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Monday, August 25, 2014

Organic Makeup That Works // BeBathWorks

BE Bath Works / Etsy Shop
 Hey everyone! So if you've been reading my blog, you all know I'm OBSESSED with the Tarte Cheek Stains (particularly the shade exposed) but they definitely break the bank leaving me on an infinite mission to find a good dupe.

Well look no further ladies, I think I've done it! I reached out to Malea who owns a fabulous etsy shop called BeBathWorks which is an all natural and organic makeup and body products store. She has wonderful products and I want to basically own everything from her shop, but she was sweet enough to send me a few to test out!

It was also pretty hilarious because she basically told me "I made these cheek stains because I love the Tarte ones, but they're so expensive so I wanted to make an all natural dupe for it." Because her comments about her cheek stain are everything I've been looking for.

Organic Sheer Cheek Tint BE Cheeky * $12.00
On to the actual product! So the first (and most important) product I tried was the Organic Sheer Cheek Tint, "Cheeky's". If you haven't tried a cheek tint before, basically it is a cross between a cheek stain and a cream blush. They come in a stick form so you can swipe them on to your cheeks and either blend them out with your fingers or a brush, they are easy to throw in your purse for touch ups, and have really good lasting power since they have more of a staining effect. 

This cheek stain is a flush/raspberry color and can be applied more heavily or sheered out depending on your skin tone, or how deep you want your blush to be as shown in the swatch above. The left side is sheered out and the right side is a swatch straight from the stick (swiped once) and you can see how crazy pigmented these are.
Organic Sheer Cheek Tint BE Cheeky * $12.00
Here is a snap of all the ingredients in this cheek stain. As you can see it is 100% natural and all organic. They are homemade, and you can really see the time that Malea puts into making her products. You get .35 ounces of product in a twist up tube which is awesome value for money and these smell like fig newtons. I know that is a strange comparison to make, but because of the all natural ingredients in them these smell exactly like fig newtons!

These cheek stains are extremely moisturising (who doesn't love that! Makes them perfect to wear during the winter too) and have very good lasting power. They are super easy to wear in any season, and work with whatever makeup look you decide to do. They do give a dewy finish to the skin, so if you're all about matte everything I would skip these but if you don't mind a bit of glow I would definitely check these out!

The ONLY downside to these is that I wish there was a wider colour range! I would love to see some candy apple reds, and some pinker colors but I do know that Malea told me she is in the process of formulating more colors. 

Organic Lip Tint Natural Organic Lip Color * $5.50 - Full Size
Another product that I was given to try was a mini version of her Organic Lip Tints (the full size are bigger than the one shown above).  These are very similar to the Cheeky's and have a similar color and scent. I LOVE this and I keep it in my backpack for days that I either forgot to wear a lip color, days that my lip color feels horrendous on my lips and I want something more moisturizing, or days that my lips feel cracked and horrendous and I just want something comforting on them.

These are so moisturiszing but SO pigmented at the same time. I've gotten so many compliments and questions on what I'm wearing whenever I use this. 

Organic Lip Tint Natural Organic Lip Color * $5.50 - Full Size
I absolutely love the color of this, which is also a product that can be dabbed on to the lips for a sheer application or applied for a full color. On the lips, this product is a beautiful bitten berry color that reminds me of the lip color of Disney princesses. Where their lips are clearly not a natural color, but the story leads you to believe they are that naturally beautiful deep flush berry color. (I hope this comparison isn't lost on everyone...)

I also tried out two small samples of her perfumes in Lotus and Violetta. I ADORE Lotus and am going to get the full size. It reminds me of a scent along the lines of MAC Turquatic (one of my favorites) and since she creates perfume oils they have amazing lasting power.

I am a huge fan of her store, and she was nice enough to create a discount code for all of you! The code STEPH14 will get you 15% off of your entire order and I hope you all take advantage and order! Let me know if you guys make an order, Malea is such a sweetheart and ordering from her makes me so happy because I love the thought that my money is going to help such nice person that creates these products from scratch.


  1. oo this looks so cool!
    I'm going to have a look at the shop :)

  2. I love organic products and everything here looks so pigmented and pretty! I'm going to check the stuff out, can't wait! ;)

    Every Day In Grace

  3. This looks absolutely amazing I love organic products, especially when they are this effective xxx

  4. please do! she has such cool products!

  5. yes!!! and organic products are so much nicer toyour skin I love them :)

  6. yes! I agree! I try a lot of organic products but so many are a total flop


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