I had just shaved and gotten out of the shower so I applied it as my lotion to really see how moisturising it was since it is marketed as a "lotion tanner". The lotion comes out white and is a pretty thick consistency, but also absorbs fairly quickly which is nice to help prevent sheet staining and getting fake tanner in unwanted places.

*I applied this tanner to my whole body in an even layer to get an all over gradual colour*

The First Coat -
The morning after I had applied the first coat of this gradual tanner I woke up and looked down at my legs and thought hmm I don't notice a difference. There was no lines or streaks, no dark patches or excess around my ankles or knees so I thought okay it must be a super light tanner.

The Second Coat -
Again, didn't notice any difference, still saw my tan lines, everything looked as it should. I had to bronze my jawline a bit and my the perimeter of my face more than usual to get my face to match my body as well.

The Third Coat -
So I woke up and I had missed a spot on my leg and oh boy the colour contrast was INTENSE. And my foundation was completely unmatched and I had to use a darker shade.

So basically this tan gives such an even and natural colour that I didn't even notice it tanning myself until I missed a patch on my leg and had to change my foundation to an even darker shade.

This self tanner is the definition of the "bronzed goddess" Victoria's Secret tan that I think every girl searches for forever to find. Plus the fact that it is all natural, so fuss free, doesn't go streaky, and on top of that it just gradually fades back to your normal skin tone makes it the best self tanner I have ever used counting instant and gradual (except for my Cocoa Brown instant tan)

I encourage all of you self tanning queens to try this and especially people who are newer to fake tans as this one takes a lot of work to get a streaky tan, you have to TRY to miss spots. It is the most natural beautiful colour ever and just perfect. 10/10


  1. Love the sound of this! I way prefer gradual tans to the normal ones - less scary!!!

    Josie XOXO

    Fashion Mumblr

  2. I gradual tan sounds so nice! I've never tanned before so I don't really have anything to compare it too, but it looks interesting!

    Every Day In Grace

  3. WOW 10/10?! I definitely need to try this I have avoided self tans for so long but this looks so pretty too xx

  4. Ooh, that tanner sounds so nice! If I'm ever in the mood to tan again, I'll most definitely check it out.

  5. YES!!! Most of them just suck though, if you have any good ones let me know!!

  6. YES! If you use it good luck! let me know how it goes :) I go back and forth between loving pale and hating it haha

  7. YES! And i feel ya, I go though phases of loving and hating them haha

  8. I have only ever tried one self tanner by Garnier and it went horribly orange, so that I was afraid of them. But this sounds like the product that could change my mind.
    Your reviews will always be the death of my well saved money.
    xx Lisa

    Following Lisa


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